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Does Solar Powered Generator Help with Climate Change?

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More and more homeowners maximize solar-powered generators to reduce costs and adopt more eco-friendly energy solutions. As we experience the effects of climate change, it makes sense to switch to better alternatives.

Transitioning to renewable resources, including solar energy, is critical to proactively deal with the effects of climate change and promote affordable and sustainable energy.

Now, how helpful are solar powered generators for mitigating climate change and preserving the environment? Let’s explore the many ways solar power generators can be a big help.

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Understanding Solar Energy and Climate Change

It is hard to deny that fossil fuels have significantly propelled world economies. Unfortunately, burning these dirty fuels generates a heaping amount of carbon dioxide. The carbon gas will eventually be emitted into the atmosphere, together with other potentially dangerous greenhouse pollutants. These gases trap heat within the atmosphere, thereby increasing the Earth’s overall temperature.

Authorities and organizations across the world are working hard to minimize reliance on fossil fuel and encourage the use of renewable energy, especially solar power. Solar energy helps us power a more sustainable future by providing an abundant energy resource. Of course, the numerous benefits of solar energy do not end there!

Does Solar Powered Generator Help with Climate Change?

Unlike conventional generators that use fossil fuels, solar-powered generators rely on solar energy. What are its key benefits? Let's tackle them one by one.

1. Minimizing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

As already mentioned, the buildup of greenhouse gases is a problem we should not overlook. It has caused numerous catastrophic tragedies around the world. So, when we choose to use a solar generator, we’re actually helping minimize harmful gas emissions.

Since solar generators don’t require burning fossil fuels to make electricity, using solar power systems plays a role in slowing global warming.

Traditional power sources would require burning oil, coal, or natural gas while solar-powered generators produce energy without emitting harmful greenhouse gasses like methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide. Shifting to cleaner energy systems reduces our reliance on fuel-based electricity and helps us transition to more sustainable energy sources.

2. Mitigating Air Pollution

Air pollution is a serious problem. It greatly affects the ecosystem, compromising the well-being of millions of people. Traditional energy sources release various pollutants that can harm both the environment and human health. Thus, if you decide to use a power backup device that emits zero amount of pollutant gases, you’re essentially helping minimize air pollution and promote public health and welfare.

Especially in urban areas, you can readily see layers of smog and dirty air which has rather become the norm.  Too much reliance on fossil fuels is harming the air quality in many cities across the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution kills around 7 million people across the world each year.  WHO also states that 99% of the global population breathes air containing high levels of air pollutants. This is an alarming statistic, and efforts like renewable energy generation can go a long way to fight against air pollution and other harmful effects of dirty energy.

3. Conserving Natural Resources

Using solar-powered generators can also help in conserving natural resources. Traditional power sources and their distribution requires a ton of natural resources. This not only decreases the amount of reserves but also damages natural habitats, including water, air, and soil.

The primary component for generating solar power is sunlight, which is a renewable and abundant resource. Fossil fuels, on the other hand, are finite natural resources that we should preserve instead of exhaust.

Switching to solar helps us save on water usage as well. Traditional power plants need large amounts of water in order to operate. Solar power requires much less water for its operational processes. Traditional power generation also requires a lot of real estate while solar generators and other solar systems require less space and land development.

Conserving natural resources and maintaining the planet’s ecological balance are the sustainable ways forward. We definitely need to use our natural resources more efficiently and more responsibly. Solar energy is one of our best bets.

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Solar Energy in Action

Solar generator systems can be developed and customized into different scales, meaning they can provide clean and reliable power for various purposes. Now, let's talk about how these systems support various settings and situations.

While traditional on-grid networks in many countries still rely greatly on fossil fuels, big solar generator systems have started to gain importance in those networks. They are usually deployed in areas that still have a vast amount of unused land showered with sunlight. Many of these systems are used in tandem with on-grid electrical networks.

Large solar generator systems are also applicable in various public and commercial facilities, such as offices and factories. Meanwhile, small solar generator systems are more suitable for residential and recreational uses. These portable generators are typically lightweight and can be easily used in residential areas or even in recreational settings such as outdoor events or camping trips. It’s expected that the adoption of renewable and clean energy will be made broader in the years to come.

Impact of Solar Energy on Climate Change Mitigation

Shifting to renewable energy is undoubtedly one of the best solutions for fighting against climate change. Harnessing the power of solar energy can play a huge role in the world’s transition to cleaner energy. With climate change becoming an urgent global dilemma, it’s about time to energize sustainable development using solar power.

The latest data from IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) indicate that there’s been an 18% percent increase from 2019 in global photovoltaic energy deployment. Another report from NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) shows that the use of solar energy has also prevented the annual release of around 635 kg of carbon dioxide into the air.

In 2020, the costs of solar PV have decreased by 89% since 2010. Hopefully, this will further make solar energy more accessible and affordable worldwide. The future is bright in terms of harnessing solar energy worldwide. In fact, according to IRENA, solar energy could be our biggest energy source by the year 2050, powering 25% of global energy consumption.

Final Thoughts

All in all, we have seen the versatility demonstrated by solar energy. It can be applied in different energy use scenarios and promotes a promising future. So, what's stopping you from joining the photovoltaic trend? Get a solar power generator now! You will then be able to keep your home safe during power outages, all while keeping your carbon emissions in the atmosphere down to none.

The transition to solar-powered generators ultimately helps us move closer to a cleaner future by relying less on fossil fuels. They can really be instrumental in building a more sustainable future.

This is in line with Growatt's vision of a greener tomorrow on planet Earth where everybody can enjoy and benefit from clean and affordable energy resources. And, to show its commitment to continuous innovation on renewable energy, Growatt provides innovative products and dependable services for everyone in the world.

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