Emergency Power Supply - Growatt
EPS vs UPS: What Is the Difference?
An Emergency Power Supply (EPS) and an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) both use rechargeable batteries to provide backup power, but there are important differences between them. In this article,...
off grid tiny house - Growatt
Off-Grid Tiny House: Everything You Need to Know
More and more people are diving into the tiny house trend because it’s now more expensive than ever to acquire and maintain a traditional home. People are finding more means to focus on lifestyle a...
transfer switch - Growatt
Making the Right Choice: Transfer Switch vs. Interlock
The utilization of generators nowadays is very popular. There are households and businesses, either big or small, that invest in this kind of application. It saves the user from spending money on e...
How Many Watts Does a House Use - Growatt
Energy Assessment: How Many Watts Does a House Use?
The modern world demands an energy assessment of your home in order to understand your home’s contemporary energy consumption. It showcases how many watts are consumed by different devices. This in...
what is a lithium battery - Growatt
What Is A Lithium-Ion Battery? A Comprehensive Guide
The demand for energy storage solutions that are efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly is becoming more prevalent in today’s world. Lithium-ion batteries are now the foundations for nume...
what is net metering - Growatt
Net Metering 101: Knowing Net Metering and Its Benefits for Solar Users
Adding solar panels to your home’s roof is an excellent decision for the environment and your savings, too. However, most homeowners don’t end up using all the energy generated from their solar sys...
off-Grid Solar System - Growatt
Off-Grid Solar Systems vs. On-Grid Solar Systems: Which One Is Better?
As concerns about the environment rise, a lot of people are becoming more familiar with renewable energy sources. The solar power system is currently the most widely used renewable source of energy...
aep outage map - Growatt
How to Check the AEP Power Outage Map by Zip Code
Staying informed about power outages in your local area can be a complete lifesaver when in a disaster scenario. Tools like the AEP Power Outage Map are exactly what is needed for the general popul...
How do solar panels work - Growatt
Your Guide to Renewable Energy: How Do Solar Panels Work?
Solar energy is a renewable energy source that may seem like an innovation but was actually invented and utilized around 100 years ago. People during the early days would use it to make steam for t...
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