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Growatt portable power station is a rechargeable battery-powered generator that comes with AC, DC carport, and DC USB ports. It is a powerful power hub that keeps all your electronic devices charged.

Thrive on Your Outdoor Adventure

Growatt portable power station is designed to be your ideal companion for outdoor camping, adventures and any other form of outdoor recreational activities. We help make it that much better by adding a lot of fantastic features that you would love to carry on any trip.

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Wherever You Go, Go with Confidence

With a huge capacity, you can carry the Growatt portable power station anywhere you go without worrying about running out of power. Even when it is drained, it only takes a couple hours to get fully charged and you are ready to get back on the road! Growatt portable power allows for tremendous fun and the confidence to take on diverse outdoor scenarios.

solar power for camping


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Beach Vacation

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RV Living

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off grid power station - Growatt


Outdoor Working


Stay Powered & Enjoy the Endless Fun

off grid power station functions

AKA “Solar Generator”

Growatt portable power station is also called Solar Generator, which means you can generate energy as long as the sun shines.

This off grid power station gives you enough flexibility to get the power you need when you are out on the beach, on the mountain, or in the forest. Growatt has been a leader on solar energy technology and our portable power station has the fastest solar charging speed in the world.
We power a green lifestyle for everyone.

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