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How to Check the AEP Power Outage Map by Zip Code

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Staying informed about power outages in your local area can be a complete lifesaver when in a disaster scenario. Tools like the AEP Power Outage Map are exactly what is needed for the general population to help themselves in an emergency. With those skills provided, every individual can take the knowledge into their own hands and make an informed decision about what to do.

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The AEP, American Electric Power, covers 11 states across the US, providing power to millions of different customers. With such a vast level of coverage, tools like the power outage map are key to keeping that client base safe in emergencies. Not only can AEP use this tool themselves to distribute resources, but the clients can use it to stay updated in real time.

With the AEP Power Outage Map, individuals across AEP states can check in on the current status of the power in their area and all other zip codes. By simply entering your own zip code, you receive plenty of information that can be used to make game-time decisions during an emergency.

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What is AEP?

The American Electric Power Company provides power for millions of people across multiple states, making it one of the largest providers in the country. This is a huge responsibility to bear, and a company like this needs the right tools to take on the task.

Providing real-time information about power outages in specific areas is an expectation of power companies across the world today. AEP provides a tool that demonstrates how useful that tool can truly be.

Benefits of Using the AEP Power Outage Map

It’s surprising how such a simple tool can have such a positive impact on communities and the individuals in them. There are several huge benefits of using the AEP Power Outage Map that everyone in the region should be aware of.

Immediate access to outage information

With this map, you can instantly access outage information across the entire state. Using the map is incredibly simple and is designed to be accessible to everyone in a disaster scenario. With community input, the map can stay updated in real-time to make the information available the best possible.

Ability to plan and make informed decisions during outages

Taking this information in and applying it is the biggest pro of using an outage map like the one provided by AEP. You instantly have the ability to plan and make informed decisions with the information you now have. Without that information, the decisions you make can be misinformed or based on little information, making them poor decisions.

Increased safety and preparedness

With that information, you will immediately have an increase in safety and level of preparedness. Informed decisions make for a higher level of safety and an increase in capacity to prepare for what’s to come. Overall, having a resource like the AEP outage map is the key to making it through any disaster.

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Step-by-Step Guide: How to Check the AEP Power Outage Map by Zip Code

Accessing the AEP Website

Each state has its own AEP website which makes finding the right map even easier than navigating through a single site.

To find the right AEP website for the state you’re in, all you need to do is Google your state and “AEP”. You may also find it easier to add your state to the site’s address. For example, you’ll find Ohio’s resources at, and Texas’ at

Locating the Outage Information

Each AEP site has its own section for outages, and they are simple to find. In the main menu bar up top, you can find a section labeled “outages”. This will take you to all the information you need for the outage map, but also has other information readily available there.

Entering the Zip Code

When you open up the power outage map, there is a search bar that pops up in the top left corner of the site. This is where you put in your zip code and the map takes you to your local area to display all of the power outages that you need to be aware of. You can play around by exploring different zip codes near you and see where AEP is putting its resources in the moment.

Viewing the Outage Map

Viewing the outage map can be easily figured out by spending a small chunk of time exploring it. Try putting your own zip code and comparing it to another area nearby. This gives you a better idea of how each zip code has its own chunk of information about the current outages and any updates that may be happening in real time.

Interpreting the Map

For the most part, the map is relatively self-explanatory. The legend helps to display what each icon means, and generally refers to the number of customers affected by the outages.

From the different pins on the map you can zoom in and look at more specific outage locations.

Getting Detailed Information

Each time you select a certain outage pin, you get the option to look at the status and get alerts for the outage. This will take you to a new page where you can read about the updates that AEP is posting, or even that other community individuals are reporting.

Additional Tips and Resources of Preparing for Power Outage

During a power outage, finding ways to keep yourself both safe and comfortable should be high on your priority list. Since so much of our lives depend on having a reliable source of power, one of the best things you can do to prepare for an emergency is to have a backup power source on hand and ready to go.

A portable power station like Growatt INFINITY 1300 is the perfect tool to have around when a disaster hits. With a 1382Wh capacity and an output power of 1800W, you can power almost anything you need without the grid.

Having a source of energy that you can easily plug into and charge multiple devices at once is an absolute lifesaver during emergencies. It provides a certain level of safety and mental comfort that’s hard to get through any other means.

Solar generators are a great fix for any time that your power outage map is showing you that you won’t have power for the long haul. They are used in disaster relief efforts, can provide power for ages in a power outage, and are widely used as an emergency electricity source.

With the right setup of a solar generator, you can even live a fully off-grid lifestyle, meaning that once you’re cut off from the grid, you can almost live your life like normal. If you have enough solar panels and enough sun, you can power your entire home without issue at all.

The home battery backup for natural disasters is one of the most important steps of preparing for the unexpected. When you are able to power your devices and gather more information, you can stay informed and keep acting on informed decisions rather than randomly. With enough power, you can survive comfortably and safely through almost anything.

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Using the AEP Power Outage Map by zip code was designed to be simple, and the designers did a great job. You can navigate through the site with ease and identify all of the different power outages in every single zip code throughout the state.

With this real-time information, you can be prepared for power outages and help make the right decisions to keep yourself and your community safe. The more informed you are during a disaster, the more likely it is that you’ll come out the other side. Do the best thing for yourself and learn how to use the right tools like the AEP Power Outage Map to be ready for when the time comes that you may need it.

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