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Hosting a Super Bowl Party in Your Garden with Your Family and Friends

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Super Bowl, the Big Game is happening soon; 12th Feb 2023. Why not host a Super Bowl celebration in your garden this year? No doubt your family and friends will love to come over, whether they're football fans or not.

It is not only about watching the football game. Instead, a chance to also catch up, share good food and enjoy a great game. It will be a special way and time to celebrate holidays with your loved ones.

And because the house might be small to accommodate everyone, your garden is the perfect place to watch the game together. Here, we will help you with great ideas to set up your garden for the Big Game. Keep reading!

1. Prepare Your Garden

Prepare your lawn by mowing overgrown grass, raking leftover leaves, and thoroughly cleaning. The good thing is that you can do it by yourself. However, you can get garden cleaning and other related services if you're busy.

You can decorate the garden with different football-themed pieces. For example, you can create a small photo booth with fun props and football-themed background.

Also, you can freshen up the garden beds or buy more flowers. Have flowers in different football teams. All these make your garden attractive.

2. Setting up the Garden TV

Viewing capability is a significant part of making the Super Bowl celebration successful. Thus, set up a projector or TV to make watching the game possible.

set up a projector or TV

Bringing your TV or patio to the garden is easier, especially with the modern lightweight LCDs to be among the millions of viewers of the Super Bowl. "Super Bowl is the biggest single-day sports event that draws millions of viewers with 19.18 million Americans watching the game in 2022”, according to Statistica.

  • Power Your TV with a Portable Power Station

The big question when setting up a TV or projector in the garden is: do you have long cables that stretch far to the expected area? A portable power station is the best solution to eliminate wired cable issues.

With a solar generator, you will not need to pull power from the house. It eliminates the possibility of kids playing with the long wired cables, making the garden kids friendly and no power interruptions from pulling out the cables. Also, there will be no tripping hazard for anyone.

You can purchase your portable power station in advance to avoid last-minute inconveniences.

  • Power Your Projector and Outdoor Speaker with a Portable Power Station

To find the best place to set up your projector or TV:

  • Place the TV or projector in a shady area to reduce glare.
  • Keep your projector or TV with stable power input with a portable power station.
  • Have a deck for your TV to cover if it rains or other adverse weather changes.

Ensure to find an ideal place for outdoor speakers when setting up the TV in the garden. A high-quality soundbar makes sure that everyone hears the referee. The volume should be reasonable not to trouble your neighbors.

Further, you can decorate the TV area using football-themed balloons and banners. You can have different team colors.

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3. Prepare the Sitting Area

Prepare the Sitting Area

I know you’ll love your guests to be comfortable while watching the Big Game. Ensure the seats and sofas are enough. You can provide extra headrests and pillows for whoever might need to make the sofa or seat more comfortable. You can also ask your guests to come with patio or camp chairs if you need more than the sofas and seats.

Furthermore, ensure that an outdoor heater is set up if your state is cold. Alternatively, you can gather around a fireplace. Set up the fire pit in advance.

Also, to ensure that your guests will not shiver half the game, have a supply of fleece and throws blankets. They ensure that everyone stays cozy and keep them warm.

4. Prepare Delicious Food and Drinks

Food is the heart of every celebration, and Super Bowl is no exception. You can plan to keep your guests happy with various Super Bowl foods, snacks, and drinks. Prepare sumptuous meals, from appetizers to the main dishes.

Here are some of the famous dishes you can try:

  • Buffalo chicken dip– This spicy and creamy dip can please your guests. Also, it is easy to make as you will need cooked chicken, cheddar cheese, buffalo sauce, and cream cheese. You can add dressing and species of your choice.
  • Instant pot chili– This easy-to-prepare food is perfect for your guests. You'll need to throw all the ingredients, including onions, beef, spices, and beans, in a pot to cook it.
  • Pigs in blankets– You'll wrap mini hotdogs in biscuit dough to prepare this delicacy. You can season it and ensure your guests enjoy eating pigs in blankets.

Besides the above foods, there are a lot of food kinds that are easy to prepare. You can go right with finger foods, salsa, and chips. Savory stews, chili, and soups are also a hit at Super Bowl celebrations.

You can prepare football-shaped cheese balls, deviled eggs, and theme snacks. You can dress desserts like footballs.

Beverages can be simple or ordinary drinks. Have beers and wine for your guests. You can have cups in football colors for your guests. As you and your guests indulge, remember that SD warns that "do not eat or drink too much during Super Bowl."

Typically, you can have a decorated drink bucket where guests access their preferred drinks. You can have adults' and kids' beverage buckets for inclusivity.

Another tip is that have eco-friendly cutlery and plates. Have disposable paper plates and utensils to help reduce the clean-up after the party.

You can also prepare your outdoor grill with a portable power station to whip up hotdogs and burgers.

5. Keep Guests Organized

Your guests might need your attention throughout the party celebration. Thus, to avoid this, ensure they know where they keep their stuff, including handbags, keys, and other personal items.

For a family with more members, ensure their coats, hats, and other stuff are in one place (it can be one basket, hook, or pile).

6. Keep in Mind the Kids

playroom set up for kids

It is common to find kids at a Super Bowl celebration. Your family and friends with kids will come with them. You can prepare a playroom set up for kids. You can set up this in one corner of your home with toys, chairs, and a rug.

Kids will be busy with games and toys as adults enjoy the game.


After having prepared everything, it will be a countdown to the big day. Make sure that your garden is ready. Set up the TV, projector, or sound speakers, and ensure that you have a portable power station for a stable power supply.

Besides, get the food and drinks ready. Also, ensure that the kids' play area and food and beverages are ready. Send those invites, and look forward to a grand Super Bowl celebration!

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