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Today's Power Outages in Los Angeles

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Introduction to LADWP

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is the largest municipal utility in the United States, providing water and electricity to over 4 million residents across Los Angeles County. With a service area covering over 465 square miles, LADWP powers homes and businesses for around 1.5 million customer accounts in the city of Los Angeles.

As the primary utility provider for LA, LADWP delivers reliable and affordable electricity to families, organizations and companies throughout the region. The not-for-profit utility is the nation's largest municipal utility, consistently ranking top among US electric utilities for renewable energy procurement.

Current Outages in LA

Los Angeles has experienced widespread power outages over the past few days due to severe storms that brought heavy rain, flooding, and lightning. As of this morning, LADWP is reporting over 50 active power outages across the city affecting tens of thousands of customers.

The worst hit areas include:

- South LA - Over 10,000 customers without power due to downed power lines and flash flooding.

- Northeast LA/Glendale - Outages impacting Griffith Park, Atwater Village, Eagle Rock with over 5,000 affected.

- West LA - Scattered outages in Palms, Mar Vista, Venice from fallen trees with over 2,000 without power.

- Central LA - Sporadic outages in Hollywood, Mid-Wilshire and Koreatown affecting commercial buildings.

LADWP crews are working to assess damage, clear debris and safely restore power across the impacted regions. However, many residents may face extended outages due to the severity of the storms. The utility warns that any downed power lines should be avoided and reported immediately by calling 1-800-DIAL-DWP (800-342-5397).

Customers are advised to check the LADWP Outage Tracker Map for real-time updates on estimated restoration times in their area. With severe weather expected to continue, further outages are likely.

What is the Outage Tracker Map?

The LADWP Outage Tracker Map is an interactive map that shows current power outages across LADWP's service area in Los Angeles County. This online tool provides real-time outage information and estimated restoration times.

To use the map, simply enter your address in the search bar or zoom into your area on the map. Any active power outages will show up as red indicators on the map. You can click on an outage indicator to pull up details like:

- Number of customers affected
- Cause of the outage
- Crew status - whether a crew has been assigned
- Estimated restoration time

The Outage Tracker Map lets you quickly check the status of power in your area during a storm or outage event. By entering your address, you can see if you are currently experiencing an outage and when power is estimated to be restored. This allows you to plan accordingly during an outage.

The map provides a useful visualization of where outages are concentrated across LA. With the real-time information, you'll know if an outage has been reported and is being worked on in your neighborhood. Checking the map can provide peace of mind that LADWP is aware of the outage and help you manage expectations on when your power may return.

Checking Your Outage Status on The LADWP Outage Tracker Map

The LADWP Outage Tracker Map makes it easy to check the status of power outages affecting your location. Start by entering your address in the search bar or zooming into your area on the map. Any current outages will be highlighted.

If you click on an outage indicator, a popup will provide details like the number of customers affected, cause of the outage, and estimated restoration time. This information is updated frequently as crews work to assess and fix issues.

Keep an eye on the estimated restoration time provided. This will give you an idea of how long you can expect to be without power. However, restoration times are dependent on the extent of the issue and can change. Continue monitoring the map for updates.

The colored indicators on the map denote the status of an outage:

- Red - Newly reported
- Yellow - Crew assigned
- Blue - Restored (blinking)
- Green - Restored

Being able to check the status of your outage on the map allows you to stay informed as utility crews investigate and restore power. Referencing the estimated restoration times can help you plan the rest of your day accordingly.

How to Contact LADWP?

If you are experiencing a power outage, the quickest way to report it is by calling 1-800-DIAL-DWP (1-800-342-5397). LADWP's call center is open 24/7 to take outage reports.

When you call to report an outage, be prepared to provide the address where the outage is occurring and information about what you are experiencing, like no power to the entire home or business, partial outage affecting certain rooms or equipment, or flickering lights. Providing details helps LADWP dispatch crews and repair efforts.

To get updates on current outages, you can call 1-800-DIAL-DWP and select options to hear recorded messages about known outages and estimated restoration times. Information is updated frequently as repair work progresses.

If you have general questions about power outages that are not an emergency, you can contact LADWP customer service at 1-800-DIAL-DWP during normal business hours or email them at

Calling to report your outage and following up for updates is the best way to help LADWP respond. Communicating with them directly gives repair crews the information they need to restore power safely and efficiently.

Staying Powered During Outages in Los Angeles

When the power goes out, it can be challenging to keep your home powered until electricity is restored. Investing in backup power solutions is key to maintaining power during an outage.

Portable generators are commonly used to provide backup electricity. Gas-powered generators work by using an engine to turn an alternator, which generates AC power that can be fed into your home's electrical panel to power appliances, lights, and electronics. Generators range in wattage capabilities, with larger generators able to handle increased electrical loads. Proper generator setup and safety precautions are important when using them as temporary power sources.

Growatt offers innovative portable power stations as an eco-friendly, silent alternative to gas generators. Their solar generators combine high-capacity lithium batteries with solar charging capabilities in an easy-to-use package. Models like the Growatt INFINITY 1500 can provide emergency backup electricity for your home. With fast solar recharging speeds, you can stay powered indefinitely when paired with Growatt solar panels.

Growatt's line of expandable power stations allows you to scale capacity up to 6144Wh to meet your electrical needs. Their products are modular, lightweight, and simple to use even for beginner DIYers. Investing in a Growatt solar generator system can provide reliable, clean backup power to keep your home powered during grid outages. With smart features and app connectivity, you have full control over power distribution and consumption monitoring. Prepare for power outages and electrical emergencies by looking into Growatt's innovative solar generators and solar panels today.

Preparing for Outages in Los Angeles

When outages occur, being prepared can make a big difference in staying safe and comfortable. Here are some tips for getting ready before the next power outage hits:

Create an Outage Preparedness Kit

- Flashlights and headlamps with extra batteries - don't use candles which can cause fires

- Battery-powered lanterns and lamps

- Battery packs and chargers to charge phones and devices

- A manual can opener and traditional cooktop for food prep

- Bottled water and non-perishable snacks

- A battery-powered or hand-crank radio for getting updates

- Basic medical supplies and medications

- Extra blankets to stay warm

Having these supplies gathered in one spot makes it easy to find what you need when the power goes out.

Conserve Energy

To avoid draining the battery supply too quickly, be sure to conserve energy when running electronics and appliances off backup power. Turn off any unnecessary lights, pull the plug on unused devices and appliances, and follow the equipment instructions for safe operation. Activities like streaming videos or playing games on your devices will drain batteries much faster.

Sign Up for Outage Alerts

LADWP offers an outage alert subscription service to get notifications when an outage occurs in your neighborhood. This allows you to get status updates directly from LADWP without having to repeatedly check the outage map. Sign up on their website to stay informed when the lights go out.

Protecting Electronics

Power outages can damage or destroy electronics if power suddenly goes out or surges back on. Here are some tips for protecting your valuable electronics:

Surge protectors prevent a sudden rush of power that could overload and fry your devices. They work by blocking excess voltage. Make sure to use surge protectors on all computers, TVs, game consoles, and other electronics. Look for ones that have an indicator light showing they are working and replace them every few years.

Uninterruptable power supply (UPS) battery backups provide temporary power from a battery so electronics can shut down safely in a blackout. A UPS keeps power steady and avoids sudden drops that damage equipment. Get one rated for the amount of equipment you need to run and the runtime you need to save work and properly shut down.

Generators can power many devices safely but must be used properly. Never run a generator indoors due to deadly carbon monoxide fumes. Place the generator outside with an extension cord running inside. Ensure your generator provides enough wattage for what you want to run. Read all safety guidelines before operating. Refuel only when turned off and cool. Improper generator use can lead to fires, electrocution and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Outage Safety Tips

When the power goes out, it's important to be prepared and stay safe. Here are some key safety tips to keep in mind during a power outage:

Generator Safety

- Only operate a generator outdoors in a well-ventilated area. Never run it inside your home or garage due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

- Do not overload the generator by plugging in more appliances than it can handle. This can damage the generator or cause a fire.

- Turn the generator off before refueling. Allow it to cool down before refueling to prevent fires.

- Store fuel safely outside in properly labeled containers. Gasoline and other fuels should never be stored indoors.

- Keep children and pets away from the area when starting and operating your generator.

Food Safety

- Food in refrigerators and freezers will only stay safe for 4 hours during an outage. Do not open freezer and refrigerator doors unnecessarily.

- Discard any perishable foods like meat, fish, eggs, and leftovers that have been at temperatures above 40°F for 2 hours or more. When in doubt, throw it out.

- If your freezer is half full, food will stay safe for 24 hours. A full freezer will hold food safely for 48 hours.

- Never taste food to determine if it's still good during an outage. Pathogens can still develop even though food may look and smell fine.

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Medical Device Preparedness

- If you rely on medical devices like oxygen concentrators, ventilators, or CPAP machines, talk to your doctor about backup power options.

- Make sure all batteries for medical devices are fully charged and have extras on hand.

- Know how long your equipment can operate on batteries alone. Make preparations if battery life is not sufficient.

- If safe for your condition, keep written operating instructions with your device in case of unfamiliar backup power sources.

- Have a list of alternate locations identified where you can access power to operate medical devices if needed.

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As we've explored, major storms have caused numerous power outages across Los Angeles today, leaving many LA Department of Water and Power (LADWP) customers without electricity. If you are currently experiencing an outage in LA, the best way to check your status and estimate a restoration time is by using the LADWP Outage Tracker Map.

This interactive map shows all of the latest reported outages in LADWP's service area. You can enter your address to see if your location is affected by an outage and view details like the cause, estimated restoration time, and number of customers impacted. The map refreshes every 15 minutes, so it's a handy resource to bookmark and check for the latest updates on any outages in your neighborhood.

If you need to report an outage or require additional assistance, you can contact LADWP by calling 1-800-DIAL-DWP. Outages can also be reported online via their website. And remember to take safety precautions like avoiding downed power lines, using surge protectors, and having backup charging methods for electronics.

We hope this overview gave you a better understanding of how to stay informed and prepared during power outages in LA. Be sure to keep the LADWP Outage Tracker Map handy to monitor for the latest outage updates across the city.
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