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A Reliable Security Camera Battery Backup to Safeguard Your Home and Business Security Systems

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A thief or a burglar at night can be very dangerous if they try to break into your home or business. With this,  security systems have become popular and are given great importance nowadays. This article will be a guide to help you understand and explore an easy and effective way to protect security systems from power outages.

Why Should You Consider a Backup Power Source for Your Security System?

security camera battery backup

The answer is simple and it’s for peace of mind. It is always better to have it on and be prepared rather than regretting afterward because you did not plan to invest in one.

This suggestion applies more so if there are surveillance cameras installed within the area of your home or business, which could be compromised due to a lack of electricity supply. If a power outage occurs, a backup energy source can become your secondary supply of energy to keep video clips, providing evidence for any trespassing or break-in event.

A backup power source with a UPS feature fueled by solar energy is an ideal option for you. These generators are eco-friendly and don't produce any toxic emissions, unlike conventional fuel-powered ones. With this reliable solution at hand, it's reassuring to know that your residence will be protected during electricity shortages which can give you peace of mind.

Homes and businesses are at risk if basic safety measures aren't in place and working properly - therefore, taking preventive action by having a secondary backup source is key to maintaining enough protection for your property.

Now that we understand how important it is and how it can affect our homes and businesses, it is time to know the market and check out the best backup power source for your security system.

Our Suggestion: Use a Solar Generator with Emergency Power Supply (EPS) feature. Here’s why:

security camera with battery backup

Solar generators can provide power that can keep security systems on during power outages. This is especially true if the location is remote, rural, or urban, where traditional grid power is not easily accessible.

A solar generator works perfectly to serve the purpose of keeping security equipment on, such as security cameras, motion sensors, and alarms. Thus, preventing theft, loss of data, and other security breaches.

  • Continuous Power Supply

The ability to maintain a constant power supply even during power outages is one of the main advantages of having a generator with a EPS feature for security systems. In the event of a power outage, solar generators' batteries can be used to store solar energy for later use in maintaining power for security systems. Imagine having important data recorded over 2 weeks, then being corrupted due to a sudden power outage.

Data loss and other problems that could result from power outages are avoided thanks to the EPS feature, which kicks in after less than 20ms to keep your devices on.

  • Protection from Power Surges and Other Electrical Issues

The solar generator with EPS feature can also shield the security system from power spikes and other electrical problems. Sometimes, electricity surges can happen due to an appliance being plugged which can harm or even destroy delicate electronic equipment, including security cameras, motion detectors, and other security system parts.

The EPS feature can identify these surges and by controlling the power supplied to the equipment it can stop them from causing system damage.

Choosing the Right Solar Generator for Your Security System

  1. Power output– the main thing to consider when choosing a solar generator is that it should be sufficient to power your security system including any surveillance cameras, alarms, or other devices. Consider the wattage requirements of your security system and look for a solar generator with a power output that matches or exceeds these requirements.
  1. Battery capacity- this determines how much energy it can store and how long it can power your security system. Look for a solar generator with a battery capacity that can provide enough power for the average duration of power outages in your area. Having a larger battery capacity means using your security system for a longer time.
  1. Durability- the solar generator should be dependable, so it is recommended to look for names and merchants who are known for selling high-quality equipment and being cost-efficient. Look for a solar generator that is constructed of high-quality components.
  1. Warranty- a good after-sales service and warranty can give you peace of mind and protect your investment which can range within one year or more. Look for a solar generator that comes with a warranty that covers manufacturing defects and malfunctions. Some companies also offer a 30-day return policy so make sure to test your unit once received and check if it works!

Overall, when choosing a solar generator as a backup power source for your security system, consider the power output, battery capacity, durability, and warranty to ensure that you have a reliable and effective backup power source whenever those power outages occur.

backup battery for security cameras


Security systems are important for both homes and businesses because they offer a practical means to keep an eye on and monitor people’s assets, data, and property. However, power outages can pose a significant risk to security systems as they rely on a steady and reliable source of electricity to function properly.

To mitigate this risk, backup power sources such as solar generators can be utilized to provide electricity even during power outages. Running a security system on solar power can be a great and affordable option in the long run especially when it has a EPS feature. Who doesn’t want free electricity? With a solar generator, charging your batteries using the sun, and having a EPS feature to avoid power interruptions is the smartest way to go!

By having backup power sources in place, security systems can continue to operate efficiently and effectively, offer continued protection, and most importantly, give users peace of mind.


Do security systems have a battery backup?

Many modern security systems are equipped with a battery backup to provide power during a power outage or other interruption in the electricity supply.

Although for extended power outages, it's recommended to have a secondary backup power source, such as a solar-powered generator with a UPS feature.

How do I get power for my security camera?

  • Direct power supply - many security cameras can be directly plugged into your home's electrical system or can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet.
  • Battery-powered - some are battery-operated, eliminating the need for electrical wiring. However, the batteries need to be recharged or replaced periodically.
  • Solar-powered - an eco-friendly option that provides a continuous source of power through solar panels as long as there is sufficient sunlight

Can you run a security system on solar power?

Yes, it is possible to run a security system on solar power.

You just need to consider the power requirements of the security system as well as sunlight availability to generate electricity through your generator.

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