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How Long Can A Solar-Powered Generator Run?

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It is an understatement to say that a solar-powered generator is a practical device. It allows you to quickly pick up energy from the sun and have a reliable power source that doesn't need fossil fuel. Also, it's small enough so you can use it in a wide range of circumstances!

How Long Can A Solar-Powered Generator Run?

Despite its versatility and the fact that is good for the environment, people are still not sure about whether it can provide them with enough power and last them long enough. If you have the same concern, keep reading because we'll talk more about this crucial topic.

The Basics of Solar Generator Runtime

Each and every day, the sun gives us a bountiful of energy, which we can convert into electricity we can use. A solar-powered generator is one of the best and easy-to-use tools that allow us to do so. If you are concerned about the runtime of such a device, read the pointers below.

Solar Panel Wattage, Battery Capacity, and Power Draw

When you think about solar generator runtime, the power it gets, stores, and delivers are the three main factors to consider. Generators with more wattage and battery power can work for a longer time. But, the total playtime will also depend on the amount of work.

Higher Wattage Panels and Larger Batteries

You should also take one other factor into the equation: panel wattage. Why is this an important factor? Panels with bigger wattage can supply more electricity to the generator’s battery pack. If you have a generator with a big battery capacity, you will also want panels with big wattage.

A Full Charge Should Make It Last 8 to 12 Hours

On average, solar-powered generators can run from 8 to 12 hours, but this is just a very rough number. After all, it depends on your generator’s capacity and device load. For instance, if you have a 600-watt generator, it can power small LED lights for more than 100 hours. Yet, it will power a full-size refrigerator for less than 12 hours.

Other Factors Affecting the Runtime of Solar Generators

Earlier we’ve mentioned that battery capacity is a crucial factor in a solar-powered generator’s runtime. But, in reality, it would never be possible for you to achieve the maximum number if you don’t pay attention to the things below.

The Weather Conditions on a Particular Day

A solar-powered generator gets its stored energy from the panels. And, just like any kind of device that uses solar panels, it will only work best under optimum weather conditions. So, on a cloudy day, don’t expect your generator to run as long as it should.

The Number and Kinds of Connected Devices

And, you should also keep in mind that your generator uses a battery pack. Thus, just like your phone and laptop, the harder you make it work, the quicker its battery dies, which is something you must avoid when you want to prioritize runtime.

Better Inverter, Better Efficiency

This one might surprise you, but you should also pay attention to the efficiency of your inverter. Yes, you may get a decent amount of sunshine, but if you don’t have a good solar generator with decent inverter efficiency, you should not expect an optimal runtime from it.

Getting the Most from Your Solar Generator

Without a doubt, it is always possible to get the most out of your solar-powered generator, and below are some ways to do so!

Make Them Face South

Do you remember the theory that says solar panels work best for south-facing roofs? Well, it actually also applies to solar-powered generators. Facing your panels in this direction will allow them to get as much sun radiation as possible.

Buildings and Trees Are No

Of course, even if you have put them in the right direction, your panels won’t be able to produce the optimal amount of electricity if the sunlight is obstructed. So, the next time you pick a location for your panels, make sure that it is not overshadowed.

Avoid Connecting Unessential Devices

The number one mistake you can make that prevents you from getting the optimum runtime from your solar-powered generator is plugging in too many devices. Remember, the bigger the load the quicker the energy reserve empties.

Choose the Most Efficient Mode

Next, if you really want to take your solar generator runtime to the next level, make sure you always choose the most efficient or power-saving mode on connected devices. This allows your devices to draw the least amount of power from the generator, prolonging the runtime even more.

solar-powered generator


So, what do you think about owning a solar-powered generator? Don't worry too much about its runtime, though. A full charge should allow you to power your essential devices, including phones and laptops. So, as long as you don't forget to keep it charged, you can it as a reliable power backup source for conditions like outages.

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