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What is the MLGW Power Outage Map?

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The MLGW Power Outage Map is an interactive online map that displays current power outages across the Memphis Light, Gas and Water service area. This map allows MLGW customers to view the location of current outages, along with estimated restoration times and the cause of the outage if known.

The outage map is displayed on the MLGW website and customers can zoom in to street-level detail to view outages in their neighborhood. By entering an address or zip code, users can check the status of power at a specific location.

The map visually indicates the area affected and number of customers without power. Each outage is marked on the map with an icon that shows estimated restoration times. The information tab provides updates on outage causes and the restoration progress.

This real-time outage map is an essential tool for MLGW customers to stay informed about electricity supply issues in their area. It enables users to plan around known outages and get updates on when service is expected to be restored.

What is the MLGW Power Outage Map?

Why Check the Power Outage Map?

The MLGW Power Outage Map allows Memphis residents to stay informed about electricity supply issues in their area. By checking the map regularly when outages occur, you can better plan your day around any known power disruptions in your neighborhood.

The map provides estimated restoration times so you can anticipate when your power will be back up and running. This allows you to make arrangements for alternative energy sources if needed, such as charging devices in your car or preparing backup generators.

Outage locations are pinpointed on the map, so you can identify affected areas to avoid or prepare for. This helps you plan daily activities and errands accordingly if certain areas are experiencing blackouts.

Overall, the interactive Power Outage Map gives MLGW customers the information they need to respond appropriately to electricity supply interruptions. Staying informed through the map is key to effectively planning around outages.

How to Check the Power Outage Map

The MLGW Power Outage Map is easy to access and use. Simply go to the MLGW website at and look for the Outage Map link, which is prominently displayed.

Once you open the map, you can zoom in to view outages in your area. Search for your address by entering it in the search bar or clicking directly on the map. The map will highlight any current outages at that location.

For more details, check the information tab on the map. This will display estimated restoration times, updates on outage progress, and reasons for the outage.

There is also an outage list you can toggle to see specifics like the street, zip code, number of customers affected, and estimated restoration time for each outage.

To get real-time updates, follow MLGW on social media like Twitter and Facebook. They provide frequent posts with the latest info during large outages.

If you experience an outage, call MLGW to report it. And be sure to check the map frequently for current details on any outages impacting you.

What is MLGW?

MLGW stands for Memphis Light, Gas and Water and is the largest three-service municipal utility in the United States. It provides electricity, natural gas, and water to all residents and businesses located in Memphis and Shelby County.

MLGW serves over 420,000 customers, making it the largest municipal utility in Tennessee and one of the largest public utilities in the country. It has over 4,000 employees working to deliver essential utility services to the community.

As a municipal utility, MLGW is owned by the city of Memphis rather than private investors. It is governed by a seven-member Board of Commissioners who are appointed by the mayor and approved by the Memphis City Council.

MLGW's electricity system dates back to 1939 when it acquired Memphis Power and Light. Today it manages over 6,200 miles of electric lines across a 600 square mile service area. The utility generates over 2,317 megawatts of electricity from a diverse mix of sources including natural gas, nuclear power, and renewable wind and solar energy.

For natural gas service, MLGW distributes gas purchased on the open market to over 300,000 customers. Its gas system includes over 4,800 miles of mains and service lines.

The water system provides services to over 250,000 accounts, pumping over 180 million gallons per day on average. MLGW's two water treatment plants and infrastructure can supply up to 400 million gallons daily.

As a community-owned utility, MLGW is focused on providing reliable and affordable utility services to the Memphis area. Its status as the largest municipal utility in Tennessee makes it an essential infrastructure provider for the region.

MLGW's Service Area

MLGW provides electricity, natural gas, and water services to over 431,000 customers across a 5 county region in the Memphis metropolitan area. The utility's total service area covers Shelby, Fayette, Tipton, Lauderdale, and Dyer counties in Tennessee and Mississippi.

The vast majority of MLGW's customers, over 420,000, are located within Shelby County. This includes the city of Memphis as well as other municipalities like Germantown, Collierville, Bartlett, and Millington. Outside of Shelby County, MLGW provides services to over 10,000 customers in Fayette County and smaller customer bases in Tipton, Lauderdale, and Dyer counties.

With over 431,000 total customers relying on its electricity, gas, and water services, MLGW is the largest three-service municipal utility in the nation. The utility's expansive infrastructure and dedicated workforce allow it to reliably serve households and businesses across its 5 county, 2 state service territory.

About the Power Outage Map

The MLGW Power Outage Map provides real-time information on current power outages in Memphis. This interactive online map displays the location of outages across the MLGW service area, along with estimated restoration times and details on the areas affected.

The outage map tracker pulls data from smart meters and customer outage reports to populate the map with up-to-date information. As outages occur and restoration efforts progress, the map is refreshed every 15 minutes to reflect the latest status.

Key details available on the map include:

  • Location of outages shown on the map visually
  • Estimated restoration times for each outage
  • Severity of outage - number of customers affected
  • Known cause of the power outage
  • Recent updates on outage and restoration progress
  • Specific areas, neighborhoods, streets impacted

The map provides a bird's eye view of all current outages, allowing customers to quickly check the electricity supply status in their area. By entering an address or zip code into the search bar, users can zoom into a localized view and get outage details specific to their location.

The Power Outage Map helps customers stay informed when outages occur and allows MLGW to track and respond to outages more efficiently across its large service territory. The real-time outage information allows both customers and utility crews to better plan and react during electrical disruptions.

Checking for a Memphis Power Outage

To check if you currently have a power outage in Memphis, visit the MLGW Outage Center at On this page, you'll see a map of the Memphis area with current outages highlighted.

To get outage information for your specific location, scroll down and enter your address or zip code in the "Check for Outages" box. Hit enter or click "Check Outage Status" and your address will pop up on the map.

Click on your address pin to open a detailed info window. This will show you the current outage status, estimated restoration time, cause of outage, and any updates from MLGW crews.

The information provided is based on data from MLGW's smart meters and also outage reports called into MLGW. The map and your individual status will update in real-time as crews work on restoring power across Memphis.

Checking the MLGW Outage Map regularly is the best way to stay current on any electricity interruptions in your area and approximate restoration times during storms or widespread outages.

Outage Map FAQs

What if I have additional questions about the map?

If you have any other questions about using the MLGW Power Outage Map that aren't answered here, you can contact the MLGW Customer Care Center for assistance. Their team can help explain how to navigate the map, understand the information it provides, and answer other questions you may have.

How often is the map updated?

The MLGW Power Outage Map is updated in real-time, with new data refreshed every 15 minutes. This allows customers to get the most up-to-date information on power outages affecting their area. During major outage events, MLGW may update the map's data even more frequently to keep pace with changing conditions.

What should I do if I experience a new power outage?

If you experience a power outage in your home or business, contact MLGW directly to report it. Calling to report the outage helps MLGW identify affected areas and dispatch crews more efficiently. You can also check your online account on for updates on any outages impacting your location. Reporting outages is key to getting power restoration efforts started in your neighborhood.

Outage Causes

Power outages can occur for various reasons. Some of the most common causes of outages include:


Severe weather events like thunderstorms, lightning strikes, ice storms, and high winds often damage power lines and electrical equipment. Tree branches or debris blown into power lines during storms is another major cause of weather-related outages. Memphis's humid climate with frequent thunderstorms makes weather a leading factor.


Squirrels, birds, snakes, and other wildlife coming into contact with electrical equipment results in many power disruptions. Animals that climb on poles or substations and touch live parts cause shorts and outages. Nesting materials can also create hazards. MLGW sees increased animal-related outages during spring and summer.

Equipment Issues

Aging infrastructure, faults in transformers, substations, and power lines lead to equipment failure outages. Issues like corrosion, loose connections, and overloaded circuits can cause disruptions. Planned maintenance and upgrades to the grid helps minimize risks. But unforeseen problems can always occur.

Preparing for an Outage

Being prepared before an outage occurs can make a big difference in how your home or business handles power disruptions. Here are some tips for getting ready for potential outages:

Charge Devices and Flashlights

  • Make sure all your electronic devices are fully charged, such as laptops, cell phones, and tablets. Having charged devices will allow you to stay connected and access information during an outage.
  • Check that flashlights and battery-powered lamps are working and have fresh batteries. Flashlights provide light if the power goes out.

Have a Backup Power Plan

  • Determine what essential appliances you may need power for during an outage, such as a refrigerator/freezer, medical devices, or home office equipment.
  • Options for temporary power include portable generators, solar chargers, power stations, or backup batteries. Make sure you know how to operate these safely.
  • Identify locations near you where you can access power to charge devices if needed, like local businesses, libraries, or community centers.

power outage at home with Growatt solar generator

Store Extra Water

  • In case water service is interrupted, keep some bottled water on hand for drinking and cooking needs.
  • Fill spare containers with tap water before a storm for non-drinking purposes like washing hands or flushing toilets.

Download Useful Apps

  • Download the MLGW app and enable push notifications to get outage updates.
  • Consider weather apps to track approaching storms that may cause outages in your area.

Being proactive with these preparations will put your home in a better position to handle power disruptions from storms or other causes. Taking steps now gives you more control over an unpredictable situation.

Outage Safety

Power outages can create hazardous situations, so it's important to stay safe until electricity is restored. Here are some key outage safety tips:

Generator Safety

  • Place generators outdoors and away from windows to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Plug appliances directly into generators, not into your home's outlets.
  • Don't overload a generator - only operate 1 appliance at a time.
  • Always shut off the generator before refueling.
  • Keep generators away from wet conditions to prevent shock.

Food Safety

  • Keep refrigerator/freezer doors closed to preserve food longer.
  • Use coolers with ice packs to store perishable foods.
  • Check food temperatures with a thermometer before consuming.
  • Throw away any food that rose above 40°F for 2+ hours.
  • When in doubt, throw it out! Don't risk eating spoiled food.

Stay alert to electrical, fire, carbon monoxide and food contamination hazards during an outage. Follow safety guidance from MLGW and local emergency agencies. Never hesitate to call 911 if you have an emergency.

Reporting an Outage

If you are experiencing a power outage in Memphis, it's important to report it to MLGW as soon as possible. This allows them to investigate the issue and dispatch crews if needed.

There are two ways to report a power outage:

By Phone

Call MLGW's 24/7 Customer Care Center at 901-544-6500 to speak with a representative. Be prepared to provide your name, address and account number. Describe the outage details like loss of power to the entire home or just certain rooms.

Online Outage Form

You can also report outages through MLGW's online form at Fill out your name, phone number, address and outage details on the form. You'll receive a confirmation number to track your report.

Reporting outages quickly helps MLGW identify affected areas and the potential cause. Providing accurate details helps them respond efficiently to restore power safely and swiftly across Memphis. Check the Outage Map regularly for estimated restoration times after reporting an outage.

Outage Statistics

Power outages in Memphis occur frequently, especially during severe weather events. According to data from MLGW, the average power outage lasts around 2-4 hours. However, large-scale outages can persist for days depending on the severity of damage to the electric infrastructure.

On average, Memphis experiences 120 outage events per year, with the majority occurring in the summer months due to storms and heat waves putting strain on the grid. The winter months also see a high number of outages due to ice storms and heavy winds.

The frequency of outages in Memphis has decreased in recent years thanks to infrastructure improvements and preventative maintenance by MLGW. Approximately 65% of outages are weather-related, while 35% are due to equipment issues and accidents.

The areas most prone to power outages are downtown Memphis and older neighborhoods with above-ground power lines. Underground lines are less susceptible, but can still be damaged by floods and severe weather. Customers are encouraged to check the MLGW Outage Map during storms or extended outages to follow restoration progress. Planning ahead with emergency supplies can help reduce disruption from inevitable Memphis outages.

Power Restoration Process

MLGW prioritizes restoring power outages that pose the greatest public safety risks first. Their crews work around the clock to restore service to the largest groups of affected customers as quickly and safely as possible.

The general power restoration priorities are:

  • Dangerous situations - Downed live wires, sparking transformers, and other hazardous conditions are addressed immediately to stabilize the system.

  • Transmission lines - Restoring high-voltage transmission lines and substations provides power to widespread areas at once.

  • Distribution feeders - Crews will then focus on repairing primary distribution circuits that bring power to neighborhoods.

  • Tap lines - Next, individual tap lines that serve smaller groups of customers are restored.

  • Individual outages - Finally, isolated outages affecting single customers or homes are resolved case-by-case.

During major outages, MLGW provides estimated restoration times and frequent updates on their progress. Customers can check the Power Outage Map or follow MLGW's social media for the latest information. Calling to report your individual outage helps ensure you are accounted for.

MLGW Contact Info

To get in touch with MLGW regarding power outages or for any other inquiries, customers have several options:

Customer Service Phone

Call MLGW's 24/7 Customer Care Center at 901-544-6549 to speak with a representative about outages, billing questions, and more.

Social Media

Follow MLGW on Twitter [@MLGW] and Facebook [@MLGWMemphis] for real-time outage updates and information. Direct message MLGW or comment on posts for assistance.


Visit and go to the "Outage Center" page for current outage info. Submit questions through the online Contact Form. Sign up for outage alerts via text and email through an online account.

Additional options include downloading the MLGW app for mobile access and visiting an MLGW community office in-person. Customers can also set up accounts online to report outages and access personalized information.

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