The Right Way to Tailgate - How to host a tailgate party using a portable power station

What’s your team, and what’s your sport? Is it Oregon Ducks football, is it Boston Celtics basketball, Oakland A’s baseball, what colors do you fly? Either way, you’re watching the game.

Every week on the hour, at kickoff, at tipoff, just before the first pitch you’ve got a drink in your hand, a burger on the grill, and you’re surrounded by friends and family, that’s what it’s all about. Whether you’re at Autzen Stadium, TD Garden, The Coliseum, or just in the backyard, that doesn’t matter, it’s game time and Growatt has a new product that’s only going to make gameday that much better.

Hosting a tailgate party with a best tailgate generator

There’s only a few things which are necessary for the perfect backyard tailgate, you’ll need to have a grill for burgers, hotdogs, and all the veggies, you’ll need a cooler stocked with ice cold drinks, and a big screen TV with some great speakers to broadcast the game. Technology is meant to make our lives easier, and that’s just what Growatt’s new Infinity 1500 power station has done. 

tailgate generator for tailgate party - Growatt

The usual tailgate might include a traditional charcoal grill, an icebox filled with bags of ice, and the TV in the living room with the speakers blasting for all to hear. While the traditional tailgate has been perfected over decades of gamenight’s, you might want to consider something new and improved with today’s modern tech.

Imagine next Sunday’s rivalries fueled without any dirty charcoal briquettes that soil your clothes, not by dripping wet ice and water leaks, or the lack of outdoor socialization that’s tied to your TV’s living room, imagine a tailgate party powered 100% by battery powered electricity.

The grill is electric and fires right up without hassle, a portable refrigerator keeps the drinks cold without the mess, you can power a large outdoor speaker, a few sets of outdoor lighting, and even your TV if you want to bring it in the back, all plugged into the Infinity 1500, capable of powering all the party essentials simultaneously.

Most people wouldn’t even think of moving the tailgate outside of the parking lot or the backyard, because no one can stand those noisy generators over the cheering of the game, but today, with the powerful silence of electricity, that’s all possible. Then, if you can stream the game, the possibilities are endless; Go anywhere, grill anything and kick your feet up wherever you like with one power source for all your gameday needs.

Truly off-grid tailgating at its finest.

Power for the entire game - Tailgate Generator

You might be skeptical that something so small, weighing in at only 36 lbs, could power all your tailgating accessories for the entire game so let’s run the numbers. 


Your primary piece of equipment, the grill, or a 4 burner electric stove on average might use 1200W of continuous power. That’s a lot for some devices, but Growatt’s Infinity 1500 can power that with no problem and room to spare. When powering continuously, it could run the electric grill for over an hour, but since it’s electric, you can fire up the grill on an as needed basis, rather than burning the coals all at once. About 30 minutes of continuous use should be plenty for a few burgers and some veggies. 


The average 32 inch TV uses 58W of power, so our oversized 50 inch game day flatscreen might use 75W of continuous power, we can add that into the mix EASY!

It might take a full three and a half hours to watch the Cowboys get crushed on Thanksgiving day, so that’s another 225Wh sacrificed to the draft kings. 

Fridge or Cooler:

Maybe you want to power an electric cooler with the 12V plug directly on the side of the Infinity 1500, a decently sized 60W cooler can hold all the drinks your cousin Steve can handle, and it’ll only drain 120Wh over 4 hours estimating that it is actively cooling for half of that.

We’re now down to about a quarter of our capacity left, and have a bit of headroom to play with for our external surround sound speaker system. It'll be important to hear the announcer's commentary when Angel Hernandes is blowing calls left and right! 


As all you audiophiles know, a decent sound system is backed by raw power, but how many watts do you need? A typical wired or wireless speaker set with decent subwoofers might consume 25-50W of continuous power, but the 50W speaker is not twice as loud, rather 3 decibels louder. What this means exactly can be left to the experts, but left with an additional 110Wh, and for our purposes, a 25 Watt speaker can be powered for the whole game with some room to spare, about 17% worth, for other devices. 

Lighting and other Devices: 

Of course the Infinity 1500 still has the wattage to power some serious outdoor lighting. A few strands of LED Christmas lights consuming 20W would make a great addition to any tailgate’s ambiance. In lieu of that, a blender and a few margaritas could probably accomplish that same goal!

Finally, there’s always someone whose phone is chronically about to die, why not throw them a bone? I’m sure they can manage a few minutes without it at half time, and you could easily give them a full charge drawing only 7W for an hour or two. They don’t even need a cord, with the Infinity 1500’s wireless charging, they can simply place their phone directly on top of the unit, and it will begin fast charging right away.

tailgate generator - Growatt

That’s it! The game just ended, and the battery is still at 12% leaving a bit of cushion in case we see any overtime. The Infinity 1500 is still rounding the bases after a grand slam in the bottom of the ninth, or maybe it’s limping home helping us lick our wounds after a last second interception, either way, with its help, you were able to power your wildest hopes and dreams for the entirety of the game, and the ultimate tailgating party. 

In total, you could have powered all your devices throughout the entire game, even all at once, consuming as much as 1378W total continuous power which is well under the Infinity’s max output of 2000W, so you’d always have room for more if you needed!




Total Draw

Remaining Capacity

Infinity 1500

2000W (max)


Electric Grill


0.5 Hours





3.5 Hours 





2.0 Hours





3.5 Hours





2 Hours









1378W (Continuous)

4+ Hrs




Features of Tailgate Generator that come in clutch


With a charging speed faster than it will take to buy all the condiments from the store, you can be locked and loaded for a game day that just might include overtime, and you can even charge the Infinity 1500 while you’re in the car via the 12V outlet.

With Growatt’s best in class inverter, MMPT, charge controller, and battery management system technology you can charge this thing up at your house from 0% to 100% in just 2 hours with the wall charger, and from 0% to 100% in only 2.5 hours if you’re using solar panels, either way you cut it, for a capacity of 1512Wh that’s FAST.

infinity 1500 with solar charging - tailgate generator - Growatt

The numbers only get better with the addition of any amount of solar panels. Unlike some other brands, the 100W and 200W panels also sold by Growatt use a universal MC4 solar connection, meaning that you don’t need any special adapters to plug into any batteries you’re looking to charge.

With 800W of available solar connection headroom originating from any standard solar panels, the Infinity 1500’s capability of charging up in only 2.5 hours smashes the competition and allows it to really shine when it comes to solar generating capacity. With the solar panels extending the batteries lifetime, you can now also host the pregame and the post game after action reviews wherever you are!

Battery Technology:

You might be asking yourself, “That’s a lot of power, can the Infinity 1500 really handle all that, and for how long?’

The Infinity 1500 uses cutting edge NMC battery technology. This combination of Nickel, Manganese, and Cobalt has a higher energy density and can be smaller and lighter than comparably sized batteries. Growatt’s best in class bi-directionalinverter technology also allows the battery to charge up extremely fast, and last up to 800 cycles to 60% capacity. That’s more than a decade of game days powered, and the battery isn’t even finished, it still shouldn’t have any issues, or problems, it just won’t hold quite as much power as it did when the Warriors set the standard of a 73 win season, and won five straight championships. 

Taking Care of your Power Station

There really isn’t any maintenance to be done, the unit is rugged and durable, built with industrial grade components like all of Growatt’s products, and it genuinely doesn’t need much attention. To ensure your Infinity 1500 lasts as long as possible, it’s recommended to simply use and charge it regularly.

The Growatt APP can easily let you know both basic and advanced information about your unit, it tells you everything from remaining battery charge and the power draw of certain devices through remote monitoring in addition to overall battery health and charge cycles. 

Costs of Electric Tailgating 

There are 17 weeks of games in the regular NFL season. Just think, 17 weeks of charcoal bags, 17 weeks of ice from the store, a couple full tanks of propane, and don’t even get started thinking about a gas powered generator if you wanted to move more than ten feet from your backdoor.

In today’s markets we’re talking about some serious bread being dished out before we even get to the buns. Given the similar up front costs of electric vs traditional tailgating setups, the ongoing costs of Growatt’s electric setup is essentially zero outside of a dollar or two per charge at home or just go with solar, making the tailgate powered by entirely renewable energy!

What Matters Most of Our Best Generator for Tailgate Party

The Infinity 1500 is a device that can be used for so much more, camping trips with a similar and quite luxurious camp setup, it can be used in the garage or at a jobsite for power tools, and it can provide backup power for appliances around the house in case of an outage. We’re talking serious versatility here!

portable generator for tailgating - infinity 1500

In the end, what truly matters is whether your team shows up for you on gameday, we know you’ll be there, your friends and family will be there, waiting, watching, and holding out hope that you make the playoffs.