CES 2023 - Growatt

Growatt VITA 550 and INFINITY 1300

CES is the world's most prominent technology event, serving as a staging ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. Growatt impresses at CES with two pro-grade solar generators. Welcome to keep up with us to create a sustainable and comfortable future together!

Unveiling New Product

VITA 550 New                    Best Outdoor Companion

Growatt VITA 550

538Wh | 600W

LFP Battery

3000 Lifecycles

11 Outlets

1.6Hrs AC Charging

2.5Hrs Solar Charging

Innovative Watt+

Smart APP

    INFINITY 1300 New              Feature Winner

    Growatt INFINITY 1300

    1382Wh | 1800W

    LFP Battery

    3000+ Lifecycles

    14 Outlets

    1.8Hrs AC Charging

    2.5Hrs Solar Charging

    24/7 UPS

    Smart APP

      Hot Selling

      INFINITY 1500 - Your Pro Selection of Solar Generator


      Growatt INFINITY 1500


      Growatt - A Solar Expert

      “Solar will make a difference in the world‘s energy future.”

      The winsome Max. solar input power, 99% MPPT efficiency, and wider DC voltage range make Growatt a solar expert that moves up a notch by allowing a full charge in just 2.5 hours of sunlight.

      Solar will make a difference in the worlds energy future.

      11 years of specializing in sustainable energy generation, storage and consumption, and energy digitalization have succeeded us in building all-scenario solar power solutions for 3 million individuals and family users.

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