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Check the CenterPoint Power Outage Map in Houston

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Power outages frequently occur in Houston, especially during extreme weather events like storms, high winds, and flooding. With a subtropical climate and location along the Gulf of Mexico, the city faces threats from hurricanes and tropical storms. This makes the electrical grid vulnerable to disruption.

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Check the CenterPoint Power Outage Map in Houston

When outages hit Houston, they often impact thousands of customers across large sections of the metro area. For example, Hurricane Ike in 2008 left over 2 million CenterPoint Energy customers without power. Even an average thunderstorm can create issues, with lightning strikes and high winds knocking down trees and power lines.

With such a high risk of outages, it's important for Houston residents to stay informed on the status of the electrical grid. By monitoring outage maps and updates, customers can know if their area will be affected before an outage occurs. This allows time to prepare, through steps like charging devices, stocking up on supplies, and making alternative power arrangements. Being aware of outages helps minimize disruption and lets people plan ahead.

How to Check CenterPoint Outage Map?

To check the CenterPoint outage map and view current power outages in your area, start by going to the CenterPoint Energy website at Look for the "Outage Center" tab at the top of the homepage and click on it.

This will take you to the Outage Center page, where you can access the interactive outage map. The map will display any current outages across CenterPoint's service area. You can zoom in and pan around to see different areas in detail.

The map also has filtering options to customize your view. You can enter a specific address, city, or zip code in the search bar to focus the map on that location. Dropdown menus also allow you to filter by county or region.

Toggling the options on the right side of the map lets you view outages by total customers affected, outage cause, and estimated restoration times. This gives you a quick overview of the scope of current outages.

Checking the CenterPoint outage map regularly, especially during severe weather, is a useful way to stay on top of power disruptions in your neighborhood. The detailed, real-time information helps you know what to expect.

Checking for Power Cuts

To check if your area is experiencing power cuts, the first step is to view CenterPoint's outage map. This map shows current outages across the Houston region in real-time. You can filter the map by address, county, or region to see if your area is affected.

The next step is to call CenterPoint's customer service line at 713-207-2222 and provide your address. The representatives can look up your location and confirm if you are experiencing an outage or scheduled power cut.

Some key steps for checking power cuts:

  • Visit CenterPoint's website and view the outage map
  • Filter the map by your address or area
  • Look for any active power outages
  • Call CenterPoint's hotline and give your address
  • Ask if there are any outages or cuts in your location
  • Get an estimated restoration time if available

Monitoring the outage map and calling in allows you to stay updated on current power cuts in Houston. This can help you plan and prepare appropriately if your home or business will be affected.

CenterPoint Outage Resources

CenterPoint Energy provides a variety of resources to help customers stay informed and prepared during power outages.

The Outage Tracker shows real-time outage information across CenterPoint's service area. Customers can view outages on a map, search by address, and see estimates for power restoration.

Power Outage Maps

By signing up for text alerts, customers can receive notifications directly to their phone when an outage is reported in their area. This allows them to take action and prepare immediately.

Outages can also be reported directly to CenterPoint online. This is often the fastest way to notify them of a power interruption.

The Storm Center page provides updates before, during and after major storms that may impact electrical service. Safety tips are also provided to keep customers safe.

Once an outage occurs, CenterPoint posts information on power restoration efforts and time estimates. This allows customers to know when their service is likely to be back up and running.

Finally, CenterPoint provides reliability data on historical outage frequency. This helps customers understand how resilient the electrical infrastructure is in their area.

Service Area and Customers Affected

CenterPoint Energy is the largest electricity provider in the Houston metropolitan area, serving over 2 million customers. Their service area covers Houston and the surrounding communities across Harris, Fort Bend, Waller, Montgomery, Liberty, Chambers, Grimes, San Jacinto, and Walker counties.

With such a vast service territory and so many customers dependent on their electricity transmission and distribution network, CenterPoint outages can impact hundreds of thousands of people at once. This makes checking the CenterPoint outage map and reporting outages critical whenever major power disruptions occur. Knowing the extent of outages helps customers estimate when power may be restored so they can plan accordingly.

Finding Latest Outage Info

To get the most up-to-date information on power outages in Houston, check the CenterPoint Energy website. Specifically, navigate to the Power Outages page which provides real-time details on current outages.

The Power Outages page displays an interactive map that shows where outages are located, the number of customers affected, and estimated restoration times. You can click on individual outages on the map to view details.

In addition to the outage map, the Power Outages page also lists all current outages with the same information - location, customers impacted, cause, and estimated restoration. This gives you a full overview of all ongoing outages.

The page is continually updated as outages occur and are resolved. By bookmarking the Power Outages page and checking it regularly, especially during storms, you can monitor the outage situation across Houston and your neighborhood.

Having access to the latest real-time information allows you to stay informed if an outage may soon impact your home or business. The Power Outages page should be part of any Houston resident's severe weather preparedness plan.

Using the Outage Map

The CenterPoint Energy outage map is available directly on their website for easy access. Customers can simply visit and click on the "Outage Tracker" section. This will bring up an interactive map of the Houston area showing current outages.

One of the most useful features of the map is the ability to filter the view. Users can enter a specific address or zip code to see if there are any active outages in that area. The map can also be filtered by county or region to get a broader view.

For example, someone could enter their home address to quickly check if their neighborhood is experiencing a power outage. The map will highlight any outages in red and provide details on the number of customers affected and estimated restoration times.

The map view can also be expanded to see the full Houston metro region. This is helpful to gauge the overall scope of any outages. Some major weather events lead to widespread power issues across entire counties or cities.

Having the ability to manipulate the map provides customized outage information. Rather than simply showing all current outages, CenterPoint allows users to zoom in on the areas most relevant to them. This interactive capability makes the map more useful for tracking outages.

Reporting an Outage

To report a power outage to CenterPoint Energy, call their 24/7 outage hotline at 1-800-332-7143. When you call, be prepared to provide the representative with your account information and location details like a service address. It's also helpful if you can provide an estimate for how long the power has been out.

The sooner you report an outage, the quicker CenterPoint can dispatch crews to assess the problem and work on restoring power. But keep in mind that during major outages, especially from severe weather, high call volumes may mean longer wait times. Leaving a voicemail is another option if you can't get through right away.

Reporting outages promptly and providing detailed information helps CenterPoint pinpoint affected areas and identify the potential cause of the outage. With thousands of customers impacted during major events like storms, your report provides valuable data to aid in power restoration efforts.

Causes of Outages

Power outages in Houston can occur for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Severe weather - Storms with high winds, lightning, ice or heavy rain can damage power lines and electrical equipment leading to outages. Houston's exposure to hurricanes and tropical storms makes the area vulnerable.

  • Accidents and equipment failures - Accidents like digging into underground power lines or issues with transformers, fuses and other equipment can trigger outages. Age, wear and technical malfunctions contribute.

  • Trees and debris on lines - Trees falling on power lines is a major cause of electrical interruptions in Houston. Fast-growing vegetation and storms increase this risk. Vegetation management is key.

  • Car accidents - Vehicles colliding with utility poles or equipment cabinets can damage infrastructure and disconnect service. This is a common outage cause along roads.

  • Animals - Squirrels, birds and other wildlife interfering with lines or substations may create faults. Protective devices isolate damage, causing brief outages.

Proactive vegetation management, equipment maintenance and driving safely can help reduce some key risks. But Houston's weather means outages will continue occurring. Monitoring CenterPoint's outage map and having backup power plans are important.

Most Affected Areas

The CenterPoint outage map shows the current most affected areas in real-time. This interactive map allows you to view power outages across the Houston region and drill down to see impacts in your neighborhood.

The map displays colored dots indicating active outages, with details on the number of customers affected. You can enter a specific address to check if there are any active power cuts in that location.

In addition to the outage map, CenterPoint's Power Outages page lists any current large outages impacting significant numbers of customers. This page provides another way to quickly see major outage events and areas impacted.

Both the map and Power Outages page are useful resources to monitor areas experiencing the most power issues at any given time. With frequent severe weather in Houston, checking these sources allows you to stay updated on the latest outage information across the metro.

Outage Frequency and Restoration

Power outages in Houston can vary greatly in terms of frequency and duration depending on the cause. Severe weather events like hurricanes, thunderstorms, ice storms, and flooding often lead to more frequent and prolonged outages across the city. This is because falling trees, flying debris, and flooded equipment can cause extensive damage to power lines and infrastructure. After major storms, it may take crews days or even weeks to fully restore power across the metro region.

In contrast, outages caused by more routine events like equipment failures, downed tree limbs, and animals interfering with lines tend to be less frequent and shorter in duration. These types of disruptions usually impact smaller, localized areas and can often be repaired within hours. Well-maintained infrastructure and proactive trimming of vegetation around lines helps minimize outages from regular mechanical issues.

So while Houston's susceptible infrastructure and exposure to extreme weather results in power cuts occurring regularly, the frequency and restoration time can vary dramatically based on the severity of the event. Checking CenterPoint's outage map and resources allows customers to closely track real-time status when outages strike.

Preventing Outages

Power outages can be disruptive and inconvenient. There are several ways Houston residents can help prevent outages in their homes:


Portable generators provide backup power when utility power goes out. They run on propane, natural gas, or gasoline and connect to your home's electrical system. This allows you to power essential appliances and equipment during an outage. Generators should be professionally installed and operated safely.

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UPS Devices

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) devices offer battery backup power to bridge short outages. They provide electricity for a limited time until utility power returns or a generator starts up. UPS systems help prevent damage to sensitive electronics from power fluctuations.

Solar Panels

Installing solar panels with battery storage allows your home to generate its own electricity. They keep charging the batteries to provide power when the grid goes down. Solar energy systems with battery banks provide reliable backup during outages.

Surge Protectors

Power surges can damage electronics and appliances. Surge protectors prevent spikes in voltage from reaching your devices. They divert excess energy to protect equipment and prevent outages from damaging products. Surge protectors are an affordable way to safeguard your home.

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