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Portable Quiet Generator for Camping – A Complete Guide

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Is investing in a quiet generator for camping worth my money?

Which type of camping generator is best for me?

Going camping is a great way to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle of city life. Whether your ideal camping trip involves just getting away from civilization for a few days or throwing an outdoor party, one key element remains the same - you need a generator that’s quiet enough to let you enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature instead of a noisy engine.

Fortunately, there are options out there for those looking for a quiet generator. With just a bit of research, you can find a generator that makes minimal noise and provides you with all the power you need to make your next camping trip perfect. Today, we'll show you some helpful tips to find the right one, so you can simply relax and enjoy the beauty of nature without any distractions. Let's get started!

There’s no one right answer to this question. What suits someone else’s situation might not work for you. Therefore, it pays to know what you should look for when selecting a quiet generator for camping.

That being said, here is our guide on key comparisons and considerations for picking a quiet generator for camping.

What are Portable Camping Generators?

Simply put, portable camping generators are mobile machines that convert a certain form of energy (fossil fuel, natural gas, propane, or stored electrochemical energy) to electricity. You can use it to power various devices while off-grid.

quiet generator for camping

Portable camping generators nowadays fall under three categories: Traditional, Inverter, and Solar Generators (a.k.a Portable Power Stations).

If you’re in a hurry, our summary table should be enough to tell you which type best fits the description of “a quiet generator for camping.”


Traditional Generator

Inverter-Type Generator

Solar Generator / Portable Power Station


Gas / Propane / LPG

 Gas / Propane / LPG

AC Electricity / Solar Energy

Power Rating

3kW - 15kW

2kW - 10kW

300W to 2kW

Energy Rating



300Wh to 2kWh


65dB to 85dB

high moderate

50dB to 60dB moderate

40 dB to 60 dB

(cooling fan) faint



Medium to Low



70lbs to 200lbs

35lbs to 60lbs

15lbs to 40lbs



Medium to Small

Medium to Small

Cost ($/kW)

$0.08/Watt to $0.2/Watt

$0.15/Watt to $0.25/Watt

$0.75/Watt to $1.2/Watt


If you would like more explanations and expert insights, read on.

Traditional Camping Generators - Noisy, Cheap, and Clunky

Here’s the gist about traditional camping generators: they do the job and can power more than others but do not cater to the necessities of more modern campers.

Common Applications

Gas generators are still in the market for a reason. Large RV owners have higher power demand for their appliances, especially if they are running HVAC systems. As a result, they make up most of the demand for gas generators.

Traditional camping generators burn gas or propane to produce electricity. The motor enthusiasts out there agree that this isn’t the most efficient way to produce electricity, but they do provide the juice to an entire RV.

Heck, with the right size and enough fuel, you can power your entire home during outages. 

What to Look Out For A Quiet Generator for Camping

Traditional generators have their place in the camping community – It is meant for campers with high electricity demand and minimal electronic devices.


Gas generators do not produce the cleanest electricity out there. In electrical engineering, this power quality issue is called harmonics.

Simply put, the higher the harmonic content of your generator, the more distorted (or “dirty”) the electricity it provides (see image below), which could lead to the deterioration of sensitive equipment.

quiet generator for camping - Growatt
A Pure Sine Wave vs. A Sine Wave containing Harmonics

A Pure Sine Wave vs. A Sine Wave containing Harmonics

Inverter Generators - Cleaner Electricity, More Portable, But Still Loud for Some

The challenge we mentioned is the exact reason why inverter generators were invented. As technologies shift to sensitive electronics, new needs emerge.

In summary, inverter generators can be considered as quiet generators for camping. They are suitable for high power demands but use more sensitive devices during outdoor trips. They are smaller, lighter, more efficient, and more silent than traditional ones. And if you require more power, some models have a “parallel-connection capability” that allows you to double your power output if you have two tethered generators.

However, you should know that more portability means less fuel space and frequent refilling times.

Solar Generators: A Quiet Generator for Camping for Green Energy Consumers

Despite the innovation that inverter generators bring, it still does not meet the standards of campers who want a quieter camping experience.

Green energy consumers who engage in off-grid adventures want on-the-go electricity in a generator that hums like a whisper and contributes to decarbonization.

Enter solar generators or portable power stations.

In a nutshell, solar generators offer the modern adventurer all the features we mentioned.

So what is the tradeoff? 

Simply put, solar generators have smaller power and energy capacities compared to generators. Not to mention they are the most expensive among the three. But they are your best bet when looking for a quiet generator for camping.

Series Capacity Ports Recharge Time Outdoor Appliances
Growatt Solar Generator VITA 550 538Wh 5V/9V/12V/20V, 5A, 100W Max USB-C Solar 200W: 2.5H Light(6W): 76H
5V /2.4A, 12W Max USB-A Radio(100W): 4.5H
5V /2.4A, 9V /2A, 12V /1.5A, 18W Max
Laptop(50W): 9H
13.2V /10A, 132W Max Car Outlet Wall Charging: 1.6H Drone(60Wh): 7Cycles
13.2V /3A, 36W Max DC5521 Output Car Charging(100W): 5.4H Headphone(6Wh): 76Cycles
Growatt Solar Generator INFINITY 1300 1382Wh 2 x 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V, 5A, 100W Max USB-C Solar 800W: 2.5H Light(10W): 117H
2 x 5V/2.4A, 12W Max.USB-A CPAP(65W): 18H
2 X 5V/2.4A, 9V/2A,12V/1.5A, 18W Max.USB A-FAST Charge Camera(10Wh): 117Cycles
1 x 13.2V/10A, 132W Max.Car Outlet Wall Charging: 1.8H Drone(60Wh): 20Cycles
2 x 13.2V/3A, 36W Max.DC5521 Output Car Charging: Support 12V/24V Standards Headphone(13Wh): 90Cycles
Growatt Solar Generator INFINITY 1500 1512Wh 2 x 60W Max (5V/9V/15V/20V, 3A)  USB-C Solar 800W: 2.5H Light(10W): 128H
2 x 12W Max (5V, 2.4 A) USB-A CPAP(60W): 21H
2 x 18W Max (5V/9V/12V, 2.4A)
Quick Charge 3.0
Laptop(65Wh): 19Cycles
12-24V, 8A Max
Car Outlet
Wall Charging: 2H Drone(60Wh): 21Cycles
Car Charging: Support 12V/24V Standards Headphone(13Wh): 99Cycles

Is a Quiet Generator for Camping Worth It?

That entirely depends on how much value you put on portability and absolute silence (except for the white noise of the fan cooler).

A solar generator is a worthy investment if you don’t want to be that annoying neighbor in the campsite who runs the gas-guzzling generator.

However, not everything is in black and white. It also depends on what you’ll use the generator for. Someone who’s looking to occasionally charge a phone has different generator needs from someone who wants to power a portable AC unit. If you’re looking to power your entire RV appliances, HVAC included, then a gas/inverter generator is definitely the choice here.

If you have an extra budget and want clean AC electricity for your gadgets (recommended for those with sensitive gadgets), buying a solar generator can save you a lot of stress in the long run.

How to Select the Best Quiet Generator for Camping

So how do you select a quiet generator for camping? From our perspective, here are your key considerations:

  1. Sound Level- Hands down, among the three generators, solar generators are the quietest, with a faint noise level of around 30dB due to the cooling fan.

Inverter and traditional generators have noise levels of 60dB to 85 dB, which ranges from a normal conversation to a leaf blower, depending on the brand you get.

A chart illustrating sound levels with real-life comparisons.

A chart illustrating sound levels with real-life comparisons.

  1. Capacity- The type of generator you select highly depends on your power and energy needs. Large RVs require a traditional generator while tent campers, who bring a backpack’s worth of electronics, can make do with a portable solar generator.

      Remember: you can always have a combination of generators.

  1. Portability - A lot will agree that the portability of a generator when used for camping, is invaluable and could potentially affect your entire getaway experience.

Without a doubt, having a compact, lightweight power source is a big plus when camping, especially if you have limited trunk space.

This is where solar generators truly shine.

Solar Generators are silent, compact, lightweight, and have modern designs and outlets.

It may cost more, but it is the best candidate when you are in the market for a quiet generator for camping.

Final Thoughts

If you’re someone who loves spending time outdoors, pitching a tent and roughing it in the wilderness can be a great way to reconnect with nature and enjoy some peace and solitude. Portable camping generators give you the power to take all your favorite gadgets and comfort items. Whether you need a light source for the night sky or energy for powering your entire RV, having the right generator on hand is essential for any camping getaway. They allow you to enjoy your trip without having to worry about running out of juice!

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