solar power generator capacity- 1512Wh Growatt infinity 1500
Giant capacity for great storage of power
solar power generator output- 2000W Growatt infinity 1500
Output wattage for high power devices
solar power generator outlets- Growatt
12 Outlets
For all kinds of electric devices
solar power generator charge speed - Growatt
Superfast charging speed
solar power generator UPS - Growatt
24/7 Reliable Backup Power
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More Power To Power More

Up to 1512Wh

Battery Capacity

Up to 2000W

Power Output

Wait less,
Experience More

Solar Charge in

2.5 Hours

Wall Charge in

2 Hours


Solar Input

Growatt Infinity 1500 is a powerful solar power generator that has a winning solar charging performance of up to 800W solar input.
Coming with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, Infinity 1500 can effectively harvest the solar it collects with 99% solar power conversion efficiency. The fast solar charging doesn't just reduce your wait time, it gives you the power, the entertainment, and the freedom to live the off-grid life you dream of.


AC Input

The embedded AC adapter inside the Infinity 1500 allows it to draw more power from your household outlet and charge the battery at a faster speed. Faster charging means less downtime and more freedom to use your power whenever you want. Only 2 hours of charging, and you are ready to go!

And the embedded AC adapter also eliminates the need to equipped with an additional heavy adapt. A simple cable would be all you need!

Other Features
To Look At

portable solar generator - Growatt
Lightweight &
Easy to Carry
solar generator kit left view
best portable power station supports APP control
Easy APP Control
best portable power station - BMS protect - Growatt
Leading BMS Technology
solar energy - solar generator
Green & Sustainable
No noise, No smell, No Harm
solar generator kit back view
24/7 UPS backup

One Hub to Charge
All Your Devices

All can be taken care of!
power station solar - Growatt
1 x Wireless Charging
WiFi Reset
2 x
2 x
Fast Charge
2 x Type-C
best solar generator - Growatt Infinity 1500
AC Output
2000W x 4
1 x Car port
13.6V, 10A
solar power generator - Infinity 1500
Vehicle Input
Up to 800W
AC Input
Overload Protection

Power Up to 95%
of Daily Appliances

Off-Grid Life
Home Backup
For Outdoor Entusiasts
For Emergency Preppers
For DIY Makers & Professionals
best portable power station for Mobile Devices charging
Mobile Devices
(10W /101 Cycles)
best portable power station for laptops
(50W /20.7 Hrs)
solar generator for Camera
(5W /98 Cycles)
solar power generator - bluetooth speaker charger
Bluetooth Speaker
(20W /62 Hrs)
best portable power station for Hair Dryer
Hair Dryer
(2000W /37 mins)
LED Lights
Light Bulb
(30W /42.3 Hrs)
best power bank for drones
(60W /20.7 Hrs)
best solar generator for cpap
(65W /19.1 Hrs)
best solar generator for Projector
(300W /4.2 Hrs)
solar generator for Electric Grill
Electric Grill
(1200W /1.1 Hrs)
portable power station for Floor Lamp
Floor Lamp
(300W /4.2 Hrs)
portable power station for Wifi Rooter
Wifi Rooter
(25W /49.6 Hrs)
solar generator for tv
(200W /6.2 Hrs)
best solar generator for refrigerator
(150W /8.3 Hrs)
best solar generator for Blender
(300W /4.2 Hrs)
portable solar generator kits
Microwave Oven
(1300W /57 mins)
best portable power station for Electric Stove
Electric Stove
(1200W /1.1 Hrs)
generator for air conditioner
Air Conditioner
(1000W /1.25 Hrs)
best portable power station for Air Fryer
Air Fryer
(1500W /50 mins)
best portable power station for Iron Cutting Machine
Iron Cutting Machine
(1800W /42 mins)
best portable power station for Circular Saw
Circular Saw
(1200W /1.1 Hrs)
best portable power station for Barbecue Grill
Barbecue Grill
(1800W /42 mins)
best portable power station for Portable Cloth Dyer
Portable Cloth Dyer
(1000W /1.25 Hrs)
best portable power station for Corded Drill
Corded Drill
(1000W /1.25 Hrs)
best portable power station for Grass Mower
Grass Mower
(1200W /1.1 Hrs)
best portable power station for Electric Guitar
Electric Guitar
(80W /15.5 Hrs)
solar generator for Studio Light
Studio Light
(300W /4.25 Hrs)

*Actual discharge time may vary depending on the actual power rating of the device.

Google Play
Android QR Code
APP Store

Green Power
in Your Hands

Off-grid life can also be "smart" and "modern"! With Growatt's myGro APP, you can remotely access your device at any time, understand your charging and discharging status, turn your power on/off anywhere, etc. You can also set different charge and discharge times and efficiency levels to choose more power or longer battery life depending on your environment and purpose, making Infinity 1500 a truly "green power in your hands".

solar power generator remove access
solar power generator data
solar power generator with smart control
solar power generator setting
solar power generator customer support
solar power generator Growatt Infinity 1500 spec
Battery Capacity 1512Wh
Battery Chemistry Lithium-ion
Power 1800W (Standard)
2000W (Max.)
Max. AC Input 1500W (Fully charged in 2 Hrs)
Max. Solar Input 800W (Fully charged in 2.5 Hrs)
No. of Outlets 12
DC Outlets 2 x USB-A
2 x Fast Charge USB-A
2 x USB-C PD 60W
1 x Cigarette Lighter
1 x Wireless Charging
AC Outlets 4 x AC Outlets
Battery Life Cycle 800 cycles to 60%
Dimensions 16.5 x 9.1 x 11.3in 
(418.7 x 230 x 287mm)
Weight 36.4lbs (16.5kg)
Warranty 2 years
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