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Growatt Unveils VITA 550 in Europe, Making Another Move in the Portable Power Station Field

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For those camping lovers who still rely on fuel-powered generators for outdoor power, it's time to change, as Growatt introduces VITA 550 portable power station in Europe. It will surely enhance the user experience while offering an excellent price-performance ratio. Starting June 26th, VITA 550 is available in Europe on Growatt's official websites (EU/DE/UK).
Growatt VITA 550 portable power station EU

The previous launch in the USA received a positive reaction from users, reinforcing Growat’s confidence in launching VITA 550 in Europe. This lightweight and compact power station features a 538Wh capacity and a 600W output. With the Watt+ feature, it allows devices beyond rated power(up to 1050W) to run. Plus, the upgraded EPS feature increases power supply reliability. What does the EPS feature stand for? It enables VITA 550 to keep power running even when the grid is interrupted, preventing data loss and equipment damage caused by blackouts.

Moreover, VITA 550 can recharge itself to 80% in 1 hour via a wall socket and delivers over 3000+ lifecycles with LiFePO4 batteries. Growatt solar generator VITA 550 can be fully recharged in 2.5 hours using solar panels owing to its maximum 240W solar input. It also supports car charging, making it a great option on the move. The ten-outlet design further makes VITA 550 the perfect solution for every scenario.
"In light of customer feedback, we added the EPS feature for VITA 550, allowing users to cope with a wider range of application scenarios," said Lisa Zhang, Growatt's Vice President of Marketing, "We've been observing market demand intently, communicating with customers, and developing innovative offerings to better match customer demands and assist them in resolving green energy issues."
VITA 550 portable power station will go on sale in Europe on June 26th for €599 (£529).

About Growatt

Growatt, a globally recognized new energy expert, has been favored by over 3.6 million clean energy enthusiasts worldwide since 2011. Focusing on the field of clean energy generation, storage, and digitalization, Growatt offers all-scenario smart energy solutions to enable energy independence for everyone. As a pioneer in the field, Growatt has accumulated years of experience and has the industry-leading technology to power smarter and more reliable clean energy life for individuals, families, and businesses. Click and learn more about Growatt portable power stations.
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