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7 Benefits of Portable Power Stations for RVs

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RV(Recreational Vehicle) adventuring is a well-loved hobby we use to get away from our busy lives and get back in touch with the outdoors. But that doesn't mean we want to escape our electrical indulgences too. The problem is that RV technology is struggling to keep up with our developing electrical needs. Luckily, there is a perfectly suited solution that is taking on all of the RV's shortcomings. Here are some secret game-changing benefits RV enthusiasts can enjoy with a portable power station for RV.

Charging Flexibility

Typically, RVs charge their onboard leisure batteries through two energy sources, the mains hook-up, and the engine alternator. A mains hook-up requires a cable to run from the RV to a specific mains link at a camping ground. Alternatively, the batteries can charge using a split charge relay. The split charger relies on the excess current generated by the engine's alternator to push energy into the leisure batteries.

Having to depend on these two methods can be pretty limiting. You are reliant on driving your vehicle to charge the batteries or having access to and paying a campsite for electrical access. It seems like a lot of effort to power a couple of electrical devices.

The ideal RV power station like the Growatt Infinity 1500 would be a welcome addition. The power station can hold a considerable 1512Wh (watt hours) of power. To put that into perspective, the average smartphone requires around 5 watts to charge. Amazingly, this means that the Growatt Infinity 1500 holds the capacity to charge your phone for 300 hours!

INFINITY 1500 portable power station

What's remarkable is that the power station itself can charge in only 2.5 hours with an 800-watt solar panel. Such a massive power capacity that will charge quickly and efficiently will give you enormous flexibility on your adventures. Combined with not being reliant on costly electrical hookups or wasting fuel running your engine needlessly, it seems like such an obvious choice.

Prevent Power Drains

Few annoyances are more frustrating than the piercing low-power warning alarm ringing from your RV's power station. Yet, it is becoming a regular part of every RV adventure.

On average, our energy consumption increases yearly, and RVs struggle to keep up with our new demands. What was a well-equipped state-of-the-art electrical system a few years ago now pales in comparison to our new standards.

The new benchmarks are primarily due to our increasing dependence on electrical devices, which constantly require charging. Combine this with an AC unit or entertainment system, and we quickly reach our RVs capacity.

The first solution may be to enhance your power capacity. Unfortunately, deep-cycle batteries are expensive, heavy, and difficult to install correctly. Additionally, the components of the RVs electrical system will be orientated around the original capacity and need to be updated. Ultimately, this is a costly and complex solution.

RV portable power stations are a simple and cost-effective solution. They are instrumental when we have to use a high-wattage device for a short period, such as a hair dryer or kettle. Utilizing a portable power station will take the pressure off your RVs power supply, preventing tripped fuses, extending your watt hours, and prolonging the life of your batteries.

portable power station for rv

Portability of Outlets

RV camping is appealing because you can adventure far and wide to explore the great outdoors. Parking up at the base of a hill or by a romantic beachscape is the most memorable part of any RV vacation. But sometimes, your home away from home can be a little limiting.

Setting up your perfect campground or picnic spot a short stroll from your RV can make you realize how out of reach you are from your home comforts. Annoyingly, you are faced with the exhausting task of setting up lengthy power-draining extension chords from your RV to your camp spot. Which often don't even reach. It is pretty far away from the relaxing and seamless vacation we had planned.

Fortunately, if your RV is equipped with the right portable power station, you will quickly solve this problem and enhance any magical experience. It affords you the freedom to use fairy lights or set up a projector for your outdoor cinema. Maybe you will choose to power your speakers on a moonlit beach or, perhaps, set up an electric grill and a refrigerator at your clubhouse. The possibilities are truly endless.

The Growatt Infinity 1500 is a simple and effective portable power station weighing only 36.4lb.

Combing it with Growatt’s innovative, lightweight, portable solar panels will give you a reliable and rugged solar generator. It is perfect for taking a short stroll and mini adventures, giving you the power to spice up any arena of your choosing.

Variety of Inputs and Outputs

The modern electronic age has solved many problems and created them. Electrical devices are becoming more advanced, cheaper, readily available, and reliable. However, they have one clear issue, they all require constant charging.

There is an insatiable need for wall sockets and adapters to suit everyone's device requirements. For example, in 2022, market researchers at Parks Associates noted that the average American household had sixteen smart devices. When you multiply that by a family of 4, you can see the real start to appreciate the problem.

Insufficient volume of outlets is especially problematic in older RVs. Although they often have outlets in the kitchen and bathroom areas, they do not provide them throughout the living spaces we have come to expect and depend on.

Luckily, portable power stations offer multiple outlets suitable for numerous devices to be charged simultaneously. The Growatt Infinity 1500 provides ample outlets, including 2 x USB A, 2 x USB C ports, 2 x USB 3.0 fast chargers, 1 x car 12V socket, a wireless charging unit, and 4 AC 120 Volt wall sockets. The array of additional power ports will ease the pressure on the limited electrical availability of your RV while eliminating the need for cumbersome adapters. But, most importantly, it will avoid many potential family feuds.

Power stations offer flexibility in every capacity. Not only can the power station provide plenty of outputs they also allow for various AC and DC power inputs. They range from solar panels, wall sockets, generators, and low voltage options like 12V vehicle sockets. Providing your RV with a portable power station is a simple and effective solution to easily charge and use as a supplementary power source for any outing.

Variety of Outputs of portable power stations for RV

Ready for Use

It is always recommended that you contact a qualified expert when it comes to electrical issues. Onboard RV electronics are no exception. Leisure battery systems in recreational vehicles are a particular specialty that requires an experienced electrical engineer.

Realizing this, it is clear that portable power stations really come into their own. They do not require any complicated installation and are entirely self-contained. The manufacturers have done all the thinking for you and combined all the essential complex electrical components into a suitable, transportable device.

For example, the Growatt Infinity 1500 has a built-in MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) charge controller. It is an innovative DC-to-DC regulator for solar charging batteries, ensuring the battery receives the most efficient charging conditions. In addition, the charge controller prevents battery degeneration and provides regulated charging that is conveniently integrated into the power station package.

Moreover, have you ever considered how a low-voltage DC battery is able to power electronics that demand high-voltage AC? Portable power stations have integrated power inverters, which convert the battery's current as necessary. Optimally, they produce high-quality pure sign waves rather than a modified current. This is vital for delicate electrical devices such as laptops, ensuring the power output is clean, and minimizing the risk of damage.

Many power station brands have identified the need for integrated products which solve your energy problems in a simple all-in-one package. You can easily pick up a portable power station for your RV with the necessary solar array ready for any adventure. There is a growing market for these devices, which come in all shapes and sizes with varying features. They can be purchased easily, removing any concern about the quality of energy output or apprehensions about inputs jeopardizing your battery's health.

Inexpensive Upgrade

The primary motivation to upgrade an RV's electrical system is to charge a few devices and have more convenient access to outlets. It is critical to consider the price and effort required for what appears to be a simple request.

If we look a little closer, it is clear that ameliorating the battery system is a complicated and expensive task. Lithium or AGM (Absorbant Glass Mat) leisure batteries are considered the most suitable RVs due to their proficiencies in producing a steady current for long periods while being readily rechargeable.

However, their price has skyrocketed recently due to the unprecedented demand for their composite materials(Surging price of battery materials complicates carmakers’ electric plans | Financial Times).As a result, a single 100AH lithium battery can easily cost up to $1000. This is just one of many costs associated with the project, as numerous additional component upgrades are required to handle the extra power.  

Similarly, there are some substantial labor costs and practical issues to consider. Beyond just battery installation, an experienced electrician will have to deconstruct portions of your RV to run additional cabling to incorporate new outlets, which will be cut and fixed into your beloved RV. Evidently, this would be a significant undertaking where you can see how quickly the project costs will inflate along with the degree of complexity. 

Cost to capabilities ratio comfortably tips in favor of the portable power station. RV owners simply get so much bang for their buck. There is a growing market of power stations available, ranging from $200-$3000, to fit any and every need. For a fraction of the upgrade costs, they receive a versatile, portable, and robust charging system that can be deployed at a moment's notice for any occasion.

rv camping

Ideal for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Most RV owners and enthusiasts share a passion for exploring an unspoiled natural environment. Few experiences are as tranquil as a peaceful stroll in a perfectly preserved corner of the world, unimpacted by the negative consequences of our modern lives.

A portable power station perfectly assimilates this desire to preserve a peaceful environment. It is a sleek, silent portable battery that vastly outshines their noisy, fuel-guzzling fume-spewing alternatives, like a generator. As a result, passionate outdoor or camping fanatics can feel at ease maintaining their electrical requirements in the great outdoors before returning to their comfortable RV as if they were never there.

The increased prevalence of forest fires globally has heightened the necessity to prevent accidental ignitions. Using a portable power station eliminated the risk of fire. Even with such a vast energy capacity, mobile power stations are considered the safest to use outdoors as they carry essentially no risk of combustion.

The most environmentally conscious will likely opt to charge the portable power station with solar energy. Utilizing the endless supply of solar power, portable power station owners can guarantee they are doing their part to enjoy the environment in the least harmful manner possible.

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Exploring the world in an RV will provide you with a remarkable sense of freedom. Driving out on the open road with your home on wheels will provide you with endless possibilities. However, there are some problems that can arise from these spontaneous and exploratory expeditions. Fortunately, portable power stations for RVs alleviate these issues and provide improved flexibility, power, and outlets for a fraction of the cost. Power stations are an innovative game changer in the world of RVs that can genuinely enhance every journey.

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