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3 Best Solar Generators For Apartments in 2024 Reviewed

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In an apartment, almost everything relies upon a source of power that can be trusted and can take care of all the energy needs throughout the day. Solar generators for apartments are one of the best, and most sustainable, sources of power for apartments this year. A solar generator simply refers to a portable power station that is connected to solar panels for continuous, long-term, sustainable energy production.

What is a solar generator?

A solar generator is a device that collects sunlight through solar panels and converts it into electricity stored in an internal battery, which produces DC or AC power to power your devices and appliances for your apartment.

When you rely upon power for your work, recreation, and simple living, a solar generator is exactly the thing that will be there to provide it. When a power outage hits and the rest of the apartment complex is out of power, you can still be working and staying safe with all of your devices charged and at the ready.

There are three that function as the best choices for an apartment solar generator. These three options will give you the power you need whenever you need it.

Benefits of using a solar generator in apartment

When you live in an apartment, investing in a solar generator has many benefits. Although most people use it as a backup emergency power source for their home, here are the benefits for apartment users:


The solar generator is very quiet and makes no noise during operation, making it more suitable for apartment living.

Safe for indoor use

Unlike traditional fuel generators that produce waste gas, solar generators do not emit harmful gases when running and are very suitable for use in indoor environments, which is very important for the health and safety of apartment users.

Lower your electricity bill

Using a solar generator can help you offset some of your electricity bill, and you can use it to power your apartment, reducing your reliance on the grid and potentially lowering your daily utility bills.

Government incentives

Many regional governments already offer solar incentives, tax credits, and rebates to encourage locals to go solar. Incentives can reduce the cost of installing solar generators.

apartment solar generator - Growatt

3 Best Solar Generators for Apartments

Growatt INFINITY 1500+800W Solar Panel

The Growatt INFINITY 1500 is one of the best portable power stations out there, capable of storing and delivering a massive amount of energy all at once. When paired with four 200W solar panels, this power station becomes a solar generator for apartments that is unmatched in its field.

Growatt apartment solar generator INFINITY 1500+800W Solar Panel


With 1512Wh, the INFINITY 1500 has the maximum capacity out of all three solar generators on our present list. This can store an immense amount of power that will last through most power outages and provide sufficient energy over a long period of time. With that storage capacity and a 2000W output maximum, there’s almost nothing you can’t do with it.

Paired with four 200W solar panels, the INFINITY 1500 can be charged to capacity easily in around 2.5 hours. That means you can be working and charging simultaneously throughout the day, or be more portable and take the power station elsewhere after a quick charge in the sun.

The Emergency power supply (EPS) feature means that you’ll never be without power, even when there’s a disruption in the grid’s power supply. This is one of the best ways to ensure power even when the electric company is having issues.


  • This being the most powerful model means that it can power over 95% of most appliances with an output of 2000W
  • Emergency Power Supply
  • Quick charge time
  • 12 different outlets
  • 2-year warranty


  • A little expensive due to its high capacity

Growatt INFINITY 1300+200W Solar Panel

Growatt’s newest portable power station, the INFINITY 1300 packs just about all of the power possible and similar features to the INFINITY 1500 at a more affordable price. Paired with the same solar panels, this becomes one of the best apartment solar generators out there.

Growatt apartment solar generator INFINITY 1300


The INFINITY 1300 boasts a storage capacity of 1382Wh with an output of 1800W. Together, this power station can power almost anything for a long time. When put together with solar panels, the power supply can be nonstop.

EPS is also featured in the INFINITY 1300, so you have reliable power when hooked up to the grid and won’t ever experience a loss in the middle of something important. The shorter charge time of 1.8 hours makes this even more ideal than the INFINITY 1500 so you can be out and on the move with a quicker, lighter version.

To top it all off, the INFINITY 1300 has a lifespan of up to 10 years and over 3000 cycles of charge and use. This will be an investment that saves money for a decade to come.


  • Fast charge time [AC(wall) charge: 1.8 hours,  solar charge: 2.5 hours]
  • 5-year warranty
  • 10-year lifespan
  • EPS
  • 1382Wh capacity and 1800W output


  • Relatively higher cost due to the capacity and output

Growatt VITA 550+200W Solar Panel

The smallest and most portable solar generator on the list is the VITA 550. This model weighs in at 18 pounds, making it the easiest to bring along when leaving the apartment and going on a camping or road trip. This is a great option for those living in a smaller apartment but still want the best.

Growatt apartment solar generator VITA 550


With 538Wh, the VITA 550 solar generator packs a big punch for its small size. It charges up in only 2.5 hours with solar and 1.6 hours when plugged into the wall. It can run devices that require up to 1050W of power with the Watt+ feature, which still allows you to be versatile with such a small device.

With 11 different outlets on the power station, this functions as a highly versatile device that can accommodate a whole group’s needs. If sharing an apartment, there’s no fighting over power.

All of the features that come along with the larger models are packed down and condensed into an easily transported model, the VITA 550. For those who want to take it on the go, there’s no better option.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fast charge time
  • 11 different outlets


  • Limited capacity for more heavy-duty devices

What to Consider When Choosing Solar Generators for Apartments

To make the best choice for an apartment solar generator, you need to take a lot of different factors into consideration. From the capacity to the charging speed, every little feature can make a huge difference. This is a quick rundown of how to make the best choice for yourself.


A solar generator for apartment living should be able to hold a large amount of power. Capacity, measured in Watt hours (Wh), can be one of the first things most people look at when buying an apartment solar generator.

This determines how long you can use the portable power station when it isn’t hooked up and constantly being charged. This will be what decides how much use you get when the entire grid goes out and this is all you have to rely on, even without solar panels or at night.


Wattage is what you need to pay attention to when trying to run larger appliances that are a bit more power-hungry. A solar generator for apartment living needs to power multiple appliances at once.

Here, paying attention to the different requirements of electric appliances becomes a necessary task. For example, a light bulb only needs about 30W of output, while an electric drill will require closer to 1800W. If you’re only using your power station to charge phones (20W), then a smaller, less powerful device should work out just fine.

Charging speed

Everyone that works from home knows that it’s nice to take a break from the home office sometimes. With an AC wall charging time of 2 hours (INFINITY 1500), you can head out for a quick lunch and come back to a full charge.

The faster charging stations are more equipped for those that are draining the power stations more frequently away from a fixed power supply source.

Battery Type

The different batteries that come in portable power stations reflect the lifespan, charging speed, and quality of the power station you’re buying. The INFINITY 1300 and the VITA 550 use LifePO4 batteries that have a ten-year life cycle. The INFINITY 1500 uses NMC batteries that still can provide over 800 cycles throughout their life.

Number of Ports

If you’re using a power station for a large group, having a large number of ports is important to keep everyone happy. No one enjoys sharing a single wall outlet with only two ports, which is why these portable power stations come with 11 or 12 different outlets instead of a measly two.

The more ports, the more use that a single power station can get. It makes it more accessible for everyone, but you still need to pay attention to the maximum output, as all of these devices add up.


Warranties can be one of the best reasons to buy something brand new. When it’s more expensive than getting something used, it’s still totally worth it for the warranty.

Any time that something small goes wrong, you aren’t responsible for it. If the defect is due to manufacturing, you get the entire device replaced or fixed without any cost. That can be incredibly important when a lot of these devices are so expensive and can be just as expensive to fix.

A longer warranty leaves you with the biggest safeguard. The INFINITY 1300 comes along with a whopping 5-year warranty, which is hard to find in most electronic products today.

solar generator for apartment - Growatt


By taking a powerful solar panel and pairing it with an even more powerful portable power supply, a solar generator can bring power to an apartment for years without interruption.

Overall, Growatt makes some of the absolute best apartment solar generators on the market. These three models all work to provide reliable and sustainable power for those looking to power their household devices alongside everything they need for work.

Make a safe choice and add a solar generator to your own apartment to ensure a steady stream of power without interruption ever again.

Growatt INFINITY 1300
Growatt INFINITY 1300 LiFePO4 Portable Power Station
  • 1382Wh Capacity & 1800W Output
  • LiFePO4 Battery with 3,000+ Life Cycles to 80%
  • Fully charged in 1.8 hours
  • Up to 14 Versatile Outlets
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