Date: Sunday, May 21, 2023

Time: 4:30pm-9:30pm MDT

Location: Malibu Dream Ranch with Panoramic Ocean Views, Malibu, CA

Group size: 50 people

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Show off yer culinary skills!

Growatt is hosting a cooking camp, a talk & discussion with plenty of fun, games, a raffle, and a party! The pressure will be on with many event attendees watching and cheering on the cooking skills in their one-hour cooking, but during this time, we will also have other games and prizes going on with of course food and drinks provided before the scheduled talk on off-grid living, environmentalism, and green tech. After that, we'll do a raffle giveaway and enjoy the rest of the evening with a live band.

Calling all campers!

We are hosting an actual home backup education & cooking camp for all guests who want to participate to win a brand new portable power station! (You can also come and just enjoy the camping party) Whoever can make the best: Breakfast/ Snack/Dinner.
Want to participate?! Please SING UP now!!!

Here's the schedule!

4:30- 5:00 - Public Opening

Arrive between 4:30 & 5:00 to receive a raffle ticket to win a portable power station!

5:00 - Games & Prizes & Home Backup Trivia

6:00 - Speaking Event

Live speakers panel with a focus on off-grid living, environmentalism, and green tech.

7:00 - Cooking Together

7:30 - Dinner

8:00 - Raffle & Music Party!

9:30 - Closed

We'd love to see you there!

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