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How to Keep Your Food Fresh as Long as Possible?
Fresh food should be the standard when serving it. That’s why we should keep them fresh as possible by properly storing them. However, not all of us know how this. Luckily, we have some tips and su...
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An Expert Explain: What Are Rechargeable Generators?
A rechargeable generator is a new green energy technology that can be used in a variety of situations where portable, on-demand power is needed, especially during emergencies. These are devices tha...
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Be Prepared! Get Emergency Electricity Sources Before the Next Outage
You know the scene all too well — you’re sitting in your home, enjoying a movie night or trying to finish off some work when suddenly everything goes dark. It’s a power outage, and you find yoursel...
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Portable Solar Generator: Powering Sump Pump in Flood-Prone Areas
As flooding continues ravaging homes and businesses in flood-prone areas, a reliable power source is needed to ensure sump pumps can continue to operate. Portable solar generators run a convenient,...
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Choosing a Gasless Generator for Camping, Off-Grid Living & Emergencies
Fuel-powered generators have always been the norm, but today there’s an even better choice. A gasless generator brings a huge supply of power without the obnoxious distractions that a normal genera...
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Portable Generators for Apartments - What You Need to Know & Why You Need One
Are you living in the United States? When did you experience a power outage last time? Power outage is not typical in the United States except if you live in an area where hurricanes and similar na...
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Indoor Generators – What are Applicable for Your Apartment?
Just like traditional generators, indoor generators play the same role – to provide a continuous power supply when the grid runs out. It is known to be safer to use since it has features and abilit...
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How to Guarantee Your SOHO When Power Outage? (SOHO UPS)
Working in the Comfort of Your Home  The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for many people. It has affected and claimed many lives. This event is traumatic for most people but there are som...
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Stay Connected with the Best Battery Backup for WiFi Router
Having a stable and reliable internet connection provides so much convenience, especially to those individuals whose line of work is dependent on the internet. It allows people to do their tasks sm...
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