Growatt 100W Solar Panel

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Great Portability  Lightweight and foldable, easy to carry with portable protective case.

Easy Setup with Kickstand  Sturdy stand for easy solar charging setup outdoors.

22% Conversion Efficiency  High solar conversion efficiency helps you capture more sun and charge faster.

Durable & IP67 Waterproof - EFTE coating and IP67 water resistance rating make the panel more durable.

MC4 Connector - Work with most third-party devices.

100W Rated Power - Up to 100W solar charging input allows you to easily charge devices anywhere.

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Perfect Companion for Your Adventures

Growatt's 100W solar panel lets you get the power you need anytime, anywhere. 

It can be easily folded into the stylish bag and is very lightweight, making it very portable when outdoors.

100W solar panel - Growatt

Get More Sun and Stay Powered

The 100W solar panel provides a high conversion efficiency of 22%, and with leading 99% MPPT efficiency,

you can get charged outdoor more efficiently. Want more power? Go and chain more panels in a series or in parallel.

100 watt solar panel - Growatt

Durable and Last Longer

With ETFE coating, the solar panel can resist aging better and last longer. IP67 waterproof performance

makes it adaptable to more outdoor environments without being damaged easily.

100 watt solar panel connector

Great Compatibility with MC4 connectors

Growatt’s 100W portable solar panels use a universal MC4 connector, which allows it to work with most of the third-party portable power stations in the market.

100W solar panels packages - Growatt

Package Content

1*100W Solar Panel

1*Protective Case

1*User Manual

Rated Power Cell Type
100W Monocrystalline silicon
Conversion Efficiency Connector Type
22% MC4
Power Current Open Circuit Voltage
4.96A 24V
Short Circuit Current Dimension (folded)
5.23A 23.74 x 21.22 x 0.98inch (60.3 x 54 x 2.5cm)
Dimensions (unfolded) Weight (with Case)
46.02 x 21.22 x 0.98inch (117x 54x 2.5cm) 8.16lbs (3.7kg)
Net Weight Power Voltage
7.94lbs (3.6kg) 20.16V

Why the solar cannot produce rated power when charging to Growatt power stations?

Solar charging input is affected by factors such as the intensity of the light and the angle of the panel placed on the ground. 100W is an ideal tested result in laboratory. To reach the best solar charging performance, try charging under the full sunlight and make sure there is no shadow cast on the panel.

Is the 100W solar panel waterproof?

Growatt solar panels have a waterproof rating of IP67 which that will protect the product from water splashing and temporary water immersion.

How to clean the solar panel surface?

We recommend using a soft & damp cloth to wipe the surface to remove dust or dirt on the solar module. Please make sure you clean your solar panel regularly to avoid a reduction in charging performance.

Do Growatt 100W solar panels work with third-party products?

Yes, Growatt 100 watts solar panel has an MC4 connector that has excellent compatibility to support third-party devices. As long as the device can connect via an MC4 connector and support the amperage voltage, and wattage that a Growatt solar panel outputs.

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