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"Solar will make a difference in the world's energy future." Such belief inspired a group of passionate solar power enthusiasts in 2010 and there began the story of Growatt. Today, we have become one of the top brands in smart energy solutions. Millions of families and businesses worldwide are enjoying eco-friendly and high-quality energy storage solutions delivered by Growatt.
Today, we are still striving to create more possibilities for clean energy and a greener future for humanity. That‘s why we are expanding our reach to portable power solutions. No matter if you are an outdoor enthusiast, an off-grid dweller or an emergency prepper, we've get all your power needs covered!

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The core to superior performance and experience is professionalism, which Growatt is based on. Driven by passion and innovation, our team of experts devoted to bringing front-end energy storage technology onto our solar generators, and into everyday life. Our solar charging technology is leading and trustworthy, and we deliver superior portable power with expert-level performance. Whatever your profession or needs, you will have an outstanding power supply, with capable, smart, and powerful features on it!

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Confidence in Brand.

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Power a Greener Lifestyle

Motivated by the aspiration for a sustainable future, we aim to power a greener lifestyle!

You live in nature, and you live with it! We innovate convenient and affordable solar power storage products to enhance life experience and nurture a green lifestyle for everyone. We are now expanding our reach to portable solutions to power the outdoor enthusiasts, emergency preppers, consumers and professionals alike. No matter if you are at home, on trips, on the road, or off the grid, we keep you powered WITH CLEAN & RENEWABLE SOLAR!

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About Growatt

Growatt was established in 2011 by a group of pioneers in the global PV industry with a vision to build a green and sustainable future. Specializing in sustainable energy generation, storage and consumption, as well as energy digitalization, the company designs, develops and manufactures PV inverters, energy storage products, EV chargers, smart energy management system and much more.

Favored by 3.3 millions of green energy enthusiasts, Growatt ranks among the global top three PV inverter suppliers*. In particular, the company is ranked the number one residential inverter supplier globally* as well as the world's largest supplier of user-side energy storage inverters* in terms of shipment volume.

Since its foundation, Growatt has been committed to continuous product and technology innovations. With a well-established R&D platform and a R&D team of more than 760+ professionals, the company constantly introduces new upgrades and innovations in the energy efficiency, functional safety and intelligent solutions of inverter, energy storage and EV charging applications. Till now, it has obtained more than 150+ patents.

To date, Growatt’s business spans across over 180 countries and regions. The company has set up 43 representative offices worldwide to provide localized service support with a combination of online and offline support in order to improve service efficiency and reduce O&M costs for global customers.


  • Is Growatt a Good Brand?

Today, Growatt is already the global Top residential inverter supplier and also the largest user-side energy storage inverter supplier in the world.

  • Who is the owner of Growatt?

In 2011, with the vision of building a green and sustainable future, a group of global photovoltaic industry pioneers headed by David Ding gathered together to establish Growatt.

  • Which country made Growatt solar inverter?

Growatt, or Growatt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., is a Chinese solar inverter and portable power station manufacturer established in 2011. Growatt is located in Guangdong Province, China, and it has branches and offices in many countries, including in the United States, Germany, Australia and Brazil.