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Portable Generators for Apartments - What You Need to Know & Why You Need One

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Are you living in the United States? When did you experience a power outage last time? Power outage is not typical in the United States except if you live in an area where hurricanes and similar natural disasters are somewhat frequent.

However, power outages sometimes are bound to happen regardless of where you live. Sometimes, it may be less than an hour. In worse cases, it could take up to a day or more. Power interruption can be frustrating, especially when it's becoming frequent; this is where a generator for apartment comes in.

portable generator for apartment - Growatt

These generators for apartments are in different forms with various sources of energy. While some use gasoline, some apartment generators are solar-powered. Today, we are more conscious of the health of Earth and looking out for a more sustainable and safer environment. To this end, we shall focus more on the portable solar generator for apartment.  

What is a Generator for Apartment?

A portable generator for the apartment is a compact, lightweight mobile generator that serves as backup generators in case of power outages. These generators usually have a built-in battery that charges via a conventional electricity outlet or solar panels. Similarly, some of them use gasoline. When there is a power outage, these portable generators for apartments keep your appliances and devices up and running without interruption.

Given that it is an apartment, there is no garage or backyard, and the space is compact and confined. To this fact, a gas generator is unsuitable and unhealthy for man and his environment due to carbon dioxide emission. In addition, such a generator is prohibited in apartments in some states.

On the other hand, a solar-powered generator charges using energy from the sun via a series of solar panels. These generators are the safest, given that they don't emit harmful gases into the environment and operate without noise. To this end, they are the best fit for apartments. More so, they can be used to power RVs and certain machines. We have also seen them in many camps as a source of power. Portable generators for apartments are helpful in many ways, and we shall explore more of them soon, but first, how do you choose the best portable generator for your apartment?

Factors to Consider Before Buying An Apartment Generator

Now that you know what a portable generator for apartment is, you might feel the rush to purchase one as soon as possible. However, before buying one of them, you must ensure it meets the requirement of your apartment – that is, powering devices and appliances within your apartment.

You must consider other critical factors before buying a portable generator for your apartment to get the best out of it. Some of these factors are discussed below.

  • Size of the Apartment – How big is your apartment? What devices and appliances do you have? Answer this question, and it will help you determine the best size of a portable generator to purchase. This is important so the generator efficiently powers the entire apartment.
  • Electricity Demand – Determine the electricity required to power all devices and appliances in your apartment, and ensure the generator can provide above the minimum required amount.
  • Energy Source – Here, you have another simple task to perform. Determine the source the generator uses, and you should opt for one whose source type is readily available and easily accessible. Popular options are gas-powered, battery-powered, solar units, and conventional ones. However, portable solar units are the most suitable option for your apartment.
  • Level of Noise – Ideally, a portable generator for apartment produces minimal noise. However, it is an essential factor you must consider, especially if you live in a shared space. Your portable generator should operate as quietly as possible.
  • Safety – Since your portable generator will operate indoors, safety is critical. Look for a portable generator with safety measures such as overload protection, low-oil shut-off, automatic power down, etc.
  • Maintenance – You must carry out periodic maintenance on your portable generator to ensure it remains optimum and performs efficiently. To this end, you must consider a portable generator for an apartment with easy maintenance and readily available parts.
  • Installation - Installing mechanical and electrical equipment can sometimes be frustrating. Similarly, some of them are easy to install. Your portable generator is not an exemption in this scenario. While some brands are difficult to install, some, like the Growatt portable power stations require no installation.  It is plug-and-play.
  • Portability – Surely, you want it mobile. To this end, you must look for a compact, lightweight generator with a design that supports easy mobility.
  • Budget – You must set a budget before you go shopping so you don't break the bank trying to acquire a portable generator.

Are you looking for the best generator for an apartment? Considering the factors we discussed above, the solar-powered generator is the best choice.

best generator for apartment - Growatt

Why Use Solar-Powered Portable Generator for Your Apartment

Aside from being a sustainable form of energy, there are many other benefits to using a solar generator. Below are the benefits:

  • Safe – The conventional generators operate with gasoline and when the fuel is not fully burned it emits gases like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and other hydrocarbons which are all harmful to man and the earth. However, the solar generator on the hand doesn't burn fuels. This implies it can operate from the balcony with a 100% guarantee that it doesn't compromise your health and safety.
  • Low Maintenance – The portable solar panel doesn't require frequent maintenance, and when the need arises, it can be solved without fuss.  
  • Silence – These generators operate in silence; you can place them anywhere within your apartments without worrying about noise.
  • Easy Installation – The installation process of solar generators is stress-free. In most cases, solar generators require no installation. It gets better, and start-up is much easier compared to conventional generators.
  • Easy to Start – Recoil start is common among gas-powered And they require you to pull a cord to start it. However, a solar-powered generator, on the other hand, uses a push button to start. 

Best Generators for Apartments 

After a thorough review, I discovered some of the best generators for apartments. Here are some of them.

Growatt INFINITY 1500

apartment generators - Growatt

Somewhat new but very efficient. This portable solar-powered generator will power all your apartment's electrical appliances and devices. In addition, it takes only a little time to charge while providing an emergency power supply for hours. It is easy to install and, yes, perfect for the balcony of your apartment.

Growatt VITA 550

generator for apartment - Growatt

Another durable and reliable product from Growatt. It is fast charging with long-lasting battery life. Very compact, lightweight, and portable. The VITA 550 runs without noise and will power basic apartment appliances. You can place it on the balcony of your apartment to charge, and you can also leave it there while in operation. The VITA 550 is safe and environmentally friendly.


Generators are not essential household items. However, when power outages are more frequent than usual, we may consider buying one for a backup so we don't get entirely shut out when there is a power outage. Today, there are many options for a portable generator, but not all are suitable for apartments. It would help if you considered portable solar generators a backup power source in your apartment or condo. Surely, on getting to this part of this post, you understand how valuable these generators can be.


Can I use a generator in an apartment?

Yes, you can. However, it must be gasless because fuel generators usually emit exhaust gases that are harmful to humans. Some generators are not restricted anyway, such as portable solar generators.

What size generator do I need for an apartment?

This depends on the total power consumption of the apartment and the devices you want to power with the generator. The generator must beat the minimum power requirement of your apartment.


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