solar battery backup for home battery backup for home appliances


Growatt portable power station is a rechargeable battery-powered generator that comes with AC, DC carport, and DC USB ports. It is a powerful power hub that keeps all your electronic devices charged.

Backup Your Home Power

Find it hard to make it through power outages? As a top 2 brand in energy storage solutions, Growatt gives you an affordable solution to counter an unstable grid supply. Blackouts are no longer a nightmare when you have a Growatt portable power station to keep all your devices charged up

solar backup generator

Keep Your Comfort and Confidence in Blackouts

When the city power is cut, no worries! Get your Growatt portable power station out. Connect it to your smartphones, laptops and TV, you just might enjoy your days as if the grid were still on. Power even your fridge or an electric stove to maintain, cook, and enjoy fresh food for yourself.

solar battery backup for home
battery backup for home appliances

Easy Power That Can Be Accessed Anywhere

If you are a gardening lover or DIY enthusiast, there is certainly a time when you have needed easy power but couldn’t access it. This is the solution. Charge your Growatt portable power station and place it next to where you work! It keeps your tools powered and assists you in completing your tasks!

solar backup generator

AKA “Solar Generator”

Growatt portable power station is also called Solar Generator, which means you can generate energy as long as the sun shines.

This gives you enough flexibility to get the power you need when you are out on the beach, on the mountain, or in the forest. Growatt has been a leader on solar energy technology and our portable power station has the fastest solar charging speed in the world.
We power a green lifestyle for everyone.

solar backup generator
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