Is a Solar Generator for RV Worth It?

RV campers have undergone an intense period of adaptation and modernization in recent years. A new generation of owners has taken it by storm, with a new set of demanding criteria pushing the limits of traditional RV camping.


The Van Life movement has become a significant phenomenon in the RV community, with an unprecedented volume of new RV enthusiasts taking to the road. This style of RV camping is for a younger generation that desires compact maneuverability but with the same access to utilities necessary for a contemporary lifestyle. Like a clean, safe, and substantial electricity supply. 


RV enthusiasts can now benefit from an innovative emerging market of solar generator kits. These devices offer a straightforward all-in-one solution for electrical issues in our home on wheels. This article will tell you what is solar generator for RV and explain in detail whether it is worth it.


What Are The Different Types Of Generators For RVs?

Here I classify RV generators mainly by fuel type.

  1. Gas generators.
  2. Diesel generators.
  3. Propane generators.
  4. Dual-fuel generators.
  5. Solar generators.

Among them, the most commonly used in RV is gasoline generator, RV generators are usually also portable generators, mainly for the convenience of owners to carry and move. More expensive is the dual-fuel generator, RV owners basically consider fuel-saving factors when buying. Traditional generators basically come with a lot of noise, but the new energy type - solar generator beats all traditional RV generators in terms of noise level, so it can also be called the quietest generator, this type is now increasingly popular in the market.

solar generator for RV

What is a Solar Generator for RV?

Although solar power has been around for decades, it has recently become a more desirable solution to our changing energy requirements, with more people installing them every year. It is considered one of the cleanest and cheapest forms of energy which is perfect for tackling the current battle against harmful energy sources like fossil fuels. 


Solar Generator refers to a particular solar setup encompassing the necessary components to harvest, store and deliver electrical energy. To create this setup, they require four integral elements: Solar Panel, Solar charge controller, battery, and a power inverter. Fortunately, this complicated setup has been integrated into contemporary solar generator kits, which can be purchased straight off the shelf. 


RV Electrical System

Top-of-the-line RVs have well-configured robust electrical systems primed to satisfy modern customer demands. However, this is a lot easier said than done. Surprisingly, even these newer models suffer from system overloads which can disable the onboard management system. It is a continual issue for the RV industry, where technological advancements in battery systems cannot keep up with our electrical usage. 


The primary culprit would be our new power-hungry expectation for these vehicles. Firstly, RVs are required to have all of the technological capacity of a modern home. They include a multitude of integrated appliances, numerous lighting options, entertainment centers, air conditioning units, and internet/satellite capabilities, to name a few.


Combine these power-sucking appliances without the contemporary need use of numerous hand-held rechargeable smart devices, and suddenly, your shiny new RV is at its electrical capacity. But unfortunately, our insatiable electrical needs are no match for RV power management systems.


Moreover, it has become increasingly necessary to have powerful and plentiful mains hook-ups as the battery systems will quickly run dry after a short period of use. In essence, this creates restrictions on what are supposed to be mobile homes that only require a parking space. Now they cannot venture far from a dedicated camping ground, which for many, defeats the point of these marvelous vehicles. 


A solar generator for RV is a well-suited alternative to navigate this frustrating problem. A portable, powerful, and versatile system independent of the RV comfortably resolves all these issues in a single compact solution. Not only will they take the strain off the encumbered onboard system they also provide a multitude of significant enhancements to your RV experience. 


solar rv generator

Can You Power an RV With a Solar Generator?

Yes, you can absolutely use a solar generator to power your RV, provided that you should calculate how much power your RV regularly consumes, find the right size generator, and need to make sure that your solar generator charges at a rate that keeps up with the power consumption of your RV equipment, if the charging rate does not keep up with your power consumption rate, If the charging rate does not keep up with your power consumption rate, then you will need to reduce the use of some devices to reduce the power consumption rate. Only if the solar generator's charging capacity remains greater than its power consumption for a certain period of time will it be able to provide continuous power to your RV. When you drive your RV to a deserted nature and far from the city center, you can't buy gasoline or diesel fuel or you don't want to use fuel generator at all, solar generator will be the best power supply option for your RV camping.

Is a Solar Generator for RV Worth It?

Yes, for most RVers, a solar generator for RV is worth it! But for a percentage of campers who rarely camp or frequent campsites with shore power it is not worth it.

RV enthusiasts are all too aware that taking our home on wheels out onto the open road is always an adventure, but that doesn't mean it is always easy. We have all experienced some hiccups along the way that can complicate our tranquil vacations. So any addition to your home must solve problems and not be another cause for concern and disruption. 


So here are eight fundamental benefits of a solar generator kit for your RV that will give you peace of mind and make your life on the road a little more manageable. See why it's worth it:


Portable, Lightweight Power Supply That Can Go Anywhere With You

The flexibility of your RV adventure is one of the more appealing parts of this form of travel. Plans can chop and change as you go. As long as you can find a parking space, you will be just fine. However, sometimes your home comforts are just a little out of reach. Power portability is one of the key advantages when using a mobile solar generator system for your RV.


Have you been caught out just a few hundred yards from your perfectly equipped RV, where you have to choose between cooking a meal or enjoying a sunset? Or, perhaps you want to create the perfect romantic evening with lights and music, but your extension chord from your van won’t quite reach?


Portable solar generators for RV will give you all the flexibility in the world and never let any outdoor opportunity feel out of reach. Whether you want to make your pop-up cinema, power a fridge, grill some food, you name it. Solar generators will provide you with endless opportunities for portable power.


Enhance Your Experience With Ample Additional Power Outlets

As many RV owners will know, access to electricity is an absolute necessity. However, they will also most likely experience the frustrating lack of outlets when they need them, especially for larger families. The scarcity of outlets is very much a modern problem. RV manufacturers are struggling to keep up with our increasing demand for sockets with our growing dependence on electrical devices. 


Installing additional outlets in the RV may seem like a sensible option. However, this is far more arduous and expensive than it may seem. A professional technician would be required to dismantle the interior of your beloved RV to feed the necessary cables and fix the new sockets. 

This colossal undertaking would also require consideration regarding additional battery capacity and system upgrades to function correctly. It is a tremendous job. 


All of these issues are eliminated by utilizing an RV solar generator. Most solar generators for RV include power stations that boast around a dozen outlets to satisfy our almost insatiable desire to power our devices and appliances. Beyond that, you are also purchasing a separate power storage device and the charging system as a fringe benefit. These remarkable configurations incorporate a whole power system in one neat mobile package. 


In Keeping With Environmentally Concerned Consumers

A passion for the great outdoors is synonymous with any RV owner and enthusiast. No other form of travel permits such a variety of natural landscapes as your backyard. Therefore, environmental impact is a serious point of concern for RV campers. 


RV solar generators are perfectly in keeping with environmentally conscience travelers. These kits can effectively harness endless renewable clean energy to easily keep up with electrical needs. They allow RV owners to maintain their modern standard of living without the guilt of negatively impacting their beloved natural environment. 


It is particularly noteworthy when RV solar generators are compared to their traditional fossil fuel-guzzling alternatives. These old-school, cumbersome generators are being pushed aside for their innovative and contemporary solar cousins. It has even been reported that the average solar panel balances its carbon footprint after just one year of use, saving almost a tonne in Co2. So RV owners can put their minds at ease knowing they can enjoy the environment in the least destructive way possible, guilt-free. 


A Free Source of Endless Power

Arguably the most tedious and limiting question of all, how much will it cost? Fortunately, for once, there is a positive answer. Solar generators produce electrical energy from clean and limitless sunlight. So, although it has reasonably high start-up costs, the generator will ultimately save you money in the long term. 


solar powered generator for rv

Most electrical systems in RVs power your devices from two sources: the main hook-up or an onboard leisure battery charged from the vehicle's alternator. Both of these sources are costly to run. Either power is purchased from a campsite, or the RV must use precious and expensive fuel to run the engine to charge the battery. 


These options are problematic, primarily due to the recent surge in global inflation rates. Energy costs are some of the most substantial contributors to the increasing cost of living, showing no sign of slowing down. Solar generators offer a clean and straightforward solution that will essentially pay for itself over time. After the initial setup cost, you can produce energy endlessly, immune to future price increases. 


Ready-To-Go Without Any Installation Process

Electricity is an incredibly dangerous necessity in our modern lives. Therefore, it is vital to allow a qualified electrician to deal with any electrical issue or installation. 


It is no different when dealing with the electrical systems in our beloved RVs. Although most of the equipment runs on a low voltage, modifications to the system in any way can have fatal consequences. So even if you are a keen DIY-er, like most RV owners, you must fight the urge and leave it to the professionals. 


However, purchasing a solar generator for RV avoids this problem entirely. Modern solar generator kits are fully integrated systems that do not require professional configuration. They are ready to use as soon as you purchase them without any additional thought. They are designed for universal appeal, with clear instructions. Solar generator kits are guaranteed to save you cash and a headache. 


Perfectly Adapted For Off-Grid Adventuring

A new era of RV-style travel has taken hold over the last decade for those seeing a more rugged experience. These contemporary RV campers have a newfound desire to operate in more remote locations for extended periods attempting to be as self-sufficient as possible, also known as being off-grid. 


The primary limitations of these more extreme adventures are patience and supplies. Fortunately, with a solar generator, electricity is one resource they will never run out of. It affords incredible longevity and freedom for RV adventures. You may have to restock your food and water every once in a while. But with a good solar generator setup, you will be secure knowing that you will have lasting power for as long as you require. 


The Station is Highly Reliable and Requires Essentially No Maintenance 

Compared to their fossil fuel alternative, portable solar generators require essentially no maintenance. Solar generators are drastically different from traditional ones, which are heavier, cumbersome, and loud. Critically, they also require regular maintenance and upkeep as they are essentially miniature combustion engines with costly consumable components. 


It is another crucial benefit to using an all-in-one solution that has been expertly designed to work consistently and continually. Like your electricity at home, the solar generator will simply function in the background without any further requirements or attention. The stations are designed to be robust and hassle-free. 


A Safe and Reliable Source of Power 

Safety is a primary concern for RV campers, which also applies to the dangers associated with electricity. The beauty of the fully integrated solar generator kits is that they are sealed units configured for you in a durable protective casing that can take considerable abuse. Therefore, there are no exposed wires or opportunities to adapt it dangerously. It was manufactured to be what the owner required, without the need for modifications. 


Moreover, a considerable concern for RV campers is the threat of forest fires. The UN has reported a rapid increase in forest fires which are a significant danger to ecosystems and communities. Fortunately, solar generators are perfectly safe for use outdoors. They offer minimal risk as a point of ignition, which is remarkable considering their huge electrical capacity.


Best Solar Generator For RV Camping

Choosing the best solar generator for RV camping is basically from power output, capacity, charging speed, portability, number of ports and price, etc. The best solar generator is the one that best meets your requirements.

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If you are considering purchasing a solar generator for your RV, we recommend the Growatt solar generator package series, including the INFINITY 1500 + 200W Solar Panel package and INFINITY 1500 + 100W Solar Panel package, our biggest advantage is the fast charging technology, which can fully charge the generator in as little as 2.5 hours using solar charging, which can quickly meet your power needs quickly.

RV solar generator

Best Solar Generator For RV Air Conditioner

We previously discussed the best solar generator for your RV air conditioner and recommended our Growatt's Infinity 1500 as your best solar power generator choice. It can power not only your RV AC, but also your TV, coffee maker, grill, refrigerator, and the way to charge the solar generator is simple, you can use shore power, cigarette lighter car socket or solar panel to charge it. It can be charged with shore power, cigarette lighter car socket or solar panel.


It is abundantly clear that RV solar generators have many benefits for every RV enthusiast. They cover the basics by saving you both time and money, with the bonus of being environmentally sustainable. Beyond that, you are also provided with added flexibility designed to be a hassle-free addition to enrich every outdoor occasion. They are ideal for any RV enthusiast, from rugged off-grid van lifers to family-orientated adventures. These kits will effortlessly enhance any experience.



Can You Charge an RV Battery With a Solar Generator?

Of course you can! The solar generator is actually a small power station, connecting the RV battery to the solar generator is actually equivalent to plugging it into shore power or other generators, the solar generator itself has an inverter, which can meet the power supply requirements(AC outlet or AC power) of most electrical devices.

What Size Solar Generator Do You Need for Your RV?

The first thing you need to do is make a list of the equipment you need to run your RV and the wattage each uses, and calculate their sum and hours of operation, for which you will have a good idea of what size solar generator you will need. But many times, RV campers like to use the solar generator as a tool for their free movement, even if they are out of the RV power system, they can enjoy the convenience of electricity a few kilometers away from the RV, because RV camping is not always in the car.