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Portable Power Station: A Backup for Your Home Care Needs

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Healthcare is one of the most prominent industries anywhere in the world. A medical facility functions productively when it is supplied by a power supply, which usually comes from the grid or a backup generator. There is various medical equipment like ventilators, incubators, scanners, monitors, and refrigerators that can only be used when supplied with electricity. Not just in the facility itself, but there are also some devices for emergency purposes that can be found in ambulances that heavily rely on electricity. So the battery backup for medical equipment is very important.

Power outages in a facility can be devastating and life-threatening as most of these devices related to patient care have to be supplied with electricity. A power failure is something that is beyond one’s control. It cannot be avoided or prevented but you can deal with it and still manage to go on with your activity – and that is through the help of a portable power station.

battery backup for home medical equipment

Portable Power Station: Your Battery Backup for Medical Equipment

A Portable Power Station, to define it in simple terms, is a battery-powered generator that can be used outdoors so you can do your favorite activities while being off the grid. It is also used at home when there is a power outage since it can supply enough energy that allows you to continue using your electrical appliances during such circumstances. Most people, including medical facilities, are more familiar with fuel-powered generators. However, it can be harmful to humans since it has toxic emissions which also affect our environment. That is why the use of solar power stations has become more popular as it is guaranteed safer to use and cleaner compared to traditional generators.

How long a portable power station would last depends on the brand, how it's structured, and its features. A low-wattage portable power station with good enough battery capacity can supply power for 10 hours during emergencies or power outages. While the higher-wattage portable power stations with high battery capacity can serve you for up to several days. In terms of long-term use, as long as the device has proper maintenance and a good battery management system, your power station could last for up to more than three years.

Why Choose A Portable Power Station as Battery Backup for Home Medical Equipment?

You would not want to waste money investing in a costly portable power station, whether it is for outdoor use or at home. One major key for well-spent money is to determine the pros and cons of what a portable power station may give you.

Research has provided some information about the advantages and disadvantages of having a portable power station.


  1. Safety

If safety is your priority, then investing in solar generators could be good for you. It is known to be the safest type of generator that is being manufactured. These types of generators, compared to the others, do not emit harmful substances which makes them safe to use even indoors. Thus, it is recommended especially when you are living with babies, children, or sick people.

  1. Odorless

Unlike generators that are powered by gas, solar-powered generators do not emit a bad or foul smell that may cause an uncomfortable feeling. Over time, generators running on gas may become smellier if one didn’t have the proper maintenance.

  1. Non-toxic

Since solar-powered generators use rechargeable batteries, they do not burn fuel that is harmful to anyone’s health. They do not have any components that cause toxic emissions which is why many people are now switching over and using this type of generator.

  1. Noiseless

Solar generators not just provide you the convenience you need, but it also provides you with a peaceful time as it is known to be noiseless. This type of generator does not have any mechanical parts which makes you shy away from any sound or noises that a mechanical gear creates.

  1. Self-Sustainable

Unlike traditional generators wherein you have to look for a fuel supply for them to operate, solar-powered generators only require enough charges and a reservoir of energy that comes from the sun for them to power your needs.

solar generator for home medical equipment


  1. More expensive

Providing a lot of benefits also requires a higher cost. Having this investment is costly compared to traditional generators but with sufficient knowledge about the product's features and advantages, any amount spent would surely be worth it.

  1. Not everything is portable

This type of system comes in various shapes and sizes. Since it provides convenience, do not expect that it would come as a mobile-sized device. Although it is always described as something portable, you might still need another hand when you have to put it in your car or move around the house.

Applications of the Portable Power Station

Having a portable power station is helpful in many ways. Its usage is not only limited to your off-grid outdoor activities or backup power supply to your appliances during power outages, but it can also act as an emergency battery backup for home medical equipment.

It is common for every household to have medical devices that are used for health care. Some that can be mentioned are blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, and inhaler machines. These are just some of the basic devices that are battery-operated and do not require electricity. On the other hand, medical equipment that heavily relies on electricity to be functional is also present especially when there is a patient at home. The said patients may include people who are in their old age, terminally ill, recovering from surgery, or someone with a disability.

Portable Power Station for Home Medical Care

There are many reasons why some people prefer getting treated at home rather than in a facility. It is said that home care reduces costs, has a better impact on patients, and provides a good quality experience. Being treated at home may give a better lifestyle to some patients but there are a lot of important things to consider in having a patient at home.

Since you are dealing with a person with special needs who has to be attended to most of the time, you have to go through careful planning starting from a financial standpoint, the patient’s surroundings and medications, and the most important thing to focus on is the use of their medical equipment. Nowadays, most people would prefer medical devices that are portable while being capable of serving their purpose.

However, living in an area where power outage often occurs could be another problem to settle. Think of having someone at home whose breathing is supported by a medical device that needs a power supply. When a blackout suddenly happens, it’s not only going to put you in chaos but the patient would also be in a critical situation. This is where the application of battery backup for home medical equipment takes place. It is very important to invest in one when it comes to your health care.

UPS/ EPS Battery Backup

In choosing the right battery backup applicable for your home medical equipment, you should be concerned about a lot of factors. Primarily, you need to be well informed about what a UPS battery backup is, its variety, and how it works.

To define, a UPS/ EPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply/ Emergency Power Supply battery backup is a system that provides a continuous power supply when an interruption occurs. For example, if your computer is connected to the grid and a power outage happens, the UPS/ EPS will instantly kick in to deliver a consistent flow of energy. Before your device shuts off, you may still be able to save your work and turn it off properly. This prevents harmful damage to your device and its system.

The Growatt INFINITY 1500, has an advanced feature that supports the EPS function. With this, when you suddenly got disconnected from the grid due to an outage, the EPS will automatically switch to battery power supply mode within 20ms. This feature assures that your device will have enough power supply for your continuous use even during a blackout. This can be advantageous because it can provide a highly stable power supply to your devices, even home medical equipment at a fair amount of price.

Note: The EPS function of Growatt portable power series supports switching within 20ms. In order to avoid your losses, please test with your loads before using this function.

A UPS/ EPS battery backup is truly a good use, especially for equipment related to health care. Once a power outage occurs, a UPS/ EPS turns on right away which avoids any inconveniences. Whether you are supplying power to an appliance or crucial medical equipment at home, having a UPS/ EPS will save you during blackouts.

Guide to Choosing the Right Battery Backup for Home Medical Equipment

battery backup for oxygen concentrator

Supplying an entire home with a battery system will cause you a lot, that’s why people start by using it in small applications like refrigerators, home medical devices, and other appliances that are essential during a power outage.

Here are some guidelines for choosing the proper portable power station for your medical application:

  1. Capacity

In choosing your backup generator, you have to identify first its capacity. How long you can make use of it during power outages and of course, the medical equipment specifications such as voltages, amperes, and wattages need to be considered. The wattage capacity of the generator should include the surge in power of medical equipment and the battery capacity can be measured by multiplying the wattage of the equipment by the number of hours the equipment will be used.

  1. Weight and Size

You would not want your backup generator to be a burden by dragging it all over the place that’s why you should also think of its size. You have to ensure that it is portable, easily moved around, and transferred anywhere in the house without giving you so much of a hassle.

  1. Indoor Use

It is also important to consider that your backup generator is suitable indoors. Since most of these types of generators do not emit harmful substances compared to traditional generators, there would be no harm in moving them indoors. However, it is still important to know the backup generator that you are getting. Starting from its external form, up to its internal components, you will be able to ensure its compatibility of it with your application.

  1. EPS Feature

Normally, not all portable power station has the EPS feature but some portable solar-powered generators are being manufactured with this type of feature including the Growatt INFINITY 1500. With this 24/7 EPS feature, you're prepared for unexpected power outages anytime and can provide a continuous power supply for sensitive loads. Eliminate your concerns about vital home medical devices when a blackout occurs.

Charging Your Backup Generator

There are several ways where you can charge your generator:  

  1. Solar Panels

Some battery-powered backup generators come with a solar array in them which is called a solar-powered generator. With that, you just have to utilize the energy that comes from the sun and your device will be charged. In this way, it’ll keep powering essential devices even if you leave home for several days or go camping.

  1. Wall Charge

Another option could be the use of our electricity or power outlets. This option is best during cloudy days with overcast, rainy or at night when solar energy is not applicable. In general, the generator is charged and discharged at home simultaneously. In the event of a power outage, the UPS feature kicks in.

  1. Car Charge

There are circumstances wherein it’s not possible to charge your generator through solar panels or power outlets. Therefore, you may opt to use the batteries of your automobiles and do car charging. With proper utilization, a motor vehicle can also provide you with the energy needed to charge your generator while you're on the road.

How Much Does A Home Battery Backup for Medical Equipment Cost?

In terms of costs, the prices of a home battery backup range from $3,300 and $10,000. It may look expensive, but most brands provide a good-performing battery backup to ensure that your investment would not be wasted. Fuel-powered generators may still be an option as a backup for medical equipment but if you are someone who lives in a condominium or apartment where traditional generators could be a nuisance then a solar-powered one is recommendable.

Growatt Battery Backup for Home Medical Equiment

Now that you probably have enough understanding about portable power stations, the next thing that you might want to consider is the brand that is best for your home medical equipment. The manufacturer Growatt provides a variety of portable power stations, solar panels, and solar generators that you can choose from. For home medical equipment. In case you have an oxygen concentrator at home, and you’ll need a battery backup for the oxygen concentrator during a power outage, Growatt’s INFINITY 1500 Portable Power Station could be a good option. It has a wide capacity and output that can supply energy even to high-powered appliances. Other than that, it offers up to 12 ports that can cater to your devices simultaneously. It also supports up to 800W of outdoor solar charging for 2.5 hours.

Another advantage of this is it has a EPS feature! With this product, you do not have to worry about power outages, and you’d be able to continue using your power outage along with your other electrical appliances at home during blackouts. Buyers should keep in mind that these types of devices are not only for emergency use, but it also protects the components of the devices connected to them.

Disclaimer: (This content is for informational purposes only. Nothing on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your qualified physician and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it. )

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