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Primitive Camping: Unplug from Technology and Connect with Nature

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Getting tired of smartphones buzzing with endless emails or texts? Ever dream of having extra time to enjoy outdoor activities? When life starts to feel boring and you desire solitude among nature while being away from other people, this is the time to open up your map and choose an exotic place to visit.

Primitive camping is an amazing option for leaving the city and returning to communion with Mother Nature, stripped of the luxuries that we have been used to. It’s cheap, fun, and a great way to keep one’s batteries recharged from the constant wear and tear of work, family, and all other responsibilities in life.

Primitive camping - Growatt

What is Primitive Camping?

There is no hard and fast description of primitive camping. It can involve anything from hiking, fishing, hunting, or bird-watching. Put simply, it provides a way for people to escape their super-busy lives and remind them about the most essential things in life.

There is also no clear limit on what kind of devices and tools you can bring during primitive camping. However, because the main goal here is to reconnect yourself to your surroundings, it is best to keep the number of devices you bring as minimal as possible.

That being said, you should forget about bringing a luxurious camper van to the forest and spend an entire evening binge-watching movies and series in it. If you prefer to have that kind of thing when you go to the woods, then primitive camping is probably not for you.

What if I come across a bear along the way? What if I run out of water to drink? What if I can’t find cell service? It’s okay to be nervous about all these things, but don’t let those what-ifs stop you from experiencing the true nature of primitive camping.

Once again, the main idea of primitive camping is leaving as many modern amenities behind, so it is the polar opposite of going to a dedicated campground and spending a weekend there. All you need to do is choose a pristine location, pack a few things, and make your way there.

Benefits Of Primitive Camping

Why would anyone want to go out into the outback and spend two or three nights there with just minimal supplies and equipment? While it is understandable that a lot of people are getting turned off by the idea of primitive camping, it can actually offer adventurers many benefits.

  1. Connection With Nature

Primitive camping’s ability to provide calmness and the opportunity to better connect with nature is one of the things that draw people to this activity. Once you take that first step into the woodland, you’ll immediately feel away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  1. Skills Development

You will also be surprised by how many bushcraft and survival skills you can gain from your primitive camping experience. Don’t be surprised if, after a night out in the wild, you now have a new fire-making skill or hut-building capability. No more watching people doing these things in online videos and you can now practice them in real life!

  1. Off-The-Grid Experience

Going primitive camping will also teach you what it means to reclaim the independence you lost by going completely off-grid. Slowly but surely, you will understand the kind of freedom modernity has taken away from us and how modern amenities have made us forget the simplicity of human life.

Primitive camping with Growatt solar generator

How to Primitive Camping?

Now, do you think that every person must experience primitive camping at least once in their lifetime? If your answer is yes, then we are on the same page! But, before you go to a random location and set your tent there, here is a quick guide on how to camp primitively.

  1. Find A Perfect Primitive Campsite

A good primitive camping experience starts at home when you go to adventurer websites and do research on potential campsites. You can also go to Google Maps and use the aerial view mode to find a suitable site for your tent. Without a doubt, there is always a special place for paper maps, but, for practical reasons, many campers use digital maps instead.

It is recommended that you have several candidates for your campsite. The most important thing is to make sure that the site you choose has enough flat area to allow you to set up your tent and that it is not too far from a freshwater source. Choosing a spot in a tucked area will also help to ensure a peaceful camping experience.

  1. Essential Gear And Growatt Power

Bringing the right gear and equipment will also allow you to have the ultimate private camping experience. Some of the most essential things you should never forget are utility knives, a sleeping bag, and a first aid kit. These things should always be the top three items on your list, no matter where you go and how long you plan to camp in the wild.

You should also bring something that creates a fire. It would be impossible for you to prepare food and drinking water if there is no source of heat. A small propane stove is the most common option for casual campers. And, don’t forget to bring a Growatt Portable Power Station because you don’t know if any of your gadgets need to be recharged.

  1. Set Up A Safe Camp

Now that you have all the necessary tools and have picked the right camping site, it is time for you to set up a base for your adventure. The first step is to clean up any debris you find on the ground. Objects like tree branches, rocks, and pinecones can punch through your tent, and you will never want that to happen.

If you are camping in the US, make sure that your campsite is at least 150 feet away from the nearest water. Water levels can rise when it rains. Thus, it is best to set up your tent a bit further from any river, lake, and the like. You should also avoid setting up a tent on sandy ground because your camp’s stability will surely be compromised.

  1. Other Primitive Camping Tips

Last but not least, remember to leave as little trace as you can! When you leave your campsite, it should look just the way you found it. Cutting branches of trees is not recommended. Also, make sure you make as minimum fire mark as possible. These little details are easily overseen, so keep a keen eye for them.

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Primitive camping is the best way to experience camping in the wild. It involves staying in a place where restrooms, campgrounds, and water taps are nonexistent. You only need to pack what you need to survive and get a good night's sleep when camping.

Primitive camping allows you to relax from the stresses of daily life while cultivating a quiet connection with nature. Many who engage in it claim that it helps them appreciate the small things in life by paying attention to the basic necessities.

When you go primitive camping, though, you don't have to give up all of your electronics. They can still be quite helpful and even save lives. Additionally, to keep any of your devices charged, remember to pack a portable power station, such as the ones from Growatt.

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