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Must-Have Off-Grid Tools: The Ultimate List

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Living off-grid means connecting with Mother Nature and using natural resources instead of man-made devices to carry out routine tasks. Off-grid tools are daily life equipment we need to live a fulfilling life without modern and tech-savvy machinery.


As you might already know, it is not an easy thing to go off-grid. We will require just the right off-grid tools to live peacefully. Some people prefer to invest money in a solar system to generate power.

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Survival Tools

When a person goes off-grid, it is not the easiest thing in the world. There are several tools that you will require for your basic needs. Those may be tools you have never used before, but you will need to learn it all, or you will not be able to live a functional and peaceful life there.

When living off-grid, you will need tools to complete everyday tasks. These prepper tools will help you navigate the wilderness of Mother Nature more efficiently. It is best to invest in the basics that don't require man-made energy to recharge and work.

Fire-making Tools

Fire is essential for human survival. Not only does it illuminates the surrounding, but it also provides heat and is the source to cook meal. To ignite the fire in the wild, where you don't have external energy sources, such as gas or electric supply, you will need these basic tools:


It is easiest to find in the wild and burns quickly. You can easily stockpile them and carry them along with you as you camp in the wonderland.

Firewood Gathering Tools

While firewood is available in abundance, it could be infested with pests or still a part of a century-old tree. In such a scenario, you will need tools such as a chainsaw or an ax to cut the wood.

Lighting and Illumination

You need to be energy-efficient when living off the grid. At the same time, you will rely on the natural sunlight for illumination the entire. But things get pretty difficult when it's dark, especially in the wild.

You will be exposed to different times of critters and predators. That's why it is best to have a source of energy to cut through the darkness after sunset. As an off-grid camper, you will want to pack light, so here we will share a few basic lightening tools that are easy to carry:

Flashlights and Headlamps

These are commonly run on batteries. You can also find solar-powered eco-friendly ones.

Lanterns and Candles

If electronic devices are inaccessible, you can always rely on these century-old man-made devices, lanterns, and candles to light your night. All you need is match sticks and candles or lanterns to light up your surroundings and stay safe.

Water Collection and Purification

Water is essential for life. No living organism can survive without water, but finding clean water in the wild can be challenging. That is why it is imperative to carry storage materials and purification tools you can use anywhere, anytime.

Containers for Storage of Water

To store the water for long periods while making sure it does not get polluted, you will need storage containers such as flasks and bottles. If you plan to camp at a certain spot for a prolonged period, consider carrying a barrel with you. It can store a large quantity of water without soiling and prevent the formation of algae.

Filtration System for Water

Finding clean water when living off-grid can be a daunting task, especially if you don't have access to filtration systems. While you can take portable filters with you, it might not be feasible in many cases. But you can create your own using tiny stones and plastic a bottle.  

Portable Water Purification Methods

Portable purification systems are a popular choice among off-grid campers. Certainly, there are several options available in the market. You can pick one that suits your budget and needs.

Food Procurement and Preparation

When living off-grid, you need to think of ways to prepare food in the wild, where man-made appliances are inaccessible. You can grow your own crops,  hunt for animals and fish, if a pond or river is nearby.

But you will need a few utensils and a source of heat to cook food. In this section, we will discuss common food procurement and preparation tools you will need as an off-grid camper.

Hunting and Fishing Tools

To get maximum protein and maintain your health, you will need a proper source of red and white meat. Thus, you need to hunt and fish, which requires patience, precision, and a set of efficient tools. Read this section, if you want to find the right food procurement gear for living in the wild.

Hunting Gear

You can carry a basic bow and arrow or shotgun to hunt animals in the wild. However, you will need more tools for precision, such as binoculars, to keep an eye on prey and predators in the distance.

Fishing Equipment

Get yourself a fancy fishing rod, reel, and lure to fish, or create your own set whenever and wherever you want. All you will need is a sturdy tree branch and some feathers, leaves, or worms to act as bait. Always pick colorful, shiny materials to attract the fish.

off grid living supplies - Growatt

Foraging and Agriculture

Edible Plant Identification Guide

When you go live off-grid, you need to know what plants are edible and what plants are not edible to prevent any safety hazards. For example, there are several poisonous and harmful plants out there, such as wild mushrooms.  While there are no common characteristics of a poisonous plant, be wary of one having a bitter taste, foul smell, milky sap, or red seeds.

Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools, including hoes, pruners, rakes, and shovels, are necessary for garden upkeep. These tools make agricultural planting, weeding, and harvesting more productive. You can lessen your need for outside sources of food by gardening and harvesting fresh fruits and vegetables.

Cooking Equipment

You have to be self-sufficient when it comes to chopping and cooking when you live off the grid.

Portable Stoves

For outdoor cooking, portable stoves are essential. These stoves exist in different varieties, ranging from contemporary propane or butane burners to classic campfires.

Cookware and Utensils

A set of cooking equipment and pots intended for outdoor use is also necessary. Suitable for open-flame cooking and easily cleaned, this category comprises pots, pans, cutlery, and other tools.

Navigation and Communication

Maintaining direction is essential for both safety and effective off-grid living in the woods.

Maps and Compass

For navigation, you need a trustworthy compass and maps to make sure you can find resources or return to your base camp.

GPS Devices and Two-Way Radios

Waypoint marking and increased accuracy are features of GPS devices. When communicating, two-way radios are essential, particularly in places without cellular service.

First Aid and Medical Supplies

First aid and medical supplies should always be available in case you need them quickly.

First Aid Kits

A comprehensive first aid pack needs to have bandages, disinfectants, analgesics, and additional necessary medical supplies.

Medication and Basic Medical Training

It's also a good idea to have medical supplies and medication customized for your unique needs, along with some basic medical knowledge to handle common illnesses and accidents.

Power Generation and Energy Source

You need dependable energy sources to power appliances and necessary gadgets off the grid.

Solar Power

The Growatt INFINITY 1500 solar generator and INFINITY 1300 solar generator are great choices for having a green lifestyle. By converting sunlight into useful electricity, these portable power stations can power appliances and light up areas. Solar energy is ideal for remote areas where typical grid power is not available.

off the grid tools - Growatt

Battery Banks and Power Inverters

Inverters and battery banks supplement solar energy by storing extra energy for use at night or on overcast days. This combination lessens your need for non-renewable resources by ensuring you have a reliable energy source.

Security and Self-Defense

Even though living off the grid can be tranquil, security is still a worry.

Personal Security Tools and Non-lethal Defense Items

You can defend your homestead with non-lethal defense weapons and personal security gadgets. To protect yourself, investing in self-defense classes, pepper spray, and personal alarms are wise decisions.

Arms and Ammunition (where legal and permissible)

Living in the wild is an exhilarating experience, but you are prone to predator attacks. To stay safe, always carry a gun or other weapons (where legal).

Maintenance and Repair Tools

It is quite normal for your tools to break or become non-functional due to overuse and normal wear and tear. You can carry a set of spare tools, which will add to your baggage weight and make it difficult to explore the rough terrains. Or you can simply carry maintenance equipment for the upkeep of your off-grid tools and resources.

Hand Tools and Equipment Maintenance Kits

You should have a tool maintenance kit with you when living off-grid. It must have a few spare screws, a screwdriver, a pocket knife, and a de-oxidizing solution. Luckily, you can easily find ready-to-use kits at almost all stores selling camping gear.


Living off-grid, out in nature, is the best escapade from the hustle-bustle of city life. However, you will need a few essential tools for survival in the wild. With these tools, you can comfortably stay in outdoor camps and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. It will also help you build basic survival skills that will come in handy in tough situations.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a set of tools and jump into the wilderness of outdoor adventures. Make the most of your time and enjoy the serenity of Mother Nature, where tree leaves whisper as the wind blows and water laps across the river bed.

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