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Growatt Solar Generators

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Growatt INFINITY 2000 solar generator

Growatt INFINITY 2000 Solar Generator

$1,499.00 $2,099.00
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2000W solar generator

Growatt INFiNITY 1500 Solar Generator

$1,599.00 $2,048.00
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battery powered generator

Growatt INFINITY 1300 Solar Generator

$1,399.00 $1,699.00
SAVE $80
Growatt VITA 550 Solar Generator

Growatt VITA 550 Solar Generator

$699.00 $779.00

What is a Solar Generator?

A solar generator, is a device that harnesses energy from the sun using solar panels and converts it into electricity. Growatt solar generator kits typically include portable power stations with high-efficient solar panels. Such solar generator kits are ideal portable and sustainable power solution to give you clean solar energy, lower your carbon footprint, and reduce your reliance on the grid.

What Is A Solar Generator

How Does A Solar Generator Work?

The solar generator collects the energy of sunlight through the solar panel, converts the energy into electricity and stores it in the built-in battery (lithium battery), outputs DC or converts the DC to AC output through the built-in inverter, and then power for your household appliances and other electronic equipment.

How Does A Solar Generator Work How Does A Solar Generator Work

Growatt Solar Generator VS. Gasoline Generator

Upgrade to a Growatt Solar Generator and experience the benefits of renewable energy. Enjoy silent, eco-friendly power without the hassle and expense of gasoline. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, Growatt generators provide reliable, clean energy, reducing your carbon footprint and saving you money in the long run. Say goodbye to noisy, polluting gasoline generators and embrace a greener future with Growatt.

Growatt Solar Generator VS. Gasoline Generator

Use indoors


Peak Electricity Consumption


Solar powered generators are ideal for home power backup in emergency situations. In the event of a power outage (especially in some areas of the United States where hurricanes, wildfires, thunderstorms, etc. frequently cause power outages), you can use it to keep essential equipment and appliances running, such as refrigerators, medical equipment, first-aid equipment, radios, communication equipment, and more. Like Growatt INFINITY 2000 is ideal for home power backup, with over 6,000 watt-hours of stored power. It can even be your whole house backup power.

solar generator for Emergency

During peak periods of electricity consumption when power supply is unstable and prices are rising, solar generators can be used as a back-up power source to provide you with a stable supply of electricity to ensure the normal operation of your critical equipment, while allowing you to reduce your dependence on the power grid and lower your energy costs.

solar generator for home

It provides a reliable energy solution in SOHO (Small Office/Home Office). It provides continuous power supply for computers, printers, lighting and other office equipment, reducing energy costs and enabling sustainable and environmentally friendly offices. Meanwhile, Growatt solar generator basically comes with EPS function, which can protect SOHO critical equipment from power failure.

solar generator for soho

Use outdoors

camping with portable solar generator


Portable solar generators provide campers with a convenient supply of electricity to charge cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices, light up lights, run small appliances and even power campers or tents. The solar generator requires no fuel, is silent, environmentally friendly and renewable, making it the ideal power solution for camping activities.

Off-grid living

In off-grid living such as off-grid cabins, RV living and solar homes, it acts as a stand-alone power generation system to power your off-grid life and ensure your devices are charged and running. Like Growatt INFINITY 1300 solar generator (INFINITY 1300 + 200W Solar Panel), it is portable and easy to install, it allows you to stay independent and enjoy sustainable, eco-friendly off-grid living in remote areas.

Outdoor photography with solar generator

Outdoor photography

The solar portable generator provides reliable energy support for outdoor shooting. It provides timely power replenishment for cameras, lighting and charging devices, ensuring that you always have sufficient power supply when shooting in the field. No need to worry about running out of batteries or not finding a power outlet, Growatt VITA 550 solar generator (VITA 550 + 100W Solar Panel) allowing you to focus on creating great outdoor photography.

using solar generators in Emergency rescue

Emergency rescue

A portable solar generator like Growatt INFINITY 1500 solar generator (INFINITY 1500 + 200W Solar Panel) provides reliable backup power for infrastructure and communications equipment, ensuring that rescuers can continue to work and maintain communications. Whether it's a natural disaster or an emergency, solar generators provide sustainable, independent energy support for rescue operations, helping to save lives and provide much-needed assistance.

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Are solar generators worth it?

Yes, it is! Most of the time, the multifaceted uses of a solar generator for convenience, emergency needs, and overall reliability truly demonstrate its inherent value and are worth the investment. It is extremely versatile and can fulfill many different potential energy needs.

Unlike traditional fossil fuel generators, they can be used for indoor backup power needs and outdoor activities such as cooking and charging appliances while camping, on-site construction power needs, outdoor events and festivals. They provide power quietly, without air pollution and without the need to purchase and transport fuel, and they really open up new opportunities.

What size solar generator should I get?

Normally, a 2000W solar generator with a capacity of 2000Wh is enough for you to provide backup power for your home and many outdoor activities. But actually, the size of a solar generator you should buy depends on your specific power needs and the equipment you intend to power. The following steps can help you determine the proper size for your solar generator:

List your power requirements:
List all appliances that you plan to power with your solar generator. Include its power rating in watts. This information can usually be found on the equipment label or owner's manual.

Calculate the total power consumption:
Add the power ratings of all devices to calculate the total power consumption in watts. This will give you an estimate of the maximum power your solar generator will need to deliver.

Consider the frequency of use:
Consider how often and how long you use these devices. Will you be using them all at the same time or all at once? This will help you estimate your daily energy consumption in watt-hours (Wh).

Each solar generator model has different specifications, if you are still not sure what size solar generator you should buy. It is best to consult a solar generator manufacturer, dealer, or professional in the field, or refer to our buying guide, to ensure you choose the right size solar generator for your needs.

Are solar-powered generators safe?

Yes, safety is always our top priority. The built-in battery management system of our portable solar power stations regulates key battery parameters to ensure safe, reliable and long-lasting batteries. It belongs to clean green energy and renewable energy, whether it is charging or using, it will not produce harmful gases like fuel generators.

While solar-powered generators are generally safe, mishandling or misuse can pose a safety hazard and you must follow the manufacturer's user guide. For example, you must ensure that proper wiring procedures are followed and proper connectors are used to avoid overloading the system. Most solar powered generators are not waterproof, and you must place them in a sheltered area to prolong their life and prevent potential problems.

Can a solar-powered generator power a house?

Yes, that is possible. A solar generator's ability to power your home depends on several factors, including the capacity of the generator, your home's energy needs, and the specific appliances and devices you want to power. This is achievable when it has an output power and capacity greater than what your appliances and equipment require.

While solar generators can currently provide backup power for certain essential appliances and devices in the event of a blackout or off-grid, they may sometimes not be sufficient to continuously power an entire home like a grid-connected solar system.

How long will a portable solar generator power a refrigerator?

It depends on the wattage of your refrigerator and the capacity of your solar generator. For example, the Growatt INFINITY 1500 portable solar generator has a capacity of 1512 Wh, which can power a 150W refrigerator for approximately 8.5 hours. The reference calculation formula used is:

Working time (hour) = solar generator capacity (Wh) * 0.85 / refrigerator operating power (W)

Can a solar power generator be used as a UPS?

Yes! But not all. This is a relatively new technology, and manufacturers often state in their owner's manuals whether or not their portable solar generators are EPS capable. Both Growatt INFINITY 1500 and INFINITY 1300 solar generators are equipped with an emergency power supply (EPS) of less than 20 milliseconds, so you no longer have to worry about power outages at home or failure of important work during power outages. Everything from lights in heavily used rooms and refrigerators to medical equipment, computers and more will never fail.

How long will a solar generator last?

Generally, a well-maintained solar generator with high-quality components can last anywhere from 5 to 15 years or more, but the lifespan of a solar generator may vary depending on a number of factors, including the quality of the components, battery life, maintenance, usage patterns and environmental conditions of use.

For example, the Growatt INIFNITY 1300 solar powered generator uses a LiFePO4 built-in battery, which can have 3000+ life cycles and can be used for at least ten years. Its built-in battery management system can also better optimize battery efficiency and help extend service life.

What devices and appliances can you run with a solar power generator?

The devices and appliances that you can run with a solar generator depend on the capacity of the generator itself. Larger solar generators with higher wattage and battery capacity can power more energy-intensive devices, while smaller generators are suitable for charging smaller devices and running low-power appliances.

A lower wattage generator like the Growatt VITA 550 (538Wh Capacity & 600W Output) can power small devices like your laptop, phone, and fan. Higher wattage generators such as the Growatt INFINITY 1500 (1512Wh Capacity & 2000W Output) can power your large appliances such as TVs, refrigerators and microwaves for longer.