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Solar Generator for Air Conditioner: A Full Guide

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With summer in full swing and massive heat waves taking over much of the world, a lot of people are thinking a lot about air conditioning. Air conditioning, while one of the world’s greatest inventions, is a huge energy consumer and can be difficult to run when you don’t have a reliable source of energy to connect to.

A solar generator not only powers your air conditioner throughout the summer, but it will help drop your energy bill significantly when it would normally skyrocket. The summer is actually the perfect time to get yourself a solar generator for air conditioner and use the sun to combat its own effects on the general temperature in your house.

There are a lot of factors to consider before buying any solar generator and plugging it into an AC unit.

Solar Generator for Air Conditioner - Growatt

Can a Solar Generator Power an Air Conditioner?

To give you the shortest answer, yes a solar generator is absolutely capable of powering an air conditioner and helping to keep you cool while dropping your electric bills. However, there’s a lot more that goes into it than just buying any solar generator on the market.

You need to ensure that you get the right solar generator, capable of powering the AC unit without overloading or quitting halfway through the day when the sun gets the hottest.

Benefits of Using a Solar Generator for AC

There are so many benefits to having AC around when you need it, and even more benefits to running that unit with a solar generator. From saving on your electricity bills to bringing AC anywhere you go, it’s easy to see why grabbing the right solar generator is the best move this summer.

Save on Electricity Bills

An air conditioning unit will demand such a large amount of energy that you’ll quickly see your energy bills rise throughout the summer months. This is just because you are relying on the grid to bring in all of the power you need.

When you switch away from the grid and over to your own power source, you no longer need to worry about running your bill up. Instead, you make a one-time investment and get free energy for the rest of the time you own the solar generator and the AC unit.

The solar generator you pick can also easily run other energy-hungry appliances, like refrigerators, that often lead to high electric bills.

Easy to Move

One of the best parts of choosing to use a solar generator to power your air conditioner is that you can bring it almost anywhere with you. Small and portable AC units are often used for camping or smaller areas like an RV or a small cabin.

If you’re moving around often, you want to bring the power with you. A lightweight solar generator like the INFINITY 1300 can be brought along on any trip you do in order to help you stay cool anywhere.

Solar Generator for Air Conditioner - Growatt

Never Worry about Power Outages

When the power cuts out, a lot of people instantly lose their access to air conditioning simply because they are relying on the grid to power their units.

With a solar generator, you now are producing your own power, so when the power goes out, you don’t need to worry about your house heating up quickly. Instead, you’ll barely notice that anything happened and you can keep on going about your day as normal.

What Size Solar Generator Do You Need to Run an Air Conditioner?

Depending on your air conditioner, you can determine what size solar generator is necessary. There are a lot of different air conditioners out there and you want to make sure that you match it with the right solar generator so you don’t ever put too high of a demand on the unit.

A solar generator’s power output is measured in watt hours (Wh), and this is the measurement you need to pay the most attention to when choosing the right generator.

Look in the owner’s manual of your AC unit to find the power that it requires to run. Some units may have a sticker on them that will also list the necessary wattage.

If you find that you need something like 1500W for your air conditioner, you want a solar generator that will have a maximum output higher than the minimum demand. This helps to ensure you can withstand power surges, or make it easy to use the generator for multiple different purposes at the same time.

Air Conditioner Size


Small Portable Unit

As low as 500W

Window Unit


Small Central AC Unit


Mid Size Central AC Unit


Large Central AC Unit


How Long Can a Solar Generator Run an AC?

Theoretically, a solar generator can run an AC unit forever, so long as the sun is out and providing power to the solar panels.

In reality, the running time will be dependent on the portable power station’s overall power capacity and how much sun you have for the panels to keep charging the station. This can range greatly from an hour to multiple, depending on the situation.


solar power generator for air conditioner - Growatt

Solar Generators for Air Conditioner

Growatt Solar Generator INFINITY 1300

The INFINITY 1300 is the perfect solar generator for small and portable AC units. With a 1382Wh capacity and a 1800W output, you can power most smaller AC units and do it for a while (depending on the AC unit of course).

The charge time on the INFINITY 1300 is the fastest yet, charging fully in 2.5 hours when connected to solar power. Combine this with the 14 different outlets and you won’t need another energy source for a long time.

Growatt Solar Generator INFINITY 1500

The INFINITY 1500 is the biggest and most powerful option available. It boasts a 2000W output, meaning you can run some mid-sized AC units from it alone. It has a capacity of 1512Wh, so you can run a larger unit for almost a full hour without plugging in.

This power station also has 12 different outlets so you can use it for all of your different appliances, increasing its versatility.

How to connect a solar generator to air conditioner

  1. Choose the correct solar generator and ensure that the output power of the solar generator is greater than the operating power of the air conditioner;
  2. Turn on the solar generator switch, and insert the air conditioner plug into the AC socket of the solar generator;
  3. Turn on the switch of the air conditioner;
  4. Confirm that the air conditioner is in normal operation, and pay attention to the power status of the display panel of the solar generator;


With a hot summer that seems like it will never end, the only relief may be making an investment in a reliable solar generator that can power your air conditioner and keep you cool throughout the worst of it. The right solar generator will bring you cooler conditions and lower energy bills, all while boosting your sustainable energy production at home and on the go.


  1. Can you run an RV air conditioner on a solar generator?

Yes, you can run an RV air conditioner on a solar generator. However, when choosing a solar generator for your RV air conditioner, you should consider the wattage requirements of your RV air conditioner and the length of time it takes to generate power, so that you can choose a generator with the right parameters, including the energy consumption of other on-board appliances.

  1. What are the benefits of solar power for RVs?

By installing a solar system on your RV, you not only experience the convenience and quietness of a clean renewable energy source, but you also have the ability to venture off-grid for extended periods of time, reducing your dependence on fossil fuels, especially in remote areas in the middle of nowhere, where you don't have to worry about running out of fuel, and save your cost.

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