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How to Choose a CPAP Battery Backup for Camping & Travel

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A research result from the 2021 North American Camping shows that over 86 million households in the United States consider themselves campers. In addition, a significant number of these individuals are CPAP users. Given that these individuals rely on CPAP, camping might be quite challenging. Unfortunately, as a result, many CPAP users have withdrawn from adventurous outdoor experiences. However, this no longer has to be the case anymore.

What if I told you there is a way for apnea victims to enjoy the adventures of camping? Yes, with your CPAP. Camping with CPAP used to be an impossibility, given the risks. However, now, it is easier and safer than ever. With a CPAP backup battery for travel and camping, you can enjoy your travel and camping adventures without worrying about running out of power for your CPAP.

Before you proceed to your escapades, you must be aware of the dos and don'ts of camping with CPAP. In this post, I’ll be sharing tips for camping with CPAP and other things you'd want to know about CPAP batteries for camping.

camping with a cpap

Benefits of CPAP Battery for Camping 

CPAP is a device that treats apnea and similar sleep disorders. This device provides uninterrupted airflow to aid sleep and prevent loss of breath while asleep. However, this device needs a power supply to work. Power supplies are rare in camps, but there are alternatives. For instance, CPAP batteries, – allow you to power your CPAP while camping or traveling. If you love camping but have sleep apnea, with your CPAP battery, you have nothing to worry about. Here are some of the benefits of CPAP batteries for camping.

Portable Power Supply

CPAP batteries are portable and lightweight. They provide the power supply to your CPAP without an electrical outlet. In other words, you can camp with your CPAP without having to find an electrical outlet.

Reliable Power Source

CPAP batteries were built to be long-lasting. They can power your CPAP all night, for multiple nights, without interruptions.


Unlike your generator, you can quickly move about with your CPAP battery. Furthermore, you can charge it with a solar panel or your car charger. Lastly, it works silently, which means better sleep for you.


Camping with CPAP batteries consciously protects the earth and nature. With CPAP batteries, you have no use for generators while camping. Generators actively pollute the environment with the noise and the harmful gases they emit. On the other hand, CPAP batteries are rechargeable, quiet, and safe for man and the earth.

Peace of Mind and Better Sleep

Even in cases of severe apnea, with a CPAP, one sleeps easily and better, but only with a reliable power source. With your CPAP battery – which is very reliable, you can rest assured and sleep well, knowing that your CPAP will remain uninterrupted throughout.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a CPAP Battery for Camping & Travel?

There are factors you must consider before buying a CPAP battery for camping so you don't put good money to waste and compromise your health. Below are some of these factors.

cpap battery for camping

Battery Capacity

The battery capacity depends on running and charging times. The running time determines how long the battery power your CPAP. It is best to go for a battery with a longer running time. The charging time determines how long your CPAP battery will take to charge fully. A battery with a shorter charging time is better, so you can immediately get it fully charged.

Weight & Size

You want to consider portability. Therefore, weight and size are important factors you want to consider. It may be difficult to go camping with it if it is too heavy and bulky. To this end, a compact and lightweight battery is the better option.  


You want to ensure that the CPAP battery you're buying is compatible with your exact CPAP. More details on compatibility are available in the user manual of the device.


The prices of these batteries may vary based on brand, manufacturer, and other factors. Do well to check the prices and go for one that best suits your budget.

Tips for Camping with a CPAP 

Now that you know that apnea is no longer a hindrance to camping, you should utilize the following tips to make the most out of camping with a CPAP.  

Consider Using a Portable CPAP for Camping

A portable CPAP makes the whole experience easier and more comfortable.

Consider Charging Your CPAP with Portable Power Station

When your CPAP is not in use, it should be charging. A portable solar generator is sufficient to charge your CPAP batteries. VITA 550 operates without noise and is also portable. In order words, a perfect choice to charge your CPAP battery.

cpap battery supply for camping

Keep Your CPAP Clean and Dry

CPAP is designed for indoor use. Water or dirt may damage them. Therefore, you must keep them clean and dry always.

Have a Backup Plan

If you plan accordingly, the chances of running low on battery to power your CPAP are low. However, if it should happen, it is best to have a backup solar generator or some disposable batteries.  

Take a Test Run Before Going Out

Before camping with your CPAP and new batteries, you should test the process at home. Set up and use your new CPAP camping batteries at home for a few nights before you hit the woods.  


Camping with CPAP used to be such a huge challenge a decade ago. Now, it has been made not only possible but also very easy. All you need is a reliable CPAP battery for camping and, depending on how long you plan camping, a solar generator to keep your CPAP batteries charged.


How do I use my CPAP when the power is out?

With your portable batteries, a solar generator, or a hook to your car battery, you can use your CPAP when power is out.

How long will a CPAP machine run on a portable power station backup?

Depends on its capacity. Take VITA 550 as an example, a CPAP(65W) can run about 7 hours with its capacity of  538Wh.

How do I run my CPAP while camping?

If there is no access to electricity at your campground, you can use a portable battery or hook your CPAP to your car battery.

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