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Growatt INFINITY 1500 Officially Goes on Sale in Germany

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Growatt’s portable power solutions have successfully marched the European market, with Germany serving as the first stop for its European expansion. On February 27th, 2023, Growatt announces that INFINITY 1500 goes on sale on its German official website at a competitive price of €1399.

Growatt INFINITY 1500 Germany

Previously unveiled in the United States, INFINITY 1500 quickly drew the attention of European consumers. With the firm belief that INFINITY 1500 will meet European power demand, Growatt releases its first portable power product in Germany under the users' expectations. Offering a 1512Wh capacity and a 2000W output, INFINITY 1500 is the perfect choice for every scenario, whether using it to energize outdoor life or to fulfill home electricity needs.

What truly distinguishes INFINITY 1500 from others?

Lightning-Fast Charging

INFINITY 1500 can be recharged from 0 to 80% in only 1 hour with wall outlets, providing accessible power anytime.

Outstanding Solar Performance

Fully recharge with solar panels in 2.5 hours, INFINITY 1500’s high-efficiency solar performance delivers European users a reliable energy source to combat rising electricity prices.

Seamless UPS Backup

In case of outages, it will automatically back up your devices and ensure a constant power supply.

“Given the strong user interest and market demands, we believe that launching INFINITY 1500 is the right move for the European market,” said Lisa Zhang, Growatt’s Vice President of Marketing. “We're already working to expedite the rollout of the portable power series in Europe so that our users can benefit from our all-scenario green energy solutions from various channels.”

From February 27th through March 5th, INFINITY 1500 will be discounted from €1599 to €1399. Users can place orders directly from Growats German official website. The German Amazon store will be available for ordering soon.

About Growatt

Growatt, a globally recognized new energy expert, has been favored by over 3 million clean energy enthusiasts worldwide since 2011. Focusing on the field of clean energy generation, storage, and digitalization, Growatt offers all-scenario smart energy solutions to enable energy independence for everyone. As a pioneer in the field, Growatt has accumulated years of experience and has the industry-leading technology to power smarter and more reliable clean energy life for individuals, families, and businesses. Click and learn more about Growatt portable power stations.

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