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Is An Electric Start Generator Worth Buying?

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Portable generators with electrical ignition are becoming increasingly popular as a convenient method to get electricity whenever you need it. Even so, many people are unsure whether or not to buy one.

Many people commonly complicate electric start portable generators. Nonetheless, these generators are much easier to comprehend than you might think. To help you in making your choice, we have provided the ultimate electric start portable generator buying guide below!

What Is an Electric Start Generator?

An electric start generator is a portable electric generator that doesn’t need a pull cord to start. Instead of using muscle strength, you can activate the device by simply pressing a button or turning a key.

Previously, the standard process for starting a generator was to pull a cord to kickstart the engine. However, as generator technology has advanced, using a pull cable may appear outdated.

On the other hand, electric starts make it incredibly easy to get electricity. All you have to do is press the start button, watch as the generator starts running, and then use the electricity generated to run your appliances.

portable generator with electric start

Benefit of an Electric Start Generator

If you only want one thing from your electric generator, it should start every time you press the key. That is precisely what an electric start portable generator is supposed to do!

The process of starting a portable generator should be as simple as possible. If you reside in an area where power outages are common, having to continuously pull the starter to run a generator can be quite inconvenient, right?

You want to be certain that your generator will start without a hitch, whether you're on the road, at work, or camping in the wilderness. In a pinch, you can run the refrigerator and several bulbs with these generators.

Recommended Growatt Electric Start Generators

When buying a portable generator with an electric start, there are several factors to consider, ranging from build quality to power capacity to brand reputation. And, among the many items that flood the market, a few stick out from the crowd.

Here are two suggestions for your next electric start portable generator.

Growatt Portable Generator VITA 550

Growatt Electric Start Generator VITA 550

In the event of an emergency, the VITA 550 is intended to provide you with safe, dependable power. This portable power station can meet your needs whether you're on the hunt for a power station for vacations away from the grid or need to be ready for a power outage at home.

It has a 550-watt output, which means it can do everything from charging phones and tablets to powering a small fridge. Furthermore, the easy-to-read LCD display shows how much electricity the generator has remaining. Overall, it is a low-cost, dependable power source device for your requirements!

Growatt Portable Generator INFINITY 1300

Growatt Electric Start Generator INFINITY 1300

A portable power station will be used for a variety of purposes by different people. If you're going camping, taking the RV on a vacation, or prepping for a picture shoot, you'll need certain items that you can use and charge without worry.

With a huge 1382Wh capacity, Growatt INFINITY 1300 can power a smartphone, a laptop, a fan, a lantern, an SLR camera, a drone, and more for many hours or charging cycles. It can even power a 1300W electric grill for just under an hour, which is quite impressive given the unit's portability.

Growatt Portable Generator INFINITY 1500

electric start portable generator Growatt INFINITY 1500

This portable battery backup is intended for heavy-duty applications. Yes, it has a power output of 2000W to keep domestic appliances or outdoor gear running. With such a large capacity, this power station can power numerous devices for hours.

When charged via a regular wall outlet, the battery will charge to 100% in just 120 minutes. This makes it ideal for areas with frequent power outages or with limited solar electricity output.

Growatt Products Features Recharge Time
Growatt Portable Generator VITA 550 538Wh Capacity & 600W Output
LiFePO4 Battery with 3,000+ Life Cycles to 80%
Wall Charge in 1.6 Hours, 240W Solar Charge in 2.5 Hours
Watt+ Up To 1050W - Drive a wider range of devices beyond 600W with the Watt+ feature
Up to 11 outlets to power most of your devices
Easy & Remote Control via App
Solar 200W: 2.5H
Wall Charging: 1.6H
Car Charging(100W): 5.4H
Growatt Portable Generator INFINITY 1300 1382Wh Capacity & 1800W Output
LiFePO4 Battery with 3,000+ Life Cycles to 80%
Fully charged in 1.8 hours
Up to 14 Versatile Outlets
Reliable 24/7 EPS
Easy & Remote Control via App
5-Year Warranty
Solar 800W: 2.5H
Wall Charging: 1.8H
Car Charging: Support 12V/24V Standards
Growatt Portable Generator INFINITY 1500 1512Wh Capacity & 2000W Output
Wall charge from 0%-80% in 1 hour;  0-100% in 2 hours
Up to 12 Diverse Outlets
Reliable 24/7 backup power (EPS)
Easy & Remote Control via  App
2-Year Warranty
Solar 800W: 2.5H
Wall Charging: 2H
Car Charging: Support 12V/24V Standards


A portable generator is your best choice if you plan on moving your generator around, whether you need it for an emergency, electricity while camping, or to power the tools on your project. And, to make things even easier and effortless for you, you'll need an electric starter power generator!

Before making a purchase, do your research to get an accurate picture of what to expect from a portable generator with an electric start. For example, because these generators come in a range of sizes, you must consider what you will be using the generator for and how much electricity you will require.

If you're not sure what kind of generators you'll need for your situation, the two items mentioned above are a great place to start. They can both run numerous appliances and are generally easy to use, even for those who are inexperienced with generators!


We understand that the topic of electric start portable generators can be quite intimidating to the average Joe. So, to help you sort things out, we've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and answered them in the sections below.

    Do portable generators have an electric start?

      Electric ignition is not available on all portable generators. Many older and less expensive models still use a cord pull to start. Even though these generators are reliable in many circumstances, those with an electric starter are far more convenient to use.

        Are there gas-free generators?

          Many generators on the market today rely on gasoline or diesel to generate electricity. However, there are now battery-powered units available. They are usually used in tandem with solar cells or other clean energy sources to provide electricity whenever it is required.

          Growatt INFINITY 1300
          Growatt INFINITY 1300 LiFePO4 Portable Power Station
          • 1382Wh Capacity & 1800W Output
          • LiFePO4 Battery with 3,000+ Life Cycles to 80%
          • Fully charged in 1.8 hours
          • Up to 14 Versatile Outlets
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