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Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery: The Benefits You Should Know

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If you are shopping for a portable power station, make sure you consider the type of battery in it. This is important because the battery type determines the durability of the power station. Thanks to technological advancements in electric motors and batteries, we have more access to fully electric propulsion.

Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries or LifePO4 is an optimized version of lithium-ion batteries with improved battery chemistry. They offer a range of benefits, including longer lifespan, high-temperature resistance, and many others, which we shall uncover in this post. But first, a rough introduction on what Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is. 

What are Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries?

Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are rechargeable batteries that use iron phosphate as their cathode. They are subsets of lithium-ion batteries applicable for various users across various devices and renewable energy systems. 

lithium iron phosphate battery

The Benefits of LiFePO4 Battery 

LiFePO4 batteries are becoming increasingly popular because of their advantages over regular lithium-ion batteries. These advantages have made this battery beneficial in using solar generators, boats, backup systems, and electric vehicles. Below are some of the benefits of LiFePO4.

    Longer Lifespan

      The lifespan of a battery depends on its charge cycles. While a deep-cycle lead may produce 300 to 500 cycles, LiFePO4 has ten times that. This implies that at deep charging, LiFePO4 produces more than 5000 cycles. They can be used for decades and remain optimum. With this, there is little or no need to replace your batteries. Growatts VITA 550 and INFINITY 1300 maximize this benefit by producing three times the average cycle. 

        Improved Safety

          Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are built with Lithium Iron Phosphate crystals, making them more stable and impossible to decompose. This is way safer when compared to the regular lithium-ion batteries that use cobalt. When cobalt reacts which oxygen, it overheats and may combust. Given the new technological advancements used in developing these batteries, they feature safety measures to prevent dangerous mishaps. You must have heard of cases where electrical devices overheat and blow up in flames. Situations like this are perilous. Hence the importance of the safety VITA 550 provides.


              This is one of the top features of LiFePO4 batteries and is what has made them very popular. Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries feature improvements that make them timeless. For instance, the high-temperature resistance of this battery allows it to last a lifetime. Compared to lithium-ion batteries easily overheat and even combust, and that marks the end of the cycle of that battery. Growatt products are known for their high durability, and its INFINITY 1300 utilizes LiFePO4, which means extra durability and portability, making it a perfect choice. 

              LiFePO4 Battery

                Fast Charging

                  The charge-full time of LiFePO4 batteries depends on several factors but primarily the output source. However, they charge faster than lithium-ion batteries (li-on batteries) and other battery types. On AC power (Alternate current outlets), Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries charges full within 2 hours and takes up to 6 hours to complete charging using solar outlets. Growatts VITA 550 is one of the many portable power stations in the market that utilizes LiFePO4. However, not all offer multiple charging options like the VITA 550. VITA 550 allows charging via various AC and DC outlets, electric vehicle stations, and solar panels. 

                    High Energy Density

                      Before, it was ‘the bigger the battery size, the more energy it can store.’ Today’s technology disputes that. We have seen smaller devices with larger battery capacities than one would imagine. LiFePO4 batteries are one of the results of this technology. They have high energy density than most battery types. The energy density of a better refers to how much energy a battery can store per unit weight. In simpler terms, batteries with high energy density are lightweight, portable, and long-lasting, all of which are properties of the INFINITY 1300.

                        Low Self-Discharge Rate

                          LiFePO4 batteries not only offer fast charging but also have a low self-discharge rate. In some of these batteries, it could be up to 100%. In case you are wondering, the self-discharge rate of a battery refers to the quantity of energy or battery loss when it is not in use. In addition, the low self-discharge rate of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries makes them an ideal option for backup power storage, as they can sit unused for months and still have full battery capacity when needed. It is noteworthy that every battery type discharges over time, however, proper maintenance will optimize their performance and lifespan. 


                              Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries require minimal maintenance compared to other batteries. You don’t have to do too much to prolong their usage. They are more resistant to the memory effects from incomplete discharge before recharge. In addition, they don’t require you to check the electrolyte or water level. Checking vitals like the voltage, charge, and discharge levels are critical but don’t take much of your time and effort.

                                Clean & Green

                                  These batteries are safe and don’t pollute the environment. You can use them indoors – in your garage, sheds, and home. More so, they can also be installed in RVs. LiFePO4 batteries don’t contain toxic chemicals, which permits safe use and disposal or recycling.

                                  LiFePO4 solar generator

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                                  Is lithium iron phosphate battery good for the environment?

                                  Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are more environmentally safe than other lithium-ion batteries. LiFePO4 uses only non-toxic materials and abundant materials like irons, which are friendlier to the environment than cobalt. In addition, they are recyclable. 

                                  Are lithium iron phosphate batteries safe?

                                  Given that these batteries have high-temperature resistance and are somewhat immune to thermal runaway, they are safe than many other types of batteries. The high-temperature resistance results from their stable chemical structure and thermal stability.


                                  With all these benefits, it is clear why Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are the trend today. You are right if you are considering replacing your regular li-on batteries with one of these. However, before doing that, you want to be sure of the portable power system. While there are countless options in the market, VITA 550 and INFINITY 1300 offer more benefits when used with LiFePO4 batteries.

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