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The Ultimate Guide to 200W Solar Panel

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Powerful and accessible, a 200W solar panel is a great way to generate significant amounts of emission-free electricity without having to shell out tons of money upfront.

When compared to some of the less capable and more expensive solar panels on the market today, many people are finding that 200W solar panels are “just right” as an easy way to enter the world of renewable energy at an affordable price.

However, with so many different options available in stores and through online retailers, choosing the best 200W solar panel can be a difficult decision.

To aid your search for easy and effective renewable power, below, we will outline everything you need to know about 200W solar panels to help you determine whether or not one is right for you and your energy needs.

200W solar panel - Growatt

Different Types of 200W Solar Panels

In the wide and ever-expanding world of solar energy technology, the 200W solar panels on the market today can be divided into three main categories: portable, flexible, and fixed. While different manufacturers’ products have various capabilities, narrowing down the right 200W solar panel category for your project is an important first step.


For renewable energy on the go, portable 200W solar panels can be packed, transported, and set up anywhere in the world. Also known as “mobile,” “suitcase,” or occasionally “plug and play” solar panels, portable solar energy systems are extremely versatile with many different applications for a variety of users.

Built for durability and spontaneous use, portable solar panels are made to withstand all outdoor conditions, yet they are also generally lightweight and easy to move around. Ideal for camping trips, emergency power, and other one-time uses, portable 200W solar panels are the perfect companion to a solar generator, recreational vehicle (RV), or boat for a totally mobile emission-free energy solution.


Able to bend and contour to a variety of different surfaces, flexible 200W solar panels refer to a group of products that is gaining popularity with a lot of creative installation opportunities. Based on thin-film technology, flexible 200W solar panels forgo the rigid restrictions of typical solar panels and are usually less than an inch thick, making them ideal for incognito installations on roofs, vehicles, and other surfaces.

Despite their sleek and subtle appearance, there are a few downsides to flexible 200W solar panels when compared to similar technologies. For instance, thin film solar panels are generally less efficient than their non-flexible counterparts and they are also more prone to damage from weather, debris, and other outdoor hazards.


Finally, fixed 200W solar panels are the most common type of panels used on homes, cabins, and other applications in the US and throughout the world. Built with the same durable technology as portable solar panels (and sometimes even more heavy-duty materials), fixed solar panels are designed to be installed in one place and then remain there for their usable lifetime.

Using a fixed 200W solar panel is a great choice for a permanent installation, as you can choose the best location for power generation based on where the largest amount of unobstructed sunlight reaches our property. After installing a fixed 200W solar panel and wiring the rest of your system, then you can simply sit back and enjoy renewable energy generation for years to come.

How Much Power Does a 200-Watt Solar Panel Produce?

There are many different factors that influence how much power a 200W solar panel can produce, making it hard to calculate the amount of electricity you can generate at any given moment in time. While we will spare you the scientific formulas and mathematical calculations, the amount of power a 200W solar panel will produce primarily depends on the intensity of the sunlight, time of day, angle of the solar panels, amount of shade, system efficiency, and more.

200W solar panel - Growatt

So although it can be difficult to estimate exact solar power production with so many variables at play, there is one primary factor that can be used to determine your expected solar generation on an average day: location. Based on your geographical location, you can use the amount of peak sunlight hours in your area to estimate the average daily solar power production for a 200W solar panel.

To give you an idea of the typical daily power production of a 200W solar panel, here is a look at three major US cities that receive a wide range of sunlight hours. By simply multiplying 200 watts by the number of daily peak sun hours, you can calculate the expected daily solar production in watt-hours.


Average Number of Peak Sun Hours per Day

Daily Solar Power Production

Seattle, Washington


714 watt-hours

Denver, Colorado


974 watt-hours

Miami, Florida


1,135 watt-hours (1.1 kWh)

For an exact calculation of how much solar power a 200W panel will generate on your property, there are a few different resources you can use online. In the United States, we recommend using the PVWatts Calculator from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory for an unbiased look at the solar potential in your area. When using this calculator, you can input the system size as “0.2 kilowatts (KW),” which is equivalent to a 200W solar panel.

What Can You Run with a 200W Solar Panel?

Whenever connected to a battery or portable power station, there are essentially no limits on what you can run with a 200W solar panel. So long as you generate new electricity, store it, and deploy it, a 200W solar panel can be used to run many different gadgets, appliances, and electronics.

While you are always welcome to get creative with your electricity use, 200W solar panels are most commonly used to power small devices both in and outside of a home for long periods of time. This includes but is not limited to phone chargers, televisions, lights, refrigerators, water pumps, security systems, speakers, electric fences, toys, e-bikes, power tools, and more.  

What Are the Applications for a 200-watt Solar Panel?

In order for a solar panel to work and generate electricity for your home, RV, or camping trip, it needs to be connected to a portable power station like Growatt INFINITY 1300.

Able to generate usable electricity anywhere that the sunshine, there are many different applications for a 200-watt solar panel. Some of the most common include:

  • Camping trips: On the roof of a recreational vehicle (RV), or transported on foot way into the backcountry, 200W solar panels can electrify your camping trip to power necessary devices. While enjoying the great outdoors, you can use a 200W solar panel to run GPS trackers, cell phones, camera equipment, entertainment, lights, and even electric camping stoves.
  • Home emergency backup: When the power goes out at home, you can ditch your gas-powered generator and use a 200W solar panel to generate emission-free electricity throughout the day. Whether you need to keep the food in your fridge fresh, the battery in your communication devices charged, or simply want to maintain your sanity with some electronic entertainment, 200 watts of solar panel with battery or portable power station can help power your life during an emergency blackout.
  • Off-grid living: For both extended vacations and full-time off-grid living, 200-watt solar panels are a great way to generate usable electricity both easily and effectively. Although only having a single panel will limit your daily power potential, installing several 200W panels together can increase your total electricity yield to run all your off-grid devices and appliances.
  • Marine use: From a small fishing boat to a hundred-foot yacht, solar panels can work great out on the open water to generate electricity off-shore. Installed either permanently on the deck or set up for each voyage, a 200W solar panel is a great companion for navigation systems, kitchen appliances, and other marine musts.
  • Special events: These days, everyone can use a little bit of electricity – no matter the occasion. As such, 200W solar panels can help power anything and everything for events of all sizes and types, including farmer's markets, outdoor concerts, food festivals, tailgate parties, weddings, and more.

Growatt 200W Solar Panel for Solar Generator

portable 200W solar panel - Growatt

Despite the fact that there are so many different choices for 200W solar panels on the market today, few products are as strong as the Growatt 200W Solar Panel for Solar Generators. Designed to be as consumer-friendly as possible, the Growatt 200W Solar Panel features all of the premium attributes of today’s top solar energy equipment compact into a lightweight and easy-to-use system.

Under 15.4 lbs in total mass, the Growatt 200W Solar Panel only weighs about as much as a bowling ball and collapses neatly into a carrying case for easy transportation. Whenever you are ready to use your Growatt 200W Solar Panel, all you need to do is simply kick out the supports and allow direct sunlight to do the rest.

Complete with “plug-and-play” MC4 connectors, the Growatt 200W Solar Panel can generate electricity and send it to a portable solar generator for storage with minimal energy losses along the way. Waterproof, durable, and built to last for years of efficient energy production, the sleek black Growatt 200W Solar Panel not only looks good but is also guaranteed to work great as well.


At the end of the day, 200W solar panels are an excellent way to generate electricity and Growatt’s 200W Solar Panels are among the best on the market. Whether you are spending some time off of the grid, attending an outdoor event, or simply want to be prepared for an emergency, 200W of solar power can help you run your life with the free and infinite power of the sun.

For more information, related products, and everything else you need to start generating massive amounts of solar energy please feel free to visit our website Growatt.

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