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America Power Outage Map: See Why You Need A Solar Generator

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Every state in the United States experienced a power outage at any time of the year according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s Annual Electric Power Industry Report. Whether it is a complete blackout or a calculated brownout, a loss or reduction of power has a big impact. Electricity is something we rely on every day—and something we sometimes take for granted. That lack of appreciation, of course, disappears when the power goes out. When was the last time you experienced a power outage? Are you in a US state or area that frequently loses power? If so, do you know how to stay safe the next time power goes out in your neighborhood?

If reading this makes you a little nervous, you can rest easy. Even though power outages happen, they are typically rare.  Still, it would be wise to set yourself up in a position to deal with a power outage when it does eventually happen.  Let’s first take a look and see if the state that you reside in is prone to numerous periodic power outages. Then, let’s go over what it takes to keep you and your family safe during your next experience with a loss of power—and touch on a simple solution to eliminate almost ALL of your worries!

Top 10 US States with the Most Frequent Power Outages

memphis power outage

These are the 10 US states that have the highest frequency of power outages.

power outage las vegas

As you can see, power failures are not subject to occur in only specific regions, like the Northwest or Southeast—they are happening in all areas of the United States. Although there are many reasons why power outages happen, one of the biggest culprits is the weather. And the weather happens, well, everywhere!  If you look at the list above, you can see how weather most likely plays a big role in landing them at the top of this list of states that have power outages.

The US South

Looking at this list, one region affected by more constant power interruptions is the US South.  Six out of the top ten states listed are located in the American south. Starting with Louisiana and Florida then looking at Mississippi, these states are more likely to experience hurricanes. Add Georgia to that list and there are four states that are also in the top 10 when it comes to hurricane hits.  

Tennessee is another southern state high on the power outage frequency list and they can thank the large number of powerful storms that sweep through the area. For instance, a Memphis power outage recently occurred where there were 11 outages across the city leaving thousands of people without electricity.

The Impact of Desert-Like Temps

Just because a state is not on the top 10 list above, that doesn’t mean they do not get its fair share of power failures. There are frequent headlines touting how a power outage in Las Vegas shuts everything down (just imagine the Vegas strip without electricity!).  The same goes for a Los Angeles power outage. More frequently in these areas, residents will need to deal with rolling blackouts and brownouts due to the strain customers put on their electrical grid, especially during the summer when temperatures are in the triple digits and air conditioners are on full blast all over the area.

Another very hot state, Texas, struggles with grid strain. A power outage in San Antonio, such a large urban area where thousands could be impacted by a loss of power, isn’t immune.  

The Northeast and Colder Climates

Massachusetts power outages are happening less frequently when compared to most states, but they get them. Strong winds and heavy rains can wreak havoc on power lines and poles. And, believe it or not, this state is also in the top 10 when it comes to hurricane hits!  Due to these facts, residents should consider the impact losing power will have on their well-being. Being on the east coast means higher humidity in the summer and harsher, colder winters. If a loss of power happens when temperatures are freezing or humidity is through the roof, it could be devastating.

The same goes for when there is a Michigan power outage, a state that gets a ton of snow every year, but that also suffers through some harsh, high-humidity summer days. And they, too, get plenty of strong storms and inclement weather that could bring about a loss of power.  Even in Colorado, if there is a power outage Colorado Springs area, especially in the winter, many could suffer due to the cold.

The truth is, no state in the US is immune and can be subject to power failures.

Regardless of How Often the Power Goes Out in Your State, Stay Safe

As you can see, just because your state is not listed above, no state is immune to power outages. Here are some important tips to follow during your next power emergency.

  1. Stay clear of any downed power lines.
    Just because it looks like a power line is dead, it could still be coursing with electricity.
  2. Be cautious regarding refrigerated foods.
    Having about a week or two of non-perishable foods is best, along with several gallons of water.  When it comes to food in the fridge, the temperature needs to be kept at 40°For below.
  3. Keep in contact and stay informed.
    Keeping up to date with the latest information regarding the power outage is crucial. Be sure your mobile devices are charged and are able to be recharged. In a pinch, a battery-powered or solar radio could suffice.

How about an Easy Solution?

With the inevitability of losing power at some point, the easiest solution would be to set yourself up with a backup power supply. The best choice in this matter is to invest in a solar generator. There are multiple reasons why having a backup generator at home makes sense. And there are some big advantages to solar generators when compared to gas generators.

Reasons for a Generator in General

Having a portable generator on hand will make your power outage experience more palatable. First, you can keep your fridge powered, keeping your food at a safe temperature. You will be able to charge your devices, run lights at night, and even power fans or small heaters depending on your needs. If your water supply depends on electricity to run or you have a sump pump in the basement, a generator can keep your water flowing—into the house and out of your basement. If you work from home, electricity will be necessary to continue working. Finally, if anyone in your house relies on electronic medical devices, a generator will be indispensable.

Advantages of a Solar Generator

Although gas-run generators are fine, with the tech advancements in solar, they are extremely attractive in comparison. First, with a gas generator, you can not operate it indoors. You must place your gas-powered generator outside and somehow inconveniently run extension cords back into the home. A solar generator runs clean and can be placed inside the house, giving you multiple outlets and power options right in your living room. Solar generators obviously use the sun’s power to recharge, so you won’t need to store volatile fuel anywhere in your home or garage. You won’t have to take any chances refilling a solar generator with gasoline either.

Advantages of a Solar Generator

Once purchased, a solar-powered generator will provide you with FREE power since solar rays don’t cost a thing.  And many are incredibly portable, like the Growatt INFINITY 1500 Portable Power Station.  Small but very powerful, this unit can typically handle all your needs in the event of a power outage.  Once the battery in the generator starts to run low, all you need to do is hook it up to the solar panels and recharge. This unit is great, too, because it will completely charge in two hours when plugged into an outlet and about 2.5 hours when using solar panels.

Having a generator to cover your power needs in a blackout is truly the best solution to this issue. Going with a solar generator takes your solution one step further and should keep you powered up when tragedy strikes.

Peace of Mind from the Power of the Sun

There you have it. A lot of states are more prone to power outages than others, but any region of any state could experience a blackout at any time. Just because your state is not on the list above, that doesn’t mean you won’t ever fall victim to a power loss, blackout, or brownout. Staying safe is your top priority and one way to set yourself up in that arena is to invest in a backup generator to have at the ready at your home. And to go one step further, there’s no reason why you should not take advantage of all the positives a solar generator brings to the equation.

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