Growatt Infinity 1500 Tech Specs

Battery Capacity 1512Wh
Battery Chemistry Lithium-ion
Power 1800W (Standard)
2000W (Max.)
Max. AC Input 1500W (Fully charged in 2 Hrs)
Max. Solar Input 800W (Fully charged in 2.5 Hrs)
No. of Outlets 12
DC Outlets 2 x USB-A
2 x Fast Charge USB-A
2 x USB-C PD 60W
1 x Cigarette Lighter
1 x Wireless Charging
AC Outlets 4 x AC Outlets
Battery Life Cycle 800 cycles to 60%
Dimensions 16.5 x 9.1 x 11.3in 
(418.7 x 230 x 287mm)
Weight 36.4lbs (16.5kg)
Warranty 2 years