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Backyard Party Essentials: Outdoor Super Bowl Party Ideas

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Super Bowl LVII is right around the corner and the party planning has already begun. If you’re thinking of planning a backyard party for the Super Bowl this year, there’s a lot to be done before just inviting folks over and expecting a good time. You’ll need all of the right gear and gadgets to make sure the day goes off without a hitch.

For such a big event, there’s a lot of gear required to handle the load. From outdoor projectors to your outdoor power supply, you’ll want to get it all right.

We’re here to help you figure out all of the backyard party essentials for this year’s Super Bowl to make sure it’s an unforgettable day. Following this guide will make your party second only to the hilarious commercials that are sure to come.

Try a Good Outdoor Projector

First off, you’ll need to think about how you’re going to display the game. This is potentially the biggest deal of the entire day. If people don’t come over to a massive screen with a crystal clear display, the game could be completely forgotten.

Since the game usually kicks off right in the early evening, you have a great chance to get a high-quality outdoor projector and display the game on a massive screen.

Getting your projector early is key to success. You want to make sure that you have the time to troubleshoot any issues and dial in all of the specifics. There are a lot of cords that you may need to figure out in order to hook the projector up to a computer or however else you plan on streaming the game.

outdoor super bowl party

Bringing in a Movie Screen

Then you need to figure out what you’ll project onto. You have a couple of choices here.

First, you can consider the budget route of setting up a massive white sheet against the house and projecting the game there. This can be nice, but any wrinkles or folds in the sheet will make a quarterback’s head seem a bit warped.

You can also purchase a movie screen that’s made for projectors. This will give you the flattest and cleanest option for game day. You can move it around without depending on a flat surface to attach it to, which is a huge added bonus.

Get the Right Outdoor Speakers

Now that the game is up on the screen, you need to hear everything going on. A good set of outdoor speakers will help you and your party hear every word of the hilarious commercials coming on the screen.

The last thing you want is for a set of speakers to only put out static or have a lower level of volume which means you miss important moments of the game.

You can find high-quality speakers that won’t only be used for the game, you can keep using them for future movies or dance nights out in the backyard. Try to think of this as an investment for future parties rather than a one-off expense for the Super Bowl.

Use Outdoor Heaters and String Lights for Ambiance

Even with seating and a big projector, the backyard can feel totally empty. This is when you get to be a bit more creative and focus on making the area look nice and have a warm ambiance.

For starters, you’ll want to provide a few different sources of warmth. Since the Super Bowl is in February, you’ll likely be chilly unless you’re lucky enough to be down in Florida or the Bahamas.

Outdoor heaters are perfect for keeping everyone warm and cozy in the backyard. There are propane-powered towers, heaters, and electric heaters that all will have a nice bubble of warmth around them.

super bowl party ideas

Once everyone is warm, adding string lights all around the yard will be a great touch. This will help everyone to move around and still see without shining a bright light that takes away the vision of the game. Plus, string lights create a really nice cozy feel in the backyard.

Utilize Coolers for Food and Drink

Let’s face it. The Super Bowl is just as much about the food as it is about the game. People love making dips and bringing bags upon bags of chips or plates of wings over to any party they come to. More so, people love eating what others bring.

Create a totally separate space in your backyard where food can be set up. Then, have coolers spaced out throughout the yard so people can grab another drink easily without having to remove themselves from watching the game.

Of course, having an electric cooler is going to be the best option for keeping everything fresh throughout the game. With an electric cooler powered by a portable power station, you won’t need to fuss around with ice. Simply plug it in and go forward with the party!

Outdoor Power Supply Power the Whole Party

Most importantly, you’ll need a way of getting power to the projector, the lights, the heaters, the speakers, and any other electric gadgets you’ve put out.

The portable power station is by far the best option for powering your game. There aren’t any long wires that guests will snag a foot on and unplug the game at the most inconvenient time. Plus, they will continue to have so many great uses even after the game.

The Growatt portable power station is the right pick for any of your big backyard parties. It has the capability to bring enough power to the entire party. If you live in a sunnier space, you can utilize a solar generator for the beginning portions of the game and rely on the portable power station afterward.

outdoor super bowl party ideas

While you could run long extension cords all around the backyard, the portable power station is going to remove the chance of your guests constantly tripping over long wires and potentially missing important parts of the game. The right power station can easily concentrate all of your electrical cords and needs into one spot that can be concealed and tucked away.

Having a good portable power station like Growatt VITA 550 also allows your guests to have easy access to charging their phones, and doing so quickly. When a big game is going on, you don’t want your guests to miss the chance to share big moments with their friends and family who aren’t around. Giving enough power is crucial to throwing the best party.

The portable power station will be by your side the entire time. When you’re setting up, you need to power things like a drill to help hang decorations. Even when you’re cleaning up, you may need the power source for a vacuum.

A good, reliable power station like Growatt INFINITY 1500 will provide you with the energy needed to run a party smoothly from the setup to the teardown, and everything in between.

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