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Traveling with A CPAP Machine: Top 10 Tips and Checklist

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Traveling is stressful at the best of times. But then, when you add your CPAP to the mix, you can quickly feel like it will be an overwhelming ordeal. But do not panic. There are some simple tricks and tips to follow that will guarantee a smooth and uninterrupted process. Reading the helpful guide below will equip you with the knowledge required to guarantee a restful night's sleep wherever you go. So here are the top 10 recommendations and a checklist for traveling with a CPAP machine.

traveling with a cpap machine

Pack It Tightly and Securely

CPAP machines are designed to be robust and durable. They are manufactured with the understanding that they will be operating for around 8 hours per day for years at a time for up to 5% of the population. Therefore, they must be dependable and long-lasting.

Although their functionality is designed to be robust, they are not intended to be packed and transported regularly. They are likely to be bashed, bumped, and scraped during travel. Their reasonably fragile tubing and the case can quickly deteriorate and ultimately compromise the machine. It is a small but significant practice to securely pack the CPAP device and ideally wrap it in clothing to protect it from unnecessary damage.

Pack A Portable Power Station or Generator

Bringing a portable power station would be an excellent idea if you are camping or traveling to more rural destinations, then bringing a portable power station would be an excellent idea. These innovative devices supply a dependable power supply with sizeable long-term capacities.

CPAP machines do not require a lot of power, but they have to operate for at least 8 hours per night. Modern portable power stations like Growatt INFINITY 1300 can easily meet these requirements and usually come with multiple power outlets, eliminating the need for power adapters. Moreover, these power stations can come equipped with a convenient, lightweight solar panel transforming them into impressive solar generators. As a result, these innovative systems provide substantial versatility and invaluable peace of mind, guaranteeing a restful night's sleep where ever you go.

Disclaimer: (This content is for informational purposes only. Nothing on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your qualified physician and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it.)

travel with cpap

Thoroughly Wash the CPAP

It is a simple but essential tip. The CPAP stores water and filters your breath for hours at a time, every day. Research has suggested that CPAP machines provide optimum bacterial and mold growth conditions with the warm contaminated breath, heated compact apparatuses, and repeated prolonged use. This issue is amplified during travel. The CPAP will be a tightly packed, warm environment for long periods, perfect for cultivating nasty organisms.

As a result, when you arrive at your destination, you will have a fowl-smelling apparatus that will not be pleasant to sleep with. Beyond the smell, inhaling mold and bacteria is exceptionally hazardous and can lead to some illnesses. Integrate cleaning and thoroughly drying the CPAP part of your weekly routine. This will ensure a longer-lasting machine and reduce the risk of toxic internal build-up.

Bring You Own Distilled Water Supply

If you travel with your CPAP machine, it is advisable to bring a distilled water supply. The water is circulated throughout the machine to hydrate the airflow, which can dry out your airways. However, using the water at your new destination may introduce mineral-rich hard water or new bacteria into your CPAP. This can quickly cause problems like build-up in the mechanisms, blocking the air filter, interfering with tubing integrity, etc. Therefore, you are always advised to use your own clean, safe, reliable water supply.

Replace the CPAP’s Perishable Components

There are several components in your CPAP machine that naturally deteriorate over time. Like a car, some components need routine replacement to ensure it continues running smoothly. These include air filters, rubber tubing, face cushion, and mask. It is imperative that you keep maintaining the machine; otherwise, you will get all the way to your destination with a poorly functioning machine with no means of fixing it easily.

Check It is Working Properly Before You Go

Undertaking a comprehensive function assessment is highly advisable before traveling, particularly for an extended period. Specifically, the airflow and power supply or battery pack if it has one. Although these machines are built to last, unfortunately, they will inevitably break down and require a service or replacement. These issues tend to develop over time. So ideally, you will rectify any pressing issue before you travel, making it a far more complicated and stressful process.

Bring A Doctors Note

If you are planning to travel via air or over several land borders, then it is a good idea to travel with documentation for the machine's uses. Depending on the country, they may have strict importation laws or stringent rules regarding medical device or meidcal equipment. Therefore, it is always sensible to bring the necessary documentation to avoid any issues and prevent it from being confiscated.

Pack An Array of Adapters

Always check and pack the appropriate adapter wherever you are going. This can sometimes be more complicated than it sounds. For example, when traveling to South America or Asia, you will find that sockets can vary from region to region as well as country to country. Consider purchasing a multi-socket adapter that will provide you with power mains wherever you go.

Additionally, you can purchase adapters that convert small DC currents into the appropriate AC power suitable for your CPAP device. These will often facilitate charging through car sockets and USB ports which is incredibly valuable if you are desperate.

Contact Your Airline Ahead of Time

You must contact your airline in advance if you are flying with your CPAP machine. This is particularly crucial if you are flying overnight and need to use the CPAP machine during the flight. Generally, airlines must allow the use of your CPAP machine during domestic flights; however, international airlines can impose certain caveats or restrictions. Specifically, the battery material and size or the permission to use outlets on the plane are typically the key issues. Globally, airline policies vary dramatically, but most will provide the relevant information online.

Consider Investing in A Travel Case

Many modern CPAP machines have a range of accessories, including travel cases (carrying case). These are designed to provide the most compact storage solution, which ensures that the CPAP is safe from accidental damage. Utilizing a purpose-designed case will make traveling with your CPAP easier and faster with reduced stress. Additionally, many airlines will allow you to bring the CPAP in a separate bag to your cabin bag so it won’t eat into your regular baggage limit. Therefore, it should be seriously considered if you plan to travel regularly.

how to travel with a cpap machine


Reading this article will equip you with valuable and informative advice you can use the next time you travel with your CPAP. You can use this as a practical checklist to guarantee you have followed all the necessary steps to ensure smooth sailing when you travel next.

In addition, you can work some essential maintenance and cleanliness issues into your weekly routine, combined with technical knowledge and equipment, which will enhance your confidence the next time you travel. There are few things more valuable than a restful night's sleep, so follow the advice, and you will guarantee it, no matter where you go.

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