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Solar Generator - A Sustainable Energy Solution for Powering Tools at a Construction Site

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The amount of power required for a construction site can often be massive. With the high volume of tools and equipment that are constantly in operation, there’s a huge need to maintain a secure and consistent amount of power throughout the entire project. In these situations, reliably powering electric hardware can be difficult.

When faced with a high need for electricity, having a solar generator ready to go can be a lifesaver. A solar generator not only gives you a steady stream of power, but it can also power a wide variety of tools on the job site that will make your site cleaner, more efficient, and cost-effective.

Let’s take a look at all the different kinds of construction equipment and the different options there are for a construction site. Then, we’ll dive into examining how effective purchasing a solar generator can be when looking to power the site efficiently.

Types of Construction Equipment and Buildings that Need Power

Every construction site has thousands of pieces of equipment floating around, each with a particular place and purpose. One main thing that many of these have in common is their need for a solid source of electricity.

When it comes to having the best source of power for a construction site, there are a lot of pieces of equipment that will rely on it. These are just a few of the tools and buildings that need the power that a solar generator can provide.

Construction Site

Drop lights and large exterior light poles

One of the most common things you’ll find on construction sites is a huge lighting system. Drop lights and exterior light poles are everywhere on these sites, and each one needs to be connected to a continuous source of power to function.

Without these lights, work can be hard to complete on cloudy days, or simply whenever the construction is inside.

Electric heaters

Cold days shouldn’t ever put a stop to construction, and it’s likely that the company isn’t going to be able to afford a break. Electric heaters can help the temperatures stay right where they need to in order to operate smoothly on site.

Heating a construction site requires multiple, high-power heaters that will require a huge amount of power. This power can drain most power banks quickly, which is why it’s so important to have something like solar that can continuously create and provide new energy.

Electric power tools

From circular saws to power drills, every electric power tool needs to be either plugged in or fully charged. Be careful with your electric power tools, as each one usually requires a power source with enough wattage to handle such powerful equipment. Always check that your power source can handle what you’re trying to use.

Industrial fans and ventilation equipment

Ventilation on a site where a lot of harmful chemicals are used is important for everyone’s health. If these fans fail, it can prevent sealants from curing in time, and can quickly cause everyone to start feeling the effects of toxins in the air.

Large and small trailers for administrative tasks

Every construction site has a spot where the administration work is done. These areas are often small or large trailers that have a desk and a computer inside of them. Everything in here will need to be powered consistently in order to keep the important admin tasks running.

Temporary and permanent cabins or trailers for housing construction workers(heating, lighting, appliances) in remote locations

Many construction sites are far away from the home of their workers. In these cases, housing is often provided to help reduce commuting and increase the productivity and comfort of the workers. This can be one of the most important things to power on a site, because without it, your workers quickly become unhappy.

Large construction machinery that needs an external power source for start-up

With giant machinery around a construction site, there’s often a need for an external power source to get the huge engines up and running. While they often have batteries inside of them, it’s not uncommon to need an external power source to get them up and running.

Construction Site Power Options

Power grid

electricity for Construction Site

Plugging into the power grid for a construction site is likely going to be everyone’s first choice. The biggest problem here is availability. Construction happens in sites that have seen little to no development beforehand, meaning there might not be any access to the power grid. In this case, you need to bring your own source of power. This often comes in two different forms.

Temporary large-scale solar system

A large-scale solar set-up can be one way of getting power to a construction site over a long period of time. This can be incredibly costly and difficult to install, but will end up saving some money in the long run when plugging into the grid isn’t an option.


Another option is bringing enough generators to run the entire site. Gas generators are commonly used, meaning a high demand for gas to be running these generators day in and day out. The noise alone can become a nuisance after hearing hours of the engines around the site, not to mention the price of gas used over a long period of time.

How Can Portable Solar Generators Help with Construction Site Productivity?

A solar generator can make a lot of things possible on a construction site. The list of benefits can go on for a long time, and these are just a few of the biggest things to point out.

Allow you to work in remote areas

When you want to develop a construction site that’s far off the grid, you don’t have much of a choice but to bring your own power source with you. You can’t run a thousand extension cords across hundreds of miles of land and just plug in.

In these scenarios, solar generators make for the perfect solution. You can bring them along anywhere and harness the sunshine in order to power everything you need on-site.


Once you make the initial purchase of a solar generator, you don’t need to pay a dime afterward. They are an investment that doesn’t require continuing to fork over money for fuel or to pay the big energy companies to continue taking power.

This aspect makes solar generators incredibly cost-effective, especially when working on long-term construction sites that demand a huge amount of power.

Easy to get power(plug-n-play)

One of the best parts of solar generators is how easy they are to use. Once they’re set up, you just need to plug in and get to work. Even when the sun isn’t constantly shining, you have a huge storage capacity that’s ready to be used and then recharged the next time the sun comes out.

These solar generators, such as the Growatt INFINITY 1500, come with multiple plug-in points that can be used for several different pieces of equipment at once, all while pulling the power of the sun in and continuing to charge the giant power bank.

Endless green energy supply

In this day and age, moving to green energy is becoming more and more important and accessible. Not only do you have reliable power, but you aren’t filling the air with fumes and exhaust while relying on fossil fuels to get the power you need.

Solar generators are renewable and sustainable sources of power to help bring the power to continue improving life as we know it, without continuing to destroy it.

More benefits

Once you get a portable solar generator you’ll start to see all of the benefits that come along with it. You’ll see how easy it is to move it around the site, bring the power with you, and use it for everything you could imagine. Overall, these are some of the most versatile tools that make for a great addition on any construction site.

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