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Stay Connected with the Best Battery Backup for WiFi Router

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Having a stable and reliable internet connection provides so much convenience, especially to those individuals whose line of work is dependent on the internet. It allows people to do their tasks smoothly — as long as you are in a good location with a good signal for internet connectivity. With the advancement of technology, devices can now be connected to the internet anywhere and anytime using wireless fidelity or more popularly known as WiFi. A router is one of the most common appliances that can be found at home. It connects your devices such as PCs, mobile phones, or laptops to the internet.

battery backup for router

Other than your service provider, your home router is also in need of a power supply for it to serve its purpose. If your field of work requires you to be connected to the internet most of the time, or if you are currently in a work-from-home setup, but residing in an area with power grid issues, then it might be essential for you to invest in a battery backup for WiFi router. This is to avoid the hassle, and downtime and even maintain your productivity at work. 

What You Need to Know About Battery Backup

A Battery Backup, portable power station, or solar generator is a system that gives you a continuous supply of electricity when you suddenly got disconnected from the grid or when a power outage suddenly occurs. It is typically used in emergencies and sometimes in outdoor activities.

A portable power station also has an advanced feature that supports the UPS/EPS function. With this, when you suddenly got disconnected from the grid due to an outage, the Growatt portable power stations will automatically switch to battery power supply mode within 20ms. This feature assures that your device will have enough power supply for your continuous use even during a blackout. Usually, this type of system lasts depending on its capacity. With continuous operation, some battery capacity can last up to four or eight hours and in terms of its lifespan, a battery backup can last to about six years – depending on its utilization and maintenance.

A battery backup is portable, and this is something you can easily move around. Some people love outdoor affairs and invest in this kind of system since it can supply power to a device or equipment while being off the grid. It used to be bulky but with the improvements that have been made by manufacturers, it became much more compact making it more convenient to use.

battery backup for wifi router

Battery Backup and Your Internet Connection

It is undeniable that there are daily activities that rely on the internet. One of the most common dilemmas that some people have is a power outage in the middle of research or simply browsing through the web. 

Question is, can you still make use of the router even during a power outage? The answer is, yes! Battery backup or portable power stations have provided solutions for this. But before that, you must be well informed of the battery backup that you will use on your device. 

Let us first identify how a router works. Initially, a technician from your internet service provider (ISP) will set up your modem which will be the source of your internet connection. If you want it wireless, you need to install a wireless router to your modem. Most internet providers these days give modems that come with a wireless router.

For your modem and router to function, it needs a power supply and with that, they must be connected to a grid. However, in cases where a traditional power source is not available, you would need to have a battery backup. 

If you think that a power outage would not last long and will return in a short period, then a battery backup will be your best option to turn on your router. Usually, it lasts for a couple of hours but if you’re affected by a city-wide blackout, which might take days, then you would need a solar generator with a higher battery capacity. This means that it can handle long hours of usage and can be charged using free energy from the sun to charge its battery.

Advantages of Providing Your Router a UPS

There are reasons why people consider putting a UPS on their computer, especially when their field of work is dependent on it, or they have expensive hardware that needs protection from power interruptions. Some of these reasons are:

  1. Protects the device

A sudden on-and-off switch of the router due to a power interruption may damage the internal parts or circuitry of the router. If you live in a place where power outages usually happen, then having the router connected to a UPS will help prolong its life. It would protect the unit from a sudden cut or even a surge of electricity which would damage the router over time.

  1. Increases productivity

Most people doing home-based jobs or homeschooling require an internet connection. If you have a battery backup for your router, it can guarantee that you will not experience any hassle brought about by power interruptions. You can set your mind at ease to focus on your work knowing that no power outage can interrupt your work. Full-on concentration not only helps you pick up a good pace but also increases your productivity.

  1. Expensive equipment is worth protecting

It is expected that expensive equipment provides you with quality output. Laptops or PCs which have a fast processor and a large memory would require you to spend a cost and you definitely would not want your equipment to be damaged just because of frequent power interruptions. With the use of UPS, you do not need to worry anymore because it can guarantee that your device would be supplied with continuous power even during a sudden power outage. Furthermore, the internal components of the equipment would be protected from the high discharge and charge of current when the grid comes on.

  1. The Internet stays on during blackouts and brownouts

Being connected to the internet, in a way, has become a means of communication for many people. There are social networking sites that we use for work, and even in our personal lives. During blackouts especially when caused by a natural calamity, it is important that we stay connected to the people we know. Be it a family member or a colleague. The UPS assures that you would not use your internet connection during a blackout.

  1. Backup your Important Data

Investing in a UPS for your device does not only protect your device from damage, but it also protects the files when a power outage occurs. Having to work on an excel file loaded with company data or even working on a programming code, it would be necessary to have a UPS to have more time to save these files in case a power interruption occurs. There would be a loss in time, money, production hours, and delay which can impact a company greatly if these data are lost. In this data-driven world, you will have the assurance that your files are safe from corruption caused by the sudden shutdown of your computer.

  1.  For Smart Homes

Some residences are in a very technologically advanced state. Smart homes allow homeowners to control anything in their house starting from the light switches up to the big appliances like refrigerators and TVs. They control these using an application installed in their mobile phones, and of course using an internet connection. There are also smart homes where their appliance would not function at all without being connected to WiFi; one example is a door lock. Losing an internet connection in a smart home would cause a lot of hassle and inconveniences that’s why it is essential to have a UPS for your router.

best battery backup for wifi router

How to Choose the Best Battery Backup for Your Router

Applicability and compatibility

Before buying a battery backup for your router, you need to make sure that it is applicable or compatible with your devices. To do that, you may do some research, read resources, or ask for advice from an expert. Incorrect usage of battery backup can damage your unit and potentially waste your money.


You also need to look at the capacity, in terms of watts (power) and watt-hours (battery) of a battery backup or portable power station if it can accommodate the device that you are planning to use. The higher the wattage capacity, the bigger the equipment it can carry, and the higher the battery capacity, the longer you can use the solar generator.

UPS/EPS feature

Different brands produce battery backups having different features and functions. There are battery backups that support different charging methods like wall, car, and solar charging but the one important feature that a buyer should consider is the one with the UPS/EPS feature. With the UPS/EPS feature, a reliable power supply can be assured with its automatic operation within 20ms.

Charging speed

You should also consider the duration it takes to charge the unit because there are models that can be fully charged within two hours. For a favorable price, you already have a good battery backup, but of course, you still have to be very careful in choosing the best battery backup for you.

Our selection of the best WiFi router backup power for you

The Growatt INFINITY 1500 is the best battery backup for WiFi router. Because it has all the features of the best WiFi router battery backup. With the Growatt INFINITY 1500, you can have a 24/7 reliable power supply because it has all the features that you would look for! Since it is portable, it will be perfect for your WiFi router and other compatible home devices.

best battery backup for WiFi router


  • 1512Wh Capacity & 2000W Output;
  • Wall Charge in 2 Hours, Solar Charge in 2.5 Hours;
  • 12 Diverse Outlets;
  • Emergency Power Supply Function (EPS);
  • Smart APP Control;

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Growatt VITA 550
Growatt VITA 550 Portable Power Station
  • 538Wh Capacity & 600W Output 
  • AC Charge in 1.6 Hours, Solar Charge in 2.5 Hours
  • Up to 11 outlets to power most of your devices
  • Reliable 24/7 EPS
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