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How Growatt Supports Your Remote Work: Portable Solar Generators for Digital Nomads

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Ever since the global pandemic, more and more jobs are moving toward remote positions that can still support companies globally. This shift in business has drastically changed the available options for many that have always wanted to move around and travel, but have been tied down by a job.

Today, the world is supporting those who are now easily identified as digital nomads. These digital nomads move freely throughout the world, even obtaining year-long visas from certain countries to come and work remotely.

While the countries and cities may change as often as every week, there is always one thing that remains constant in remote work: the need for power. The heavy reliance on laptops and a stable WiFi connection can create a life where you are headed from coffee shop to coffee shop, just looking for a plug to charge your devices with.

Growatt portable power stations and solar generators are a quick and easy solution to meet all of the needs for digital nomads and at-home remote workers alike.

Portable solar generator

How Growatt Portable Solar Generators Support Remote Work for Digital Nomads

Powering Essential Work Equipment

When so much of your work relies on having a full charge so you can meet a deadline or stay connected throughout the entirety of a work meeting, you need to be sure of your power source. A solar generator is one of the best solutions to ensure that you always have the power ready and available to use for all of your work equipment.

Many remote workers can attest to the crazy number of devices that they can often have. For different professions, many people will have even more than others. For example, a photographer needs to charge their camera, laptop, phone, lights, and so much more just to get a single job done. When the power need is so high for work, there needs to be a reliable source of power on hand.

Even when you are using a huge number of different devices you can make sure you have enough power by pairing the right portable power station with solar panels to have a continuous source of energy. For example, the INFINITY 1500 power station pairs with 200W solar panels to create a long-lasting source of power that will deliver clean and sustainable energy every time the sun is out.

Flexibility and Mobility

A house outlet has one major flaw, that it doesn’t move with you. Traditional generators are huge and come along with a wide variety of other drawbacks including the smell and noise. A solar powered generator is completely mobile, lightweight, and clean.

Since remote workers are moving from place to place more often now than ever, it’s necessary that their power source can move with them.

A solar generator like the INFINITY 1300 will travel everywhere you go, no matter how deep into the woods you may travel. Off-grid power for remote work locations turns from a complicated system that can be frustrating straight into an easy plug-and-charge situation.

The freedom that comes along with remote work is one of the most appealing aspects of the lifestyle. However, when you don’t have access to power for all of your devices and connections, you lose that freedom and are tied to a home office rather than turning a quiet corner of the forest into your workspace for the week.

Many WiFi routers and hotspots will also require a steady stream of energy to make sure you have a reliable internet connection for all of your remote work. One of the best options to make sure you have a solid internet connection is to make certain that your energy supply is reliable and ready to be used whenever you need it.

Sustainability and Eco-friendly

Traveling can take a huge toll on the environment, especially when you have a high demand for energy that will allow you to work. Growatt’s portable solar generators are incredibly eco-friendly and can make your work even more sustainable than it would be at home.

At home, the power you rely on is likely coming from the use of natural resources that cause greenhouse gas emissions, thus polluting the environment further. A solar power generator harvests the power of the sun to create clean and sustainable energy. You can charge up as many times as you want without ever needing to have a guilty conscience about your carbon footprint.

Digital nomads are the pioneers of a new age of work. If they are to embrace sustainable energy solutions, we can see these new solutions making their way into the workplace all across the globe, leading to a sustainable and healthy future for everyone.

No Additional Fuel and No Maintenance

One of the greatest parts of the portable solar powered generators that Growatt produces is the ease of use and lack of maintenance from the moment you buy it onward. There’s never a need to add fuel because the sun is going to come right to you. All you do is set the generator up and watch as it takes care of everything else.

The portable power station itself is designed to take care of all its own needs through state-of-the-art technology to maintain an uninterruptible power supply, safe energy output, and secure energy storage.

This is one of the greatest appeals of all. You can get all of the energy you need, without any hassle that comes along with more traditional gas-powered generators and other sources of energy.

3 Growatt Portable solar generators

How to Choose a Portable Solar Generator for Remote Work

Choosing the right portable solar generator for your specific needs is much easier than it seems at first glance. There are a few great options and Growatt has three different solar generators that are designed to take care of a certain level of tasks, covering all the bases for everyone.

For the most part, there are four main things to look out for when choosing a portable solar generator for remote work: power output, portability, charging speed, and the overall price. By looking at these four categories, you can narrow down your options and make a decision with ease.

Power Output

The overall power output, which is measured in watts, will tell you how much power you can use at once. This is often helpful to know if you can use higher wattage tools like a circular saw on a construction site, but it also tells you how many different devices, and what types, you can have plugged in simultaneously.

If you use a large number of high-consumptive devices, you may need to look at solar generators with a higher power output. The INFINITY 1500 has a 2000W output, which is more than enough for most remote workers.


If you’re on the go, you may need to find a solar generator that can easily come along with you. The VITA 550 is the smallest and lightest of all the solar generators that Growatt has to offer, but also has a lower power output. That being said, if you are moving often and don’t have a lot of room, the VITA 550 can still provide a massive amount of power for your work.

Charging Speed

Another aspect of choosing the right solar generator is knowing how fast it will charge when you have it plugged into your solar panels. The INFINITY 1300 has the fastest charging speed of all solar portable generators. It can be fully charged within 2.5 hours through the solar panels, which is an incredibly impressive speed to get that much power stored up for later use.

If you find yourself moving frequently, you may need to charge quickly so you can get on the road, which makes the INFINITY 1300 one of your best options out there.


Finally, price is always important when talking about major purchases. If you’re on a budget, you can grab a portable power station like the VITA 550 that comes at a lower price, but may have fewer features.

Another great option is to be on the lookout for sales that are happening, as they come up frequently and you can easily save hundreds just by having the right timing!

two men camping with a Growatt solar powered generator


Portable solar generators are one of the best solutions for remote workers and digital nomads when energy is in demand. Remote workers have the opportunity to be on the move between some of the world’s most beautiful destinations without ever missing a beat in their professional lives.

Solar generators help those who need the energy in all the different corners of the world that you may find yourself in. Embracing solar power for all of your on-the-go power needs can open up opportunities to travel more with a flexible and eco-conscious remote work lifestyle that everyone is after.

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