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Who is Hobotech

Hobotech is one of the recommenders of Growatt solar generator.

Hobotech will often test and give feedback on our new products and recommend them to users in need.

Hobotech YouTube mainly publishes some technical product reviews, mobile technology operation methods, DIY solar energy, and off-grid power generation solutions Videos on solutions, mobile electronics, solar generators, power stations, electric bikes, full time off grid living, RV/van living. It currently has 175,000 subscribers and 285 videos posted on its YouTube channel.

Hobotech YouTube Review of Growatt

Whether you are a professional user of solar generator or just a beginner, through Hobotech's evaluation video, you can have a better understanding of our solar generator and know whether it is suitable for your needs.

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hobotech youtube solar generator
Jack Y.
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Without a doubt the best quality wireless charging station I have ever owned. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys camping, day trips, adventure, trails or anything to do with the outdoors. I can charge all my accessories without worrying about the battery dying when I'm out of the network! So, the generator description is exactly what I paid for.

camping with solar generator of Hobotech recommended
Joseph A.
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Great product and Awesome Customer service.

So far my Vita 550 and Solar panels are working great! A great addition to Basecamp. I was having issues with the application and my phone, and Abby and the Growatt marketing team got it working for me very easily. I look forward to purchasing a Infinity 1300 solar generator for the house.

RV camp with hobotech generator
Blue T.
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Happy Camper!

I needed something for solar power but could also provide for a while if I couldn't get much sun. The Vita 550 is an amazing product. It operates as advertised and the app is really neat. My only complaint is the bigger series 1300/1500W were out of my budget range (My fault). I hope to try one of those in the future but it looks like the 550 will last a long time. I have the 200W solar panel attached to that and I am very pleased!

 camping with hobotech solar generator
Eco F.
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I tried out Growatt Vita 550 this weekend while camping in the American Woodlands at Mammoth Lakes. turned it on the day I left and it was fully charged before I left my home. I used it to charge my cell phone (wireless), headlamp, lantern, string lights, and electric stove. I especially like its portability and durability as it is compact and can take a beating. I look forward to many more trips using this device!

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