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Home Battery Backup without Solar Panel: Is It Possible?

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More and more sustainable energy solutions are now made available. A home battery backup is one of them. Many people associate a home battery backup with solar panels, but is it possible to operate one without relying on solar energy? Let’s find out.

How Does a Home Battery Storage System Work?

The home battery storage system works using specially designed batteries. These batteries store electric charge and usually receive energy via solar panels. However, they can also be charged using other energy sources like electrical grids, wind turbines, hydroelectric energy, biomass energy, etc. Users can access the power stored for later use.

In a solar panel setup, when the sun is up, the home battery storage system gets charged by the excess energy received from the sun via an inverter. When the electricity is received, the home battery system will store the power and the energy will be released when the Solar PV generation can no longer offer enough electricity.

There are a lot of benefits to using a backup storage battery. Let’s explore them in detail in the next section.

Home Backup Battery without Solar

Benefits of a Backup Storage Battery

While solar panels help you create energy, it does not help you store it, and this is where a backup storage battery comes in handy. You will be very thankful to have a home battery storage system, especially if you live in a place with recurring outages or somewhere with fluctuating electricity supply. In this kind of situation, a storage system makes it possible for you to charge your phone, run your refrigerator to keep your food fresh, and do other basic activities that rely on energy.

But, even if you live in a city where electricity is available 24/7, home battery storage can bring multiple benefits. For example, you can use it to supply you with electricity during peak hours, allowing you to avoid paying the highest electricity rates.

If you are looking to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle, you’re also helping reduce greenhouse emissions when you use a backup storage battery. As you reduce reliance on fossil fuels, you’re reducing your carbon footprint by switching to renewable energy sources.

Can a Backup Battery Work Without Solar Panels?

A backup battery can work without solar panels if you use a different method to charge your battery. You can use a portable power station like Growatt INFINITY 1300. The device allows you to leverage the benefits of a home battery backup without solar panel because it features other recharging methods like car charging and wall charging. This one has a 1382Wh capacity, making it possible for you to run multiple mobile handhelds and home appliances until on-grid electricity is available again.

INFINITY 1300  LiFePO4 power station wall charging

You can also use this device during camping or in any other off-grid living circumstances. LifePO4 battery allows it to go through more than 3000 charging cycles. Furthermore, the APP Control feature makes it possible for you to effortlessly monitor its performance.

Advantages of Having a Power Station and Solar Panels?

So far, you have learned about the possibility of having home battery storage without solar. It is now entirely up to you whether you'll go with or without solar panels. What you should keep in mind is that your ultimate goal should be pairing a battery backup with a solar setup to make the most of the benefits below.

Energy Independence

Power stations can still be helpful in ensuring energy independence even during periods without sunlight. Especially if you live in areas where there’s a constant power interruption, having your own power station can be really convenient. Also, energy prices are now fluctuating, and with the rates getting higher and higher, aiming for energy independence is always a wise option.

Easy to Install and Use

Portable power stations are relatively easy to install, and you can even bring them during outdoor trips like camping. You can also just use them as an emergency power backup. Since they’re usually designed using a plug-and-play system, you can set them up easily. Power stations like the Growatt INFINITY 1300 also offer a lot of charging options without requiring extra converters or adapters. Compared to larger power stations, portable ones need very minimal maintenance. All you have to do is keep the batteries charged and take note of the minor maintenance requirements.

Cost Savings in the Long Run

Home battery backup systems can help you achieve efficiency and cost savings. The extent of your savings depends on the costs of energy in your locality, your energy usage patterns, and the size of your home battery backup system. There are also incentive programs in many countries, helping you receive rebates for your energy. Besides, power stations like Growatt INFINITY 1300 are built to last. While you may have to spend money upfront, the long-term cost savings can be really significant. Electricity costs are bound to become even more expensive in the future, making power stations and solar panels a great investment in both residential and commercial spaces.

To further optimize energy efficiency, it’s recommended to use a home battery system with solar panels like the Growatt INFINITY 1300 solar generator.

Environmentally Friendly

Renewable energy sources like power stations produce minimal carbon emissions. It is expected that this technology will further evolve and enhance its efficiency and become more effective in reducing carbon footprint.  Advancements will also make power stations even more scalable to promote widespread adoption in various industries and applications. If you want a more eco-friendly property, having a power station and solar panel is already a great step towards sustainability.

Prepare for an Emergency

Natural disasters and other forms of emergency that can affect our power sources can be inevitable. If you want a reliable energy source in case of emergencies, having a power station and solar panel can go a long way. It’s a valuable lifeline in times of crisis. Power stations are also more portable alternatives to conventional backup generators. They’re less bulky and less noisy as well.

Home Battery Storage without Solar


Even if you don’t have a solar panel yet, you can secure a home battery backup as early as today. You are free to add a solar panel when the time comes. Whatever the case, it’s always great to make energy independence and disaster preparedness one of your goals as a homeowner. Having a home battery backup system is not just a matter of utility but also a matter of cost savings and convenience. Having a reliable device like the Growatt INFINITY 1300 can bring you peace of mind, knowing that whatever happens, you have a reliable backup power source to count on.


Can you add solar panels to your backup battery later?

Yes. Even if the initial installation of your home battery backup system came without solar panels, you are free to add them later on. High-quality power stations like the Growatt INFINITY 1500 can handle additional energy from solar panels.

Can you use solar panels and inverters without a battery?

Yes, but systems without batteries won’t have backup power in case of outages. It’s important to have a battery storage system to ensure uninterrupted energy usage.

Can you connect a home backup battery to Growatt solar panel?

Yes. Growatt solar panels are compatible with home battery backup systems. Just check the manual and follow the configuration instructions. You may also work with a professional to ensure accurate and safe installation.

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