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How to Use a Solar Power Generator for Home Backup?

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Power interruption for just a second could lead to the loss of delicate data and information, cause severe discomfort and even affect our security and privacy. Hence, we need to fortify our home with a solar generator for home backup.

Solar power generators consist of solar panels and a battery. The panels collect the energy from the sun and store it in the battery while the generator converts the stored energy from Direct Current into Alternate Current to safely power your home.

Solar powered generators are efficient for emergency home backup power supply and off-grid activities. Read on to discover the benefits and use of solar-power generators for home backup.

solar powered generator - Growatt

Why should You Use a Solar Power Generator for Home?

While looking for a reliable backup power supply for your home, we must head for a sustainable and greener future. I mean we should opt-in for an eco-friendlier and environmentally-safe option as it serves us better in the long run. By utilizing the sun's energy, which is natural, the generator offers countless benefits compared to burning fuels for power supply. Here is a breakdown of why you should use solar generators for your home.

1. Run silently and emit no fumes for indoor use

You might have heard solar power generators are silent and entirely safe for indoor use; well, you heard right. They gets their energy from the sunlight. This means they don’t need to burn fuel to supply power. As a result, they do not emit toxic flames.

More so, they run silently. They ideally emit less than 60 decibels which is the same as a man talking. It is safe to say some solar generators run completely silent, don’t worry; I’ll share a list of these generators later in this post.

2. Renewable clean energy

One of the most crucial and outstanding importance of solar powered generators is their renewable energy and sustainability. They require no additional fuel; these generators recharge themselves with natural sunlight, producing a renewable clean energy supply to your home. With just sunlight, you are good to go; no need for any grid connection to supply power to your home.

3. UPS/EPS function

Imagine having an uninterrupted power supply/ Emergency power supply; even when there is a nationwide power outage, you are not affected; you still have electricity running in your home. With a solar power generator, this can be your reality. Like Growatt solar generator INFINITY 1300 are designed for this function(EPS).

Solar power generators with UPS/EPS feature are designed to kick in immediately and power your home when there is a power outage. The best part is they automatically shut off as soon as power is restored. Hence, an utterly uninterrupted/ emergency power supply system.

4. Low maintenance

A solar power generator does not need much attention or maintenance to function properly and remain optimal. All you need to do to keep your solar generator in the best shape is to ensure the solar panels get as much sunlight as possible all day.

5. Save money

Acquiring a solar-powered generator upfront may be expensive to some. However, it is a good investment in the long run as it saves you a lot of money. Once you have a solar-powered generator in your home, your dependency on the traditional grid electricity reduces, and you can say bye to those soaring energy bills. As you generate your clean, renewable energy daily, your monthly electricity bill reduces.

Solar powered generators offer a lot of benefits to individuals and homes. More importantly, they are safe for the environment too. Given that solar generators don’t burn fuel to generate power, they can’t emit hazardous gases into the atmosphere, a milestone in achieving a greener and safer world.

solar power generator - Growatt

Use a Solar Power Generator for Home Backup

A solar power generator can be a genuine source of backup power supply, especially in case of emergency or where there is an unexpected power outage due to a natural disaster or any reason. These generators will provide backup to ensure an uninterrupted power supply/ emergency power supply and that all your essential home appliances are still functioning. Here, I will share several ways to use a solar backup generator for home.

1. Powering Essential Appliances

In case of outages, a solar power generator will easily power all your essential appliances within your home. Given that the generator has been set properly, as soon as there is an outage, the solar power generator will kick in, automatically and immediately powering your home's essential appliances. With this, your refrigerator, lighting, communication devices and the like get a continuous power supply.

2. Ensuring Home Security

With a solar power generator, you can rest assured of 24/7 home security; even when the power grid is down, you have nothing to fear. We already established that your solar power generator provides a continuous power supply. Therefore, your home security systems, including alarms and surveillance cameras, will also get continuous power. In addition, the generator will also power outdoor lighting, which is vital for maintaining safety and where safety is assured, there is peace of mind.

3. Supporting SOHO (Small Office/Home Office)

A power outage significantly disrupts a SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) environment. Power outages could lead to loss of critical data and information, affect communication and slow down productivity. However, a solar power generator can maintain optimum operation and productivity in your small or home office. The UPS/EPS function of your solar backup generator ensures you get a steady power supply in your small office or home office, so no data or files are lost; communication lines, computers, Wi-Fi routers, and other office equipment are always up.

4. Preserving Food and Medications

A solar power generator can be useful in preserving perishable food items and medications, especially during a long-term power outage. If the power goes out for days, our refrigerators will stop working and will no longer be capable of keeping food and medications at the required temperature to preserve them. However, if your refrigerators or freezers are connected to your generators, your food items and medicines are safe from spoilage since there will be an uninterrupted power supply/ emergency power supply.

5. Avoid Peak Electricity Consumption and Cost Saving

As I mentioned, a solar power generator reduces your dependency on the traditional power supply. And this can help avoid peak electricity consumption and cost savings. At peak hours, electricity rates become higher due to the higher demand. Utilizing your solar generator at these hours can significantly cut the cost of your electricity bill.

Growatt Solar Power Generator for Home Backup

With over a decade of experience, you can trust Growatt solar-powered generators to provide reliable and the best solar generator. They are rated high for their efficiency and durability. Depending on the load of the appliances in your home, you may need a different solar generator.

Growatt solar generator INFINITY 1500

solar power generator - Growatt

Higher output means it can power more devices and appliances. The INFINITY 1500 boasts a 1512Wh battery capacity and 2000W output. With this, you can power your microwave, refrigerator and almost everything within your home.

Growatt solar generator INFINITY 1300

solar power generator - Growatt

The INFINITY 1300 allows you to power heavy devices and appliances with its 1382Wh battery capacity and 1800W output. This option is suitable for supplying your refrigerator or similar appliances with uninterrupted power. It also features a LiFePO4 battery that handles over 3000 cycles.

Growatt solar generator VITA 550

solar power generator - Growatt

The VITA 550 is a suitable solution to your emergency power supply need. It features a 538Wh battery with an output of 600W. This generator powers essential appliances like laptops, speakers, drones, CPAP, projectors and more.


Solar power generators are innovative and green solutions to our power outage problem. They collect energy from sunlight and store it. When needed, it converts the stored energy into electricity and supplies it to your home, ensuring you get only a clean power supply. They operate with no noise and release no toxic substances into the environment. They offer premium benefits not just to man but to the earth.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can solar power be used as a backup generator?

Solar power has batteries to provide backup power to homes or offices. Therefore, Yes, you can use solar power as backup generators.

2. What can I run with a solar generator at home?

You can run various appliances and devices on your solar generator ranging from toasters and coffee makers to home security systems, fans, air conditioning and ventilation systems, refrigerators and many others. However, what you can run on your solar generator ultimately depends on the generator's output.

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