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3 Best Solar Generators for Camping in 2024

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Camping can be fun and comfortable if you have everything you need anytime and anywhere. Thanks to the constant development of gadgets and portable appliances, you can have a very stress-free experience while maximizing the time for enjoyment and relaxation.

In order to sustain the usage of electricity, it will be a great advantage if you use the best solar generators for camping.

solar generator for camping - Growatt

The Benefits of Using a Solar Generator for Camping

Why solar generators?

First and foremost, sunlight is available everywhere you go. With the use of solar generators, you won’t need to carry fuel around and worry about where to replenish the tanks once they are empty.

Aside from the convenience, you won’t also contribute to the pollution brought by burning wood. You will really have a tranquil time and sincere reconnection with nature. Note that wildfires are one of the leading causes of deforestation. By just relying on electricity for all your camping needs, you can be lessening such risk.

3 Best Solar Generators for Camping

Growatt solar power generator for camping

Choosing the best solar generators is the key to achieving that stress-free camping experience.

Here are three of the best solar portable power stations that are available in the market today:

Growatt Solar Generator INFINITY 1500: Suitable for RV Camping Enthusiasts

If you use an RV during your camping adventures, then choose a heavy-duty solar power generator. Growatt solar generator INFINITY 1500 is powerful enough to supply electricity for either essential camping activities or entertainment purposes.

This solar generator can power up many gadgets and appliances at once. With its 2000-Watt output, you wouldn’t worry that your heater can’t get hot enough while you’re watching a movie from a phone that’s also charging.

Growatt Solar Generator INFINITY 1500


Can deliver large output power

Very abundant ports

Perfect for essential and luxurious camping activities


Better suited to RV campers than backpackers

Growatt Solar Generator INFINITY 1300: Suitable for Long-distance Camping and Traveling

Growatt solar generator INFINITY 1300 looks similar to the INFINITY 1500. The difference is that the INFINITY 1300 features more durable LFP batteries, which are specifically designed for those who love to go on long-distance camping.

Aside from the fact that it has a large capacity, it is also fast charging. It can be fully charged in just 2.5 hours if solar panels are used as sources. Without a doubt, it will need less charging time when it connects to a wall outlet.

Growatt Solar Generator INFINITY 1300


Fast charging time

Long-lasting LFP battery

Up to 12 ports to charge multiple devices simultaneously

Very useful in off-grip camping adventures


Relatively higher cost

Growatt Solar Generator VITA 550: Suitable for Weekend Camping

If you opt to camp on weekends only, then you need just to pack up lightly. Thankfully, Growatt solar generator VITA 550 can provide all the energy that you need on your short trip. This power station may be lightweight, but it can accommodate multiple devices at once.

Growatt Solar Generator VITA 550


Long-lasting battery


Perfect for not-so-heavy camping

Offers wireless charging

Has abundant ports

If Watt+ is used, an output power of 1050 Watts can be achieved


Relatively smaller capacity

Solar Generators



Recharging Time



Growatt Solar Generator  INFINITY 1500

1,512 Watt-hour


Solar: 2.5 hours

Wall: 2 hours

4 x AC ports

1 x Car cigarette lighter

2 x USB-C ports

2 x USB-A quick charge

2 x USB-A ports

1 x Wireless charging pad

Air Conditioner



Hair Dryer

Circular Saw

Electric Mover


Growatt Solar Generator  VITA 550

538 Watt-hour


Solar: 2.5 hours

Wall: 1.6 hours

3 x AC outlets

1 x Carport

2 x DC5521 outlets

1 x USB-C port

1 x USB-A quick charge port

2 x USB-A ports

1 x Wireless charging pad





Vehicle fridge


Growatt Solar Generator  INFINITY 1300

1,382 Watt-hour


Solar: 2.5 hours

Wall: 1.8 hours

4 x AC ports

1 x Car cigarette lighter

2 x DC5521 outlets

2 x USB-C ports

2 x USB-A quick charge ports

2 x USB-A ports

1 x wireless charging pad


WiFi Router



Electric Grill

Electric Stove



What to Consider When Buying a Solar Generator for Camping

Before you spend money on buying a solar powered generator, it is important to consider some things as a basis for your decision-making. You have to consider first the generator’s capacity, the given output, the charging time, the number of ports, and the physical size.

Capacity (Watt-hour)

The capacity of a solar powered generator is measured by “watt-hours”. This refers to the amount of energy that a portable power station can handle and provide. If you’ll be having more camping activities that require electricity, then you’ll need a solar generator with a larger capacity.

Output (Wattage)

Going hand-in-hand with capacity is the wattage output. This simply refers to the power output of the solar generator. Even though you have a solar power generator with a large capacity, its function still be limited by its output wattage.

As a rule of thumb, the higher the wattage of your solar generator, the more devices it will be able to power. That being said, if you plan on using the generator to run several power-hungry devices (such as running a microwave and charging a laptop at the same time), then you will need a high wattage.

Charging Times

Solar generators are great for outdoor uses especially because they can charge without the presence of an A/C outlet, and it is hard to deny that fact! Still, you need to pay attention to how long it takes to charge one.

Your camping solar generator should not take too much time to charge its battery pack. Whether you charge it using solar panels or a power outlet, having to spend too many hours to charge your generator can be a real pain and might interrupt your journey, so it will be best to find one with a decent charging time.

Charging Methods

It requires the output coming from the absorbed energy of the solar panels. If you need electricity continuously, then you might need a solar generator that has a fast charging time. If you only need electricity at nighttime, then a normal charging rate can suffice.

Note that current solar generators can also be charged on a wall outlet.

Number of Ports

Many solar generators today already have multiple built-in outlets. Even so, you still need to make sure whether they are adequate to fulfill your charging needs. And, if your devices need high wattage, you have to ensure that the outlets are of good quality.

Size and Weight

If you are camping using an RV, then the size and weight of the solar portable generator are not big issues. However, if you use a car for transportation and your camping site is located at highly elevated places, then those can become a problem.

Choose a portable solar generator that you can carry without compromising your need for electricity while camping.

solar powered generator for camping


Are solar generators good for camping?

Solar generators are good for camping. They are convenient solutions to your camping needs such as cooking, lighting, and entertainment. You will be saving time by collecting firewood or filtering water, and you can handle emergency situations with relative ease.

What size solar powered generator do I need for camping?

To figure out the right solar camping generator size for your camping trips, you need to figure out your charging needs. The more charging needs you have, the bigger the solar power generator capacity you will need. Also, you need to pay attention to the available space in your car or tent since some solar generators are small and compact while others are big and bulky.

Final Thoughts

Solar generators can be a great investment if you love camping. You can optimize your vacation time and contribute to the preservation of the environment also by not dwelling on camping activities that produce pollution.

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